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Social Network for Physicians, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Social Network for Physicians, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
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Social Media and the Millennial Brain Social Media has become a double edged sword. It gives businesses easy access to their customers and aids in communicating with them, but at the same time it gives employees a forum to waste time and possibly to do harm to the brand. A well thought out social media policy is a must for businesses large and small. For any company, it is very tempting to opt for a social media free zone at work. Keep employees off the time sucking sites and keep them focused on the task at hand, right? If your company depends on a workforce consisting of employees under the age of 35, maybe not. The amazing millennial brain is not wired the way boomer brains are. Sam Fiorella, CEO Sensei Marketing, recently shared an interesting anecdote. What most decision makers still view as a distraction, is a vital tool in the millennial worker’s arsenal. Michelle is the co-host of the popular Social Media discussion group #SocialChat, blogger, and Social Media Advocate/Consultant +Michelle Stinson Ross

puMed Services Sdn Bhd | Third Party Administrator | TPA | BPO | SSO 专业社交网络 Medical Office Software for Small Practices Social Media Marketing Software by Argyle Social Web based EMR / EHR - Medical Imaging Specialty-specific solutions to meet your practice’s specific needs Our web-based EHR/Online EHR and Practice Management Solution is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of small and medium-sized practices with specialty-specific templates that further ensure maximum efficiency for your practice. Waiting Room Solutions offers a variety of powerful functionality, specifically built for specialties. The system includes specialty templates and ICD/CPT codes for every discipline. Charge capture, billing and reporting is directly integrated within the EHR workflow. BenefitsWaiting Room Solutions was designed with the experience of physicians who truly understand the pressures and challenges of building a successful, compliant healthcare practice while controlling costs and ensuring profitability, our Waiting Room Solutions web-based Electonic Health Record/Online Electronic Health Record and Practice Management solution is ideally designed to help you:

ZocDoc:在线医生预约 马苏米受到自己一次痛苦经历的启发而创业,帮助人们更快地找到医生看病,而且他成功了。马苏米创办的ZocDoc网站,病人可以通过该网站预约医生服务,其模式非常类似于通过 OpenTable来订餐。 2007年,时年30岁的马苏米(Cyrus Massoumi)还是麦肯锡公司(McKinsey & Co)的一名技术顾问,刚刚新婚不久。他在一次商务飞行途中耳膜破裂,被疼痛折磨了三天的时间之后,他才找到接受自己保险的专科医生。“那时候,我干什么事情都是通过网络来进行的,”他回忆说,“可当时的我一边忍着病痛,一边打电话找医生,仿佛时间错位了一样。” 为了减少这种遭遇,马苏米创办了ZocDoc网站,病人可以通过该网站预约医生服务,其模式非常类似于通过OpenTable来订餐。 法恩(Allan Fine)是纽约眼耳专科医院(New York Eye & Ear Infirmary)的运营负责人,据他估计,在两年多的时间里,他所在的医院中120名与ZocDoc签约的医生获得了9,000名新病人。 ZocDoc网站的软件列出了每位内科医生的保险计划和预约日程,同时也发送邮件对体格检查进行提醒。 ZocDoc现在覆盖了15座城市,其中包括纽约、旧金山和达拉斯。 此外,他还得到了以泰尔(Peter Thiel)的创始人基金(Founders Fund)为首的多个投资机构所提供的1,500万美元资金。 今年2月份,前参议院多数党领袖达施勒(Tom Daschle)和弗里斯特(Bill Frist)加入了ZocDoc网的公司顾问理事会。 马苏米曾在曼哈顿四处游走,努力敲开牙医们的门。 ZocDoc在旧金山的一次技术大会上正式亮相之前,马苏米的数据库里只有3个名字。 马苏米花钱找来销售人员负责招募医生,并且找来技术人员协调各式各样的后台系统。 当年春天,马苏米加入了福布斯举办的“发展你的业务”竞赛(Boost YourBusiness)。 马苏米说:“我没钱组织假期聚会,所以就用这来充数了。 (本文来源:福布斯中文网。

Picnic How Pinterest Will Transform the Web in 2012: Social Content Curation As The Next Big Thing The most interesting wave hitting the social web in 2012 is social curation. This was kicked off in 2011 as Pinterest's growth was noticed by Silicon Valley and a number of companies quickly followed suit - Snip.It launched as a social information curation platform, Quora adopted boards for a similar purpose, and launched a structured social commerce feed. In this blog post I will discuss the evolution of social media from long-form to push-button, the emergence of social curation on sites such as Twitter and Tumblr, and the move to structured sets of curated content on Pinterest and its brethren. But first, the meta-trend.... ...Social Media: Evolving From Long Form To Push Button In the evolution of social media over the last decade, the trend has been a move from long form content, which has high friction of participation (both on the production and consumption side) to ever lower requirements placed on a user to participate in a conversation.

7 health data privacy and security trends to track in 2012 Happy Leap Year! We’re jumping into a challenging 12 months — lawsuits are up, budgets are down, and advances in technology have made protecting medical data a whole lot harder. Our list of top trends in 2012 reveals difficulties ahead; read and proceed with caution. 1. More data breaches, bigger impact. The new benchmark study by the Ponemon Institute finds that the frequency of data breaches in healthcare organizations surveyed has increased by 32 percent since 2010, with hospitals and healthcare providers averaging four data breaches a year. [See also: HIMSS 2011 year in review and Predictions for 2012 -- 3 data-centric HIT game changers.] On a per-provider basis, the cost of data breaches is also high. 2. 3. But we’re talking more than audits; the OCR has no problem issuing stiff penalties to violators. 4. 5. 6. [Q&A: How a health 'data spill' could be more damaging than what BP did to the Gulf.] 7. Conclusion 2012 promises to be full of challenges.

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