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House System Astrology - Which House System?

House System Astrology - Which House System?
I have just read two illuminating books on houses systems in astrology. Robert Hand’s “Whole signs – The Oldest House System” and the “History of the Houses” by Robert Powell. Between the two Roberts I think I have found a house system that works and has the weight of history and scientific analysis to back it up. The whole of modern Western Astrology is based on the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons and nothing to do with actual star-gazing. The AC represents 0 degs Aries, the beginning of the vernal equinox, the start of the pagan year spring. The earliest house systems where split into 4 quadrants going clockwise. Gauquelins Plus Zones Gauquelin says” The favorable zones should have been progressively expanded to thirty degrees after the rise and culmination of planets, ie houses 9 and 12. The most powerful of ALL houses according to Gauquelin would then include most of the much maligned 12th house, the so called “House of Self-undoing” So, was there an error? Related:  AstrologieAdvanced ASTROLOGAL STUDIES

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Christopher Warnock on Astrology, Magic and the Occult - The Astrology Podcast The 16th episode of the podcast features an interview with astrologer Christopher Warnock on the topic of astrology, magic, and the occult. Christopher is one of the leading practitioners of astrological magic in the world today, and he is well known for his work with talismans, publishing translations of magical texts such as the Picatrix, and promoting the practice of traditional astrology. You can find more information about his work at, as well as his discussion group Spiritus Mundi and Renaissance Astrology blog. Outline of the Podcast Here are some of the different topics that we covered during the course of the podcast: The general topic is the relationship between astrology, magic, and the occult.What is the definition of magic? Download or Stream the Podcast You can either download this episode of the podcast as an MP3 or you can play it directly from the website by using the buttons below:

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Chaos magic The chaosphere is a popular symbol of chaos magic. Many variants exist. For more, see Symbol of Chaos. General principles[edit] Chaos magicians are often seen by other occultists as dangerous or worrisome revolutionaries.[2] History[edit] Origins and creation[edit] This magical discipline was first formulated in West Yorkshire, England in the 1970s.[4] A meeting between Peter J. Influences[edit] Following Spare's death, magicians continued to experiment outside of traditional magical orders. Early days[edit] The first edition of Liber Null does not include the term "chaos magic", but only refers to magic or "the magic art" in general.[6] Texts from this period consistently claim to state principles universal to magic, as opposed to a new specific style or tradition of magic, and describe their innovations as efforts to rid magic of superstitious and religious ideas. Chaos came to be part of this movement defined as "the 'thing' responsible for the origin and continued action of events[...].

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