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40 Modern Electronic Packaging Designs Inspiration Did you know the important aspect of marketing the product? Yes, the stylish packaging design with bright colors. Although the quality of the product determines the sales, the outer packaging was the most ogled by consumers.

100 Great Resources for Design Inspiration Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds, whether you've been designing for years or only weeks. Below is a collection of 100 great web resources to find inspiration and direction on your next project, whether it be online or in print. These range from galleries of graphic and web design to online magazines and a few unconventional sources of inspiration. Keep reading to see our recommendations and then share your favorite sources of inspiration in the comments.

Christopher Moloney – FILMography Journalist and photographer Christopher Moloney had the brilliant idea of mixing cult movie scenes in their real life context. More pics in the full article ! Morphing Devices An experimental morphing devices slideshow with CSS Transitions for showcasing responsive web design screenshots. View demo Download source Today we want to share an experimental “morphing” slideshow with you. The idea is to transition between different devices that show a screenshot of a responsive website or app by applying a “device class”.

A Home For Media Artists “Father Figure” by Zun Lee by Konahrtist December 22, 2013 Originally hailing from Germany, Zun Lee is a self-taught photographer who is currently based out of Toronto, Canada. In Lee's series, "Father Figure", he delves into a deep and personal journey documenting African-American fathers and their relationship with their children after he learned about a family secret that changed his life forever. Emil Kozak Designstudio Identity for clothing company Twothirds, 2013(Identity, Graphic design, Photography, Illustration, Interior design etc.)

Video Games & Art: Yoshi Shinkawa And final station: . Yoshi who? Well, the guy who did the art for the saga. If you’ve as much as seen one of the drawings for those games, you’ll agree with me they are some of the most unique out there: Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburgh, from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. And it’s basically because of the really curious way they’re drawn, looking almost unfinished, as if done with different strokes, or looking like unfinished sketches. but they’re not unfinished, not at all.

What is a Polyfill? A polyfill, or polyfiller, is a piece of code (or plugin) that provides the technology that you, the developer, expect the browser to provide natively. Flattening the API landscape if you will. Where polyfill came from / on coining the term It was when I was writing Introducing HTML5 back in 2009. I was sat in a coffeeshop (as you do) thinking I wanted a word that meant “replicate an API using JavaScript (or Flash or whatever) if the browser doesn’t have it natively”. Shim, to me, meant a piece of code that you could add that would fix some functionality, but it would most often have it’s own API.

A Home For Media Artists Kris Lewis Part II by okmarzo March 21, 2014 34 Creative Save The Date Wedding Invitation Design Stay Updated to the Latest Blog Post!SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR FREE! Save the date wedding invitations are one way of letting your future guest, busy family and friends know about your wedding celebration will soon be here.

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