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✰ 8 HOURS ✰ CHRISTMAS MUSIC Instrumental ✰ Christmas Songs Playlist ✰ Peaceful Piano ✰ Best HD video

✰ 8 HOURS ✰ CHRISTMAS MUSIC Instrumental ✰ Christmas Songs Playlist ✰ Peaceful Piano ✰ Best HD video

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How to configure a USB printer with a Wireless Router Many of the advanced routers come with capability to configure printers and other USB devices on it so that you can access them as network devices from anywhere in your network. For example, if you configure a printer with your WiFi router, you can print from any computer in your WiFi network. In this article, I will talk about the steps involved in configuring a printer on a wireless router. In this example, I am referring to a Belkin N600 router and Canon LBP2900B laser printer. You can apply the steps mentioned here with any wireless router that supports USB devices.

Build a website with Kaliko CMS using WebForms Introduction The purpose of this article is to introduce you to Kaliko CMS - a new open source content management system (CMS) for ASP.NET - and to get you up and running by creating your first website using the system. Besides installing the framework and implement some basic things we will also touch more advanced subjects. As a CMS it will provide a powerful and flexible framework to use when building websites. It's also quite extensible, so you won't be limited by what's included out-of-the-box. If you need a particular type of data on a page you can easily create a custom type for that property.

T is for Teaching: First Week Complete & Class Reveal Continues I have so much to update ya'll on and I have plenty of time to do so since there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac has caused my district to close school. No worries though, we shouldn't be getting hit by anything too crazy just lots of rain and wind! I'm a little bummed and excited all at the same time. How to use multiple Apple ID's with one computer and iTunes Many families share one computer and in turn, may back up and sync more than one iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with that one computer. If everyone in your household all shares the same Apple ID for purchases in iTunes, it's normally not an issue. But what if that's not the case and you all want your own Apple ID's for iTunes purchases and you don't want mom's cooking apps mixed in with dad's finance apps? As it happens, you can set iTunes up to separate Apple ID's quite easily.

Classroom Reveal and a Freebie! (Picture heavy!!!) 2013-2014 ~Classroom Reveals~ are the thing to do, aren’t they? Well mine is here! Partially. Open Source Software List: 2015 Ultimate List: Page 4 361. Mono Now sponsored by Xamarin, this IDE was specifically designed as an open source, cross-platform version of Microsoft's .NET development platform. The site also offers two related tools for mobile development: MonoTouch for iOS and Mono for Android. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

How to Wirelessly Sync iPad Photos and Videos to Windows PC Home -> Guide -> Transfer Photos & Videos from iPad to Windows PC I recently got a virus on my Windows 7 PC which basically wiped off nearly all my pictures, but I've now found out that when I last synced my iPad, they were all synced onto it, so I have all my pictures on the iPad now (in Folders from 'My Pictures' before the virus). Wondering how I could copy these pictures back onto my PC? If you have similar problems, you've got the right place. Basically, when we want to transfer photos and videos from iPad to PC, we will connect the iPad to the PC via USB cable and then copy the files manually. However, when you have your iPad connected with your PC, you will find the photos and videos are mixed up and there are numerous folders with unmeaningful names.

Blendspace Make mobile learning awesome! Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! Be inspired! Combine digital content and your files to create a lesson Learn the Knife Techniques you want to know in: Complete Knife Skills Class Description Become faster and more accurate with your knife work, and create dishes that cook evenly and look truly professional. Guided by chef Brendan McDermott, you’ll explore proper hand placement and the four fundamental cuts.

11 delicious vegetarian soup and stew recipes There are few meals as simple as opening a can of soup, plopping the contents into a pot or bowl and heating it up. But there is little satisfying about this kind of meal when it comes from a can from the supermarket. The affordable canned soups are loaded up with sodium and other unwanted additives, with ingredients that have had the nutrients processed right out of them. And if you're going for healthier, more locally made soups then you are probably paying what feels like a small fortune.

Teachers Love Ikea Teachers at my school love IKEA. It's no secret that teachers love to hoard containers, love to be organized, and love to find deals... IKEA is the place to find all of those! So on my shopping trip to IKEA last week I made sure to find all the great products that you can use in your classroom! Connect To Any PC Over The Internet With Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome isn’t just for idly clicking through the latest tech news and the viral Vines of the day — it also hides a remote desktop tool that lets you easily get from any device running the browser (or the mobile app) to any other PC running the browser. Here’s how to get a connection set up in the space of just a few minutes. Your first job is to get the Chrome Remote Desktop app for your browser. Once it’s showing up on your page, launch it and authorise the plugin to allow remote connections via your Google account; it’s your Google credentials that prove you are who you say you are when you try and connect from a different device.

Cohousing: The real sharing economy at its best, and a great example in Berlin Some have called AirBnB sharing, but it's really renting. The real sharing economy comes to housing in the cohousing model, described by TreeHugger Meaghan as "a type of collaborative in which people eschew the alienation of typical subdivisions in favor of true community lifestyles. In some ways, they hark back to the ideas of a kibbutz, a co-op, or commune, but in a more modern, Euro-style, not-so-hippy way." © Andrew Alberts via Archdaily