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Dwelling with the spirit of freedom

Dwelling with the spirit of freedom

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Flyability The inner frame comprises everything a flying robot needs to stabilize in flight: a coaxial motor, two control surfaces, the battery, an IMU and control electronics. In case of collision, GimBall’s spherical protective frame prevents obstacles from touching the inner frame and can passively rotate thanks to a gimbal system (hence the name). This way, the contact force does not affect the orientation of the inner frame, whose center of mass is also carefully centered.

danielrapp.github Recently I stumbled upon an interesting paper for implementing motion sensing requiring no special hardware, only a speaker and mic! Unfortunately the paper didn't include code to test it, so I decided to reproduce it here on the web! What is the doppler effect? First of all, what is the doppler effect? Skywater Alternative Energy Introducing Skywater 125 gallon per day atmospheric water generator. Skywater Alternative Energy water making machines, are designed with lower power consumption requirements, so they are ideal for operating with alternative energy products, such as solar, wind turbines and biofuel gasifiers. Using only 3.6 kilowatts of electricity, Skywater 125 are solar adaptable and conveniently sized to operate using 12 - 120 watt solar panels. Alternatively, Skywater machines (of any size) can be powered using Biofuel-Gasifiers, an electric power generator which runs on any and all bio fuels, such as wood, cow manure, dried brush, trash etc.

Cell Models For life all cells have basic needs. Cells have diverged in their structure and function to accommodate these survival requirements. Here are some KEY TERMS to help you think, explore and search for similarities and significant differences that have become the characteristics of eukaryote (animal, plant) and prokaryotic (bacteria) cells. Examples might be searching: eukaryote prokaryote reproduction or animal plant cell energy. ECO-GEN Energy Our Technology - ECO-GEN Energy 9 Proven Technologies have been combined to generate electricity 24/7/365. 1. Solar Panels are used to qualify for Incentives. PocketQube Kit v1.0 EM — PocketQube Shop Structure Skeletonized Structure, designed for the PocketQube Standard (Pico-satellite class). Aerospace grade aluminium structure with plated finish (flight model only) with two micro-switches for double redundancy (kill switches).

The Primary Water Institute - Links & Downloads The Science of Water Science to Sage - "Water Revolution" - Link WATER Journal - Information about water - Link Foundation For Water - Link World Technology Senate - Link Earth's Deep Water Cycle - ISBN978-0-87590-433-7 - Link Steve Jacobson, Northwestern University - Link USA Today - Hydrogen & Oxygen trapped inside the Earth's Mantle Rock - Link Are there oceans hiding inside the Earth? BBC - Link The Problem - Secondary Water is finite UC Berkeley News Center - Water Woes - Link Read about California Drought, 1/31/14 - Link World Economic Forum 1/31/14 . . .Water is Top 3 Global Risk - Link Bloomberg Business Week - California Drought 2/3/14 . . . - Link Huffington Post - California Drought 1/31/14 . . . - Link More drought information, SFGate 2-17-14 - Link US Water Wars in the Middle East - Link California needs to get a grip on its groundwater - Link for more info see > In the News

Lantern: One Device, Free Data From Space Forever Global access to the web’s best content on your mobile device. Anonymous. Uncensored. Free. Solar and Wind Energy Our Universal Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) allows you to invert your energy to the electrical box, for use of other appliances if needed. Our Boost Inverters are designed (Auto Sensing) if connected to grid, to operate during power outages via solar and battery. Batteries can be charged with both utility and solar at the same time, allowing you to always be connected. This means you will never be with out electricity, or (optional) our technology allows you to connect in areas where no power is available. These systems are designed with boosting amps technology 2.5X’s to 3.5X's the product amp power.

Prizm - Turn your speakers into a learning music player by Prizm Whether you are alone at home, with family, or partying with friends, Prizm adapts and predicts the music you’ll love. Prizm streams music directly from the Cloud so you don’t even need to use a phone or a computer. You can now discover and enjoy more music with a single hit of a button. Press play and the music starts. Music streams directly from the cloud to your speakers. You will no longer have to use your smartphone, computer or any other device to enjoy music. Philips' new GrowWise indoor farm will revolutionize food production In 234-square-meters of high tech cells, researchers are growing multi-level racks of leafy vegetables, herbs and strawberries in order to perfect the light recipes that encourage faster growth, advantageous plant shapes and greater yields. Global City Farming Director Udo van Slouten believes Philips’ systems are the best way to address pressing global issues such as the lack of arable land, cost and waste involved in transporting food, and water-hungry mainstream farming methods. While serving up snacks made from mustard leaves grown at the university, Scientists Jasper den Besten and Roel Jansen introduced the research behind LED horticulture lighting and explained how different colours influence plant behaviour. The team is able to change the shape, size, productivity and even essential oil content of many leafy greens and herbs. Related: The world’s largest indoor farm produces 10,000 heads of lettuce a day in Japan + Philips