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Gentleman Scholar » TRUFFLE PIG – AN OCULUS EXPERIENCE We are constantly dreaming of stories. Small stories, tall tales, long journeys – anything that feels like an adventure. With Truffle Pig, we created an existential journey through the life of a man (we named him Gustav) and his pet truffle pig.

Trends that Dominate the Mobile App Development Industry Smartphones have become a must have gadgets these days. Mobile App development industry is booming and evolving year after year. We are used to the idea of using applications in our day to day life. Mobile Apps have helped businesses as well as individuals grow. Apps solve a number of business related problems and are revolutionizing the ways companies work and communicate with their clients.

How to see CNN's Democratic debate in virtual reality - Oct. 13, 2015 CNN produced a virtual reality version of the debate telecast, marking the first time that a news event was live-streamed to the Samsung GearVR headset. There were four special VR cameras installed in the debate hall. While wearing a headset, "you are the cameraperson," said DJ Roller, the co-founder of Next VR, CNN's partner for the live-stream. "You can look around wherever you are." Two of the cameras were installed near the questioners, allowing VR viewers to see how the candidates reacted to each other. Another camera was right behind the candidates' podiums. Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes in Your Ecommerce Business Building your business online can be difficult. There are rules to follow, best practices to memorize, and many other things that go into creating a successful online business and web storefront. It’s easy to make small mistakes, especially if you have no prior experience in the ecommerce industry.Mistakes that could cost you a lot of time and money and certain missteps could even put your business and online presence at risk. The following are seven common mistakes to avoid. Mistake One—Not Having a User-friendly and Fully Optimized Website When it comes to ecommerce website development you need to be meticulous.

The Fight to Save Syria's Antiquities From the Hands of ISIS In a side wing of the now-closed National Museum in Damascus, two dozen young archaeologists are working quietly and methodically. They catalogue, photograph and then finally delicately pack artifacts that are thousands of years old into wooden crates to be stored in top secret storage facilities in Damascus and elsewhere. For the best virtual reality experience,download the Jaunt VR player for your viewing device. A 5-Step Plan to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website An excellent approach to optimizing your eCommerce website is to follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, a four-step quality improvement cycle to which a fifth element, Observe, is added, giving you a five-step OPDCA plan of attack. Applying Observe, Plan, Do, Check, Act Each step can be broken down into topic-related steps.

A content studio for emerging platforms, based in Toronto and Los Angeles. We drew inspiration from the phenomenon of synesthesia and wanted to help users see the music. We broke Beethoven’s fifth symphony down into a story of animated spirits, each representing a different part of the music. The spirits dance around the space and come toward the user, moving perfectly in time with the music. As the music progresses, the spirits clash and struggle against each other until they finally come together, creating a triumphant explosion of light. Is E-commerce Forcing the Shift to Mobile? The option for users to go to a mobile website is slowly disappearing as e-commerce takes a decided turn to the exclusive use of mobile apps. Many e-commerce companies have made the decision to toss aside their mobile websites and some are even forgoing their regular desktop websites. The numbers support the fact that mobile apps are more commonly used in e-commerce. In 2013, 80% of the time spent on the mobile Web was via mobile apps and only 20% was on mobile websites.

William Hill: Get in the Race “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” Get In The Race recreates live horse races, as they are happening, in virtual reality. The product pulls in real time data about the horse’s position, stride length and heart rate so that users can see a real race, in real time from their chosen jockey’s point of view.

Kala Art Institute Description Artists working in various printmaking techniques, photo-processes, book arts and digital media including sound/video production can apply to become an Artist-in-Residence at Kala Art Institute. Resident artists receive 24-hour access to the printmaking workshop and/or electronic media center, individual storage space, possible exposure on Kala's website and in other exhibitions at Kala or outside exhibition spaces, and participation in a vital, international artistic community.