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Bike Parts to make bicycles look good. Custom bicycles and custom bike parts for designers. Bicycle parts that work with lowrider bicycles and cruiser bicycles and chopper bicycles and trikes.

Bike Parts to make bicycles look good. Custom bicycles and custom bike parts for designers. Bicycle parts that work with lowrider bicycles and cruiser bicycles and chopper bicycles and trikes.
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Motorised Bicycles / Motorized Bicycles / Motorized Bike - BikesXpress In many states, the speed limit for gas and electric motorized bicycles (before you must have registration, license and insurance) is 20 miles per hour. Our gas powered motorized bicycles are very strong and capable of being fast. For motor vehicle standards, their emissions are clean. They get at least 150 miles per gallon. On a half gallon tank, the gas powered motorized bicycle can drive 75 miles before you need to refill the tank. They are 2 cycle engines, meaning that their lubrication is carried in the premixed gasoline. An understanding of mechanics, basic nuts and bolts, will be necessary. Starting All of our motorized bicycles are set up like motorcycles. Hulster 8 Valve – 2007 AMD World Champion SE Service of Sweden is the winner of the 2007 AMD World Championship in Sturgis, South Dakota. After taking 3rd place in 2006 they returned to take home the win. The Hulster 8 Valve, is a board tracker powered by a custom engine using a knucklehead bottom end with custom built cylinders and heads. The cylinders are cast in bronze while the heads are aluminum. The valve assemblies are beautiful but even after looking at the photos and reading the brief description, I'm having a little problem figuring out exactly what's going on. Power is delivered through a Norton gearbox. Beautiful bike. Link: SE Service

TidalForce M-750 x2.0 Electric Foldable Bike | sport hardware at Hardware Sphere Check out this cool Electric fold-up bike dubbed as TidalForce M-750 x2.0. It’s a limited edition bike with the most powerful features attached and capable of speeding up to 30 mph! The TidalForce M-750 x2.0 Electric Bike($4495) was originally developed for military and law enforcement applications and used the DARPA approved Montague Paratrooper folding frame. The Limited Edition x2.0 is built on the last batch of 240 of these original, new M-750 frames. These are being made available to US customers by MATRA in collaboration with EMS. It looks super cool and each of single charge will send you as far as 25-28 miles. TidalForce M-750 x2.0 electric fold-up bike was produced in just 240 units only with each of them equipped with the E+ 1000 watt advanced electric propulsion system. For more detail information, you can head to ePlusElectricBike. (Source) Find the best price on the following stores. Share Article on: Related Topics: bike, electric bike, Foldable, Foldable Bike, TidalForce

BIcicletas urbanas | cronoramia, ciclismo elegante Llevábamos muchos meses deseando hablar sobre la tienda de bicis Slowroom de Madrid y aprovechamos que se acaba de inaugurar ahí la exposición “El Final de Euskaltel, la última Vuelta” con fotos de David Serrano, el mismo fotógrafo que protagoniza con sus fotos, y los textos de Carlos Arribas, el artículo sobre el equipo vasco en el último número de la, para nosotros, mejor revista del mundo de ciclismo; Rouleur (que también se vende en la tienda). Slowroom es una tienda de ciclismo especializada 100% en su vertiente más urbana. Es del nuevo tipo de tiendas para las que el ciclismo no es solo pedalear; es un espacio único en donde además de vender bicicletas y accesorios, aglutina taller, galería de arte, café y en el que los clientes pueden disfrutar de una exposición o disfrutar de su sala de estar mientras disfrutan alguna de las revistas de bicis. Como reza el Manifiesto Slowroom: “Creemos en una vida más relajada y agradable. enamorados de esta chiossi andamos! Slowroom Me gusta:

NYCeWheels - Electric Bikes | Folding Bikes | Kick Scooters | Bionx Electric Bike Kits The highly-desirable 1000 watt Limited Edition TidalForce M-750 x2.0 electric fold-up bike May 13, 2009 Military-funded projects often pave the way for a much better consumer product, and although the original DARPA funding of the development of the Tactical Electric No Signature (TENS) Mountain bike for Marines and paratroopers is now over a decade old, hold onto your hats folks, because the design has been upgraded and will be sold in limited quantities with a 1000 watt propulsion system. The TidalForce M-750 x2.0 is based around the commercially available (and ingenious) Montague Paratrooper folding bike but has a top speed of over 30 mph and range on a single charge is 25 - 28 miles, using the electric power only. The E+ advanced propulsion system features nine forward power modes, nine resistance (exercise) modes, cruise control and anti-theft. View all More than a decade ago, DARPA funded a Montague bike project to create a Tactical Electric No Signature (TENS) Mountain bike for Marines and paratroopers. The new TidalForce M-750 x2.0 is limited to 240 units.

MOTOPED - Grease n Gasoline Motoped | Motoped Specs | Motoped project | Motoped conversion kit | Motoped price Do you have a spare Honda XR50 pit bike engine and parts lying around and an old mountain bike in your garage? Spend your weekend turning them into a fun, efficient way of getting around town with a Motoped conversion kit. One Green World Online Catalog Specialized Turbo Ebike Review | ELECTRICBIKE.COM The huge global bicycle company Specialized invited 30 members of the media to an exclusive ride-event in San Francisco which included: breakfast, a presentation by the Specialized engineers, a talk by the Specialized founder, a ride through San Francisco on 30 Specialized Turbos, and they capped it off with a nice lunch. Arriving at the meeting place, I noticed that the fleet of Specialized Turbo bikes were lined up on a red carpet in an impressive (and very expensive) formation. At $6000 each that is a lot of cash. This press event is way beyond what I have seen or heard of any electric bike company ever doing. Specialized is big bucks, and knows how to throw a good party. Let’s move on to this exciting $6,000 28-MPH bike. Specialized uses a purpose built frame (read our definition). We will look at all the features to this bike in detail in this review. The key benefit to this bike is that it can achieve close to 28-MPH, while still weighing-in at a very light 47.5 pounds. Pros Cons

What is a drift trike and drift triking? | DriftTrikeMag - Drift Trike Magazine WHAT IS DRIFT TRIKING?It origins from small tricycles made for kids, but it wasn't long till some guys from New Zealand decided to strengthen the frame, put some sliding wheels into the back and started to drift while bombing hills. From about 2009 the sport is gaining on popularity and spreads viral across the globe. You Tube has a lot to do with this.Riders enjoy the controlled drifts while ridding down the hills and the freedom that comes with it. Feeling during controlled drifts is what all the trikers are yearning for. Drift trike is a tricycle which has 2 wheels in the back and one in the front. Rear wheels are mostly taken from front go-kart wheels on which riders install hard plastic called PVC pipes which increase loss of traction (you do it intentionally), so its easier to put you're trike into drift. Slick rear wheels is what you want for drifting, you just have to make sure you're maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. Some drift trikes have detached rare axle. 1.

Bici playera casi sin uso Precio: $ 450,00.- Usuario: NATIINES Miembro desde: 2008-03-27 Ubicación: cba, cba, Argentina ID Producto: Tipo de producto: Usado Publicado el: Disponible hasta el: Forma de envío: Retira el comprador Forma de pago: Contado / Efectivo Disponibilidad: Inmediata Visitas: vendo bici playera casi sin uso, si se dio dos vueltas es mucho. se la gano en un sorteo y solo se uso para dar una vuelta y problarla por eso tiene calcos de autoentrada. no se que rodado es pero yo mido 1.65 y estando como esta el asiento me queda alta. ( esta levantado..) debe ser un rodado infantil pero grande... P: esta a la venta todavia? R: hola pablo.. si, aun esta a la venta. P: hola en donde estas? R: Hola Dani, si, aun esta.. besos!! P: mandame fotos a y fijate que rodado es en la cubierta y avisame. gracias R: hola Ale.. perdon la demora.. no se porque no vi tu pregunta.. mañana me fijo el rodado y te escribo again.. vale?? P: enviame fotos ! P: enviiame las fotoos R: hola!!!

Getting Away with Riding an Illegal Ebike:10 Tips With the introduction of production electric bikes that are illegal on city streets because of their high top-speed and power (read our article on 10 illegal production ebikes 2013), it is time to question if and how you can get away with riding these bikes on the streets. Its nothing new for the DIY ebike community to ride illegally-fast electric bikes on the streets, and some have been using the following strategies for years to avoid getting ticketed…or their ebikes confiscated. Always remember this simple rule: “It’s an ebike…if you can ride past a cop and not get pulled over.” Here are some tips below to help you on not getting pulled over, while other tips might save you after you are stopped. Educate yourself. “Clown Pedaling” means to pedal the bike as fast as you can at top speed to give the illusion that you are an incredible athlete who is actually pedaling your bike at that amazing speed. Full faced helmet screams “motorcycle”. Obey traffic laws. Related

Freewheel gears on a jackshaft, where to get parts? - Motorized Bicycle Quote: I want to take the pedal chain and the motor chain to the same jackshaft, so that there is one output chain to the rear wheel. The pedal chain would not go to the rear wheel. It is possible that the bike will be a rear suspension bike and the jackshaft would be at or near as possible to the pivot point. I would use a fixed hub on the rear wheel. I think I can get up to 22 teeth, maybe more on a fixed hub sprocket. Right now I am running a Titan, which has a 11 tooth output on the motor, and a jackshaft with 10 input and 10 output to a 44 tooth wheel sprocket. So I am thinking of a jackshaft with a 22 tooth freewheel sprocket for motor input, and an 11 tooth output to a wheel sprocket with 22 teeth. 11 teeth to 22 teeth (jackshaft) 11 teeth to 22 teeth. As usual, due to lack of fun money, this will not happen soon. __________________ Drive fast, take chances.

Playera chopera Precio: $ 800,00.- Usuario: MATEOCAMM Miembro desde: 2006-06-28 Ubicación: cordoba, cordoba, Argentina ID Producto: Tipo de producto: Nuevo Publicado el: Disponible hasta el: Forma de envío: Correo a cargo del comprador,Retira el comprador,A Convenir Forma de pago: Contado / Efectivo,Deposito bancario,A Convenir Disponibilidad: Inmediata Visitas: P: y sino 700 amigo avisame asi la voy a ver.. soy de capilla del monte R: Dividamos la diferencia en 750 y cerramos, escribime a y arreglamos para que la veas. P: hola amigo tarjeta recibis? R: Hola, disculpa, necesito el efectivo. P: Hola! R: Hola, disculpa, ya 800 es barato. P: No tengo plata amigo, tengo eso, pero si no te sirve esta todo bien :) R: Ok. P: Te la cambio por una BMX vairo + una pumita 50cc sin papeles, pero anda igual aca fotos: R: Hola! Para realizar una pregunta Pública Usted debera INGRESAR AL SISTEMA . Visitas: 152 Finaliza: 29/09/2012 Visitas: 86 Visitas: 1388 Finaliza: 20/10/2012