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30 of our best Book Creator tips

30 of our best Book Creator tips
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Book Creator and the SAMR model This innovative use of Book Creator demonstrates how you can move beyond Substitution to Modification on the SAMR model. Brian Yearling is a former high school English teacher, and is now serving in an Instructional Technology Coordinator role for K-12 education. He runs a blog and podcast dedicated to professional educators across the world at Getting Tech Into Ed. I’m a member of a team of Technology Coordinators and Integrators (including Wendy Liska, Laura Busch, Mollie Heilberger, Dale Van Keuren, and formerly Jim Gonyo) in the School District of Waukesha, located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This team has been working for the past three and a half years to orchestrate the rollout and implementation of nearly 14,000 iPads to K-12 students in the district to provide the tools and access necessary to begin personalising instruction. Why we chose Book Creator What is the SAMR model? Dr. An introduction to SAMR from Common Sense Media. Ms. Substitution In Ms. Augmentation Modification Ms. Ms.

DOSSIER : 10 conditions pour réussir l’intégration des tablettes en classe Un (grand!) pas vers le changement de pratiqueUn dossier conjoint d’Infobourg et de Carrefour éducation Après la venue des TNI, les tablettes font leur arrivée en salle de classe. Et l’engouement est sans précédent. En effet, du préscolaire au secondaire, enseignants et élèves apprennent à les intégrer à leurs projets pédagogiques, de manière périodique ou quotidienne. Quelles sont les conditions gagnantes pour une intégration réussie des tablettes en classe? Dans ce dossier… La gestion de classe 1. Le projet pédagogique 4. Le développement de compétences chez les élèves 8. Conclusion du dossier Ressources utiles

Going global with Book Creator - Book Creator for iPad Wouldn’t it be good if schools from across the world could collaborate on a project…? Meg Wilson is a special education teacher and assistive technology specialist, as well as being an Apple Distinguished Educator since 2011. She blogs at,, and about special education and mobile learning devices, app reviews, and other resources for educators. Meg hosts the MacReach podcast on, where she talks all things Apple each Thursday night. Redefining teaching and learning As a technology integrator for Avenues: The World School, I am constantly searching for technology tools that will allow students and teachers to redefine teaching and learning in a way that is personalised and accessible to a range of abilities. It is important that I find tools that allow for both creativity and collaboration. Collaboration made easy with Book Creator The Global iBook >> Download the Global iBook for free from the iBookstore

Book Creator nu med funktion för att e-posta med bild, text, video och ljud Jag har sökt med ljus och lykta efter en funktion där man kan e-posta hem dokumentationen från appen Book Creator till vårdnadshavare som inte har tillgång till appen via ett digitalt redskap; nu har den kommit! Detta möjliggör att vi kommer kunna använda dokumentationen via iPaden på ett mycket mer kreativt sätt. Nu kan vi dokumentera tillsammans med barnen/eleverna både bild, text, ljud och video och sedan kunna e-posta boken/filen till hemmet. Detta blir en levande dokumentation med multimodala medier. För att kunna läsa boken/filen via dator: Installera webbläsaren Google appen Redium. För att skicka Book Reader-filer: Observera att filerna från Book Creator ofta blir för stora för att e-posta direkt från iPaden utan behöver föras över via sladd till iTunes på datorn innan du kan e-posta den där ifrån: För att läsa Book Reader bok/fil på dator: När du installerat appen kommer den att dyka upp när du öppnar ny flik i webbläsaren Google Chrome.

Book Creator Exporting Options Using Google Drive Our sixth grade teacher, Mr. Pratt, a model classroom teacher in our district will be utilizing the Book Creator app for an upcoming creative learning opportunity for his students. As always, it is important to develop/create/understand the work flow of completed project to a sharable format. To understand the workflow I created a Stick Around App book using the Book Creator app. On Monday, November 25, 2013, I blogged about illustrating a Book On an iPad or Online and the Book Creator App for the iPad was a choice. Today, I created a book about the Stick Around App in high school Anatomy and pushed the three different types of final products to Google Drive. This tremendous App Smashing presentation from Miami Vice helped in the process. View The Process My Final Creation

iPad à l’école : avantages et inconvénients Rien ne dure toujours, nous sommes voués à la nouveauté. (Isabelle Chenebault) Au constat de leur retard en technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC), plusieurs écoles tentent de s’y retrouver dans la panoplie des nouveaux outils. En plus des ordinateurs portables et des tableaux blancs interactifs, il faut désormais compter sur le iPad. L’importance du besoin fait en sorte que je ne lésine pas sur les outils de communication et d’apprentissage. L’iPad tarabuste l’éducateur en moi. Un outil didactique possède des caractéristiques techniques inhérentes à sa nature matérielle, ainsi que des qualités pédagogiques contingentes en fonction de l’usage qu’on en fera dans un contexte d’apprentissage. Les aspects matériels et techniques Le rapport qualité-prix Il existe des ordinateurs moins chers à l’achat que l’iPad. Considérons de plus que l’iPad utilise un écran multitactile, certes l’avenir des interfaces numériques. Au coût de l’appareil, il faut ajouter les accessoires.

15 More Apps To Create Books On The iPad Creating books on the iPad doesn’t seem like the first thing you might do with one of the popular little tablets, but it’s really quite capable of doing so provided you’re not trying to write the next great novel. We’ve written about 3 apps to reate books on the iPad in the past, but the following listly by Meg Wilson goes further, including 15 apps to do so. The artful collision of technology, learning, and literacy is an idea promoted in the Common Core Standards, which is likely your rule book if you teach K-12 in an American public school. This is a new age of literacy where students can read, research, write, publish, and socialize on the same device sitting right in their lap with a pinch-and-zoom elegance that somehow makes the whole process seem easier than it really is. And for those of you that rail against both Common Core and the iPad (but obviously not literacy), keep fighting the good fight. 15 Literacy Apps To Create Books On The iPad

Book Creator steg för steg- lär hur Jag är just nu runt på förskolor och har workshops kring appen Book Creator. Många önskar lathundar på vilka funktioner som finns så man i lugn och ro kan ta del av på förskolan. Jag har därför sammanställt några dokument som jag delar här: Låna gärna men ange att du lånat dem på denna sida:) Det är en kreativ app, lättarbetad och rolig att skapa i tillsammans med barnen på förskolan:) men den lämpar sig minst lika bra till elever i skolan som skriver böcker, dokumenterar studiebesök, resor eller utflykter eller som ett verktyg för att presentera ett arbetsområde och vad man lärt. BookCreator steg för steg Dela med dig till andra iPads av böcker gjorda i appen Book Creator Dela med dig av böcker gjorda i appen Book Creator till mottagare utan iPad (tex till vårdnadshavare som har dator) I min workshop försöker vi använda alla möjligheter denna app har, både ljud, bild, text och film. Som bonus skickar jag med detta: Flygblad med flikar Relaterade 91 appar för förskolan I "Appar" I "Allmänt"

App smashing Book Creator and ThingLink for Video This EdTech specialist took the opportunity to experiment with some cool new video features in Book Creator and ThingLink. Lisa Johnson is the CEO and founder of TechChef4u, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a mother of two mobile natives. Lisa also serves the Eanes ISD school district in Austin, Texas as an Educational Technologist supporting their K12 1:1 iPad initiative. My mobile native writes a story! Over the summer, my second grade son began writing his “Pirit Story” [pirate]. Naturally, the ease of use and open-ended nature of the Book Creator app was an easy fit for him to digitise his story. Once the images were captured, he began typing the text in to Book Creator, recording the audio for his speech bubbles, and eventually using the camera to add his own narration of the text. While I did demo each step of the process with him once, he was able to add additional media to the book with ease and without additional parental support. Exporting as video