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Typographic Design Patterns and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine

Typographic Design Patterns and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine
Advertisement Even with a relatively limited set of options in CSS, typography can vary tremendously using pure CSS syntax. Serif or sans-serif? To find typographic design patterns that are common in modern Web design and to resolve some common typographic issues, we conducted extensive research on 50 popular websites on which typography matters more than usual (or at least should matter more than usual). We’ve carefully analyzed their typography and style sheets and searched for similarities and differences. Ultimately, we identified 13 general typographic problems and issues related to typographic design and tried to find answers to them through our research: How popular are serif and sans-serif typefaces in body copy and headlines? We ended up with solid data, which we evaluated and prepared for this article. 1. Whether designers should use serif or sans-serif fonts for body copy is one of the most discussed and unresolved questions about typesetting on the Web. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (al)

30 Free Seamless Background Textures I get a lot of requests to release more seamless textures here on L&T, so this set is for you guys. It includes a giant selection of thirty repeatable textures ranging from paper to fabric to subtle grunge and noise. Each one of them is fully tile-able and will work perfect for website background or pattern overlays in photoshop. The zip file includes each texture in both 1200px and 500px sizes as well as a Photoshop .PAT file for easy integration. Enjoy!

A Basic Look at Typography in Web Design Web design is so important to ensure a site has a good user experience and each aspect of it can have a huge impact on the usability of your site. One of these aspects, Typography is an often overlooked, but integral part of design and something your web design company shouldn’t be overlooking. Think of all the different uses of typography on the web, from large headlines and bold blocks of text to smaller-sized text in body copy, and you’ll soon realize that not only is it a crucial part of a web design, but that it’s a pure combination of art and science. We’ve come a long way since the start of the internet, but the use of typography is as important today as it was back in the day. Typography Basics Typography is the use of type in a design. There are two major classifications of fonts to choose from: serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts have serifs or extra embellishments at the end of stokes; some call them feet or tails. Things to Consider for Typography on the Web Web Safe Fonts

6 Steps To Creating A Knockout Online Portfolio As the Chief Designer of Behance, few people are better at identifying a great online portfolio than Matias Corea. While judging contests, looking for new talent, and conducting design research for Behance, he has reviewed thousands of creative portfolios on the web.To get some insight on what works (and what doesn’t!) when it comes to showcasing creative work online, I chatted with Matias about his observations and extracted six simple tips for building a knockout creative portfolio:1. Take the time to look at all of your work and carefully choose the right pieces for your portfolio. Always showcase the type of work you want to be doing in the future. 2. Now that you’ve edited the work you want to show, get into the nitty-gritty of each project and think about how to best present it. Matias: “First, contextualize the project with a short paragraph. NOVUM 11/11 by Paperlux Written Portraits by Van Wanten Etcetera Citroën DS Line Book by Laurent Nivalle Orlando Aquije Abarca on Behance 3.

De beste Nederlandse digitale designers bij elkaar. Tourash Advertising ,... Logo pack Germen Logo design Zen Duca logo Home Designer Galerij Nieuws Specials Tutorials Over DDD Inloggen/Creëer account Homesecret Meest recent Populair Advertising Animation Digital art Fantasy art Game design Graphic design Illustration Photo manipulation Typography Webdesign Today's Popular

“Five Cardinal Sins” of presentations « Presentation Impact As I noted in the prior posts, Jerry Weissman’s Presenting to Win has many great things to say. Here’s a pair of brief extracts: StoryWeissman…getting your story straight is the critical factor in making your presentation powerful. The importance of story is a theme that Weissman hits many times and in many ways. The Five Cardinal SinsThe vast majority of presentations fall prey to what is known as the Five Cardinal Sins:No clear point. That’s a pretty good summary what’s wrong with the overwhelming majority of presentations. Be clear about your purpose–what do you want the audience to do after the presentation? Anything you think should be added to that list ? ________________________Related Posts: Like this: Like Loading...

dcarter design - free website templates, free css templates All of these web design templates are released as 'open source' designs which means that you are FREE to download and use them for anything you want (including modifying and amending them). All I ask is that you leave the 'design by dcarter' link in the footer of the template, but other than that the template is all yours! If you wish to remove the footer link you can do so by sending a small donation. Finding The Best Place To Host Your Template Once you have selected your favourite free website template you will need to find the best hosting company to manage it for you.

The Social Business Video People Just Get [yframe url=' The Story Behind The Video Last holiday season, I received an email from a secretary who was planning a work party. ”Please RSVP and tell me what you are bringing.” I did and she responded with, “Thanks!” I talked with her and asked, “Why aren’t you using the collaborative tool? In my next training I related this experience and then showed a live example of what could have been done. My thoughts turned to helping others “get it” as well, as easily and as quickly as this class did. Then, at the end, I thought I would show the video for the first time – give a pre-screening to those in the meeting. Now, when I show this video in my workshops and trainings, people just “get it.” If it will help you, feel free to use it as well. (Parts of the video have been blurred so names and logos are not revealed.

Wordpress Plugins : 116 WP Plugins in 16 Categorieën | E-Tail Soms een behoorlijk frustrerende taak om de juiste WordPress plugin te zoeken/vinden voor je site (als je al weet dat er bestaan) en er bestaan tal van “best of” lijstjes maar zeer weinigen die up to date en of mooi geordend zijn. Dus ben ik in 2008 begonnen met het verzamelen van gratis en betalende plugins (sommigen heb ik nog nooit gebruikt , dus als je site wordt verneukt, ik weet van niks ) en die mooi in categorieën gaan stoppen. Mochten jullie nog toevoegingen hebben, laat het even horen in de reacties, dan plaats ik ze er nog tussen… Seo Headspace2 : een fantastische plugin die ik vooral gebruik om een aparte pagina titel en meta description aan een post mee te geven. Linkbuilding Internal linkbuidling : In het artikel over “automatiseer je interne linkbuilding” beschreef ik uitvoerig hoe je dat kan gebruiken. Post & Pagina CSVtoPost : Een zeer handige plugin om via excel honderden (of zelfs duizenden als je die luxe hebt:o) posts 1 ruk up te loaden en te controleren. Poll en Rating

Method & Models for Students I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for. —Georgia O’Keeffe The other day I wondering about how we are deliberately teaching visual grammar and literacies. One way that I have introduced graduate students to visual grammar is through an engagement with shapes that Molly Bang outlines in her fabulous book, Picture This. Playing with shapes in order to (re)tell a story or illustrate a phrase helps learners to internalize Bang's 10 insights about how shape influences the way we feel. If you do this work with students, would you drop me a tweet (@maryannreilly) or a comment on the blog letting me know how it went? Rick Mereki's MoveMOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo. Colin Hesterly's World of Motion World Of Motion from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo. Copete's Bubble GumBubble Gum from Copete on Vimeo. Next Level Pictures: 8 Hours in Brooklyn 8 hour span of video taping in Brooklyn. 8 Hours in Brooklyn from Next Level Pictures on Vimeo.

Keyword Optimalisatie door Analyse van Eigen Data, een Echte Goudmijn ! | E-Tail Keyword research gaat meestal over het gebruiken van verschillende externe tool en hulmiddelen maar zelden over het graven in eigen data. Ik toon je waarom en vooral hoe je die data kan gebruiken. Eigen data heeft zoveel meer te bieden dan de data die externe tools ons voorschotelen en toch wordt het analyseren en gebruiken van deze data zoveel over het hoofd gezien. Maar met welke dataset zou jij liever werken ? Of je eigen data : De tooldata geeft me enkel een schatting van wat het totaal zoekverkeer is op de woordcombinaties. Ik weet niet maar voor mij een nobrainer om te zien dat eigen data een stuk waardevoller is… Hoe het in zijn werk gaat Bij keyword optimalisatie zijn er grofweg 3 bronnen om uit te gaan putten : organisch verkeerbetalend verkeerinterne zoekfunctie En zijn er 3 manieren om de gevonden data te gaan optimaliseren : betere rankings versierenin de longtail duikenvanuit de longtail naar boven toe werken De Bronnen Je mag ook niet te bekrompen naar die data kijken. Rankings

10 Visual Design Quick Tips eLearning and slide presentations are highly visual mediums. The visual clarity of screens and slides can have a big impact on learning. If you're unsure what to do and how to go about designing the visuals for a training environment, here are some quick tips that might help. 1. Visual Design is Problem Solving You solve problems all day long and you're probably pretty good at it. Coming up with a visual design is no different than other problems you must solve. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Keep practicing! Connie Malamed (@elearningcoach) publishes The eLearning Coach, a website with articles, resources, reviews and tips for learning professionals.