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35 Brilliant Resume Designs Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off There is a part 2 to this post which is called 27 More Outstanding Resume Designs Part II. If you like what you see below check it out! federico babina - Project - Archizoo - An architectural Pareidolia When I was a child I wanted to be an architect and now that I'm an architect I would like sometimes go back to my childhood. Our mind is capable of collecting, record and store millions of images. One thing that always interests me is the association that we can do between these images. The information we collect with the experience increase knowledge but sometimes appear to inhibit fantasy and limit the freedom of imagination. In reality I think that the experience is able to enhance the capacity of imagination and create visual relationships and affinities. As in an architectural “Pareidolia” I enjoyed looking and recognize the profile of animals in architectural forms: it is an exercise of creativity and imagination simple and effective that develop an "elastic thought ": thought thinks and imagination sees.

FREE Logo Design, Logo Maker and Business Card Creator by Login | My Design | My Account | Shopping Cart (0) | Contact Us | Help Can't find what you need? Get a custom logo here Premium Services 5 Team Building Exercises For Setting Goals You'll Stick To Imagine your company as a rowing team all rowing in different directions. Not only would you certainly lose the race, you’d likely capsize. Or, imagine two of your team members refusing to row because they have no direction: aimless and making the other team members frustrated. A team rowing together towards a shared end goal, on the other hand, is far more likely to win. 40+ Interesting Pinterest Boards for Designers Only recently, the startup social pinboard site Pinterest, has taken the social bookmarking scene by storm as it earned its fame as the fastest growing social networking site. Since then, Pinterest continues to grow and now it hold a #45 Alexa ranking making popular social bookmark sites like,, look like they had better days (see screenshot from Alexa at the bottom). This soaring popularity of Pinterest has caught the attention of designers and other creative individuals, and in no time, the virtual pinboard became popular among the design community.

50 Best Blogs for Industrial Design Students From fabulous furniture to amazing tech products, the work of industrial designers is all around you. If you’re currently pursuing a college degree in the subject or plan to in the future, you can get your fix of all thing industrial design on the web. Here are 50 blogs that anyone interested in learning more about great product design should check out, with news, stunning photos and tips that can help you improve your skills in the field. Must-Read These blogs contain some excellent reading for anyone considering a career in industrial design or who already works in the field. Why HR Needs To Invest In Employee Pulse Surveys Employee engagement surveys are great, but they’re rarely done often enough. An annual engagement survey can give you a nice, global picture of all of your employees and how they feel about the culture and their work. The problem is, a year or every six months is too long of a time frame; way too much happens in between. Employee engagement is a very important topic these days, because the research has clearly shown that it matters.

Pop-Open Little Purse! Today, I have a very cute little low sew project to show off! A friend of mine showed this to me and now I'm totally mad about it! It's so fun, cheap and easy to do and the result is cute and useful !!! Loooooooooooove it!