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We are perfect Buddha Mind

We are perfect Buddha Mind

The Effects Of Cannabis On A Web-Based Lifestyle web of a spider on LSD web of a spider on mescaline web of a spider on hashish web of a spider on caffeine Just Say No: web of a drug-naïve spider see Spider Communication: Mechanisms and Ecological Significance Edited by Peter N.Witt & Jerome S. LSDHOME HashishCaffeineCannabisMescalineWasted! one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen

Hyperbole and a Half How to Meditate - Guided Meditation Techniques - Buddhist Meditations My Favorite Blogs Some paradoxes - an anthology Reader 9 Mind-Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside-Down | Over the years I’ve learned dozens of little tricks and insights for making life more fulfilling. They’ve added up to a significant improvement in the ease and quality of my day-to-day life. But the major breakthroughs have come from a handful of insights that completely rocked my world and redefined reality forever. The world now seems to be a completely different one than the one I lived in about ten years ago, when I started looking into the mechanics of quality of life. It wasn’t the world (and its people) that changed really, it was how I thought of it. Maybe you’ve had some of the same insights. 1. The first time I heard somebody say that — in the opening chapter of The Power of Now — I didn’t like the sound of it one bit. I see quite clearly now that life is nothing but passing experiences, and my thoughts are just one more category of things I experience. If you can observe your thoughts just like you can observe other objects, who’s doing the observing? 2. Of course! 3. 4. 5.

Blogtown, PDX The first reports, in the wee hours this morning, mentioned something about an armed man running through a neighborhood in Southwest Portland—around SW Capitol and Primrose—and police calling out their tactical unit. But the real story about what was happening while most of us slept didn't spill out until a little after 7 this morning in a long police statement. It's not been revealed what led to the encounter. But this is what police say happened: A man, maybe carrying a rifle, had injured a canine-handling officer in a shootout near SW Capitol and Lobelia—and then had run off. That's when the tactical team was called. The Oregonian interviewed a woman near the scene of the shooting. Jan Thorpe, who lives on Southwest Capitol Highway at Lobelia Street, said she was first roused from sleep about 2:50 a.m. by a police siren. A little while later, regular 911 calls, from concerned neighbors, eventually led police to the man they were seeking. The full police statement is after the jump.

Review of Galantamine: the Lucid Dreaming Pill | The Dream Studies Portal So you’re considering the red pill… Galantamine has emerged as THE lucid dreaming pill. This natural supplement has been used for centuries in China as a memory enhancer, and was even noted by the ancient Greeks for its powerful mind-inducing effects. Now we know that galantamine indirectly promotes dreaming sleep as well as lucid dreaming, which is the art of becoming self-aware in your dreams. There’s a lot of hype about galantamine, so I want to cover the basics about how it works on the brain, the studies that have proven its effectiveness, and my personal recommendations for experimentation with this safe and natural supplement. I also want to be brutally honest about some of the mild psychological and physical side effects as well. Want to cut to the chase? Galantamine & Memory red spider lily (Lycoris radiata) Galantamine is found in the natural world in many plant sources, including the common daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus). How Galantamine Works On your Brain Laberge’s results?

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