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Finger Shadow Illusions

Finger Shadow Illusions
I, myself know how to make a bird, a dog and a deformed rabbit but I never thought you an actually make some many different shapes of animals with your fingers. You can even do an elephant with your fingers. Now when I looks how’s it’s done it doesn’t seem so difficult but I doubt I can do these even after seeing them. Find more posts about everything amazing Tags: finger, Finger Shadow Illusions, illusion, shadow Related:  Raro

Ben Folds Ben Folds en concierto. Benjamin Scott Folds (Winston-Salem, Carolina del Norte, 12 de septiembre de 1966 – ), más conocido como Ben Folds, es un cantautor y pianista estadounidense conocido por ser el antiguo vocalista del grupo musical Ben Folds Five.Actualmente participa en Overflow Crowds Band. Ha publicado recientemente un disco con letras de Nick Hornby ("Alta fidelidad", 1995) llamado Lonely Avenue. En marzo de 2010 se convirtió en un fenómeno de YouTube por un vídeo titulado "Oda a Merton" en el que Folds improvisaba canciones sobre la gente que aparecía en la popular red social Chatroulette al estilo de Merton, otro fenómeno en YouTube que mucha gente pensó que era el propio Folds.[1] [2] También a trabajado en varias películas infantiles como: Vecinos Invasores (Over the Hedge en íngles) Regresando a la escuela 2 (Back to School 2), etc. Discografía[editar] Referencias[editar] Enlaces externos[editar]

More Furniture for Bikes Like the rest of the Furniture for Bikes series by Quarterre, these designs aren’t like the typical eyesore of a bike stand. Both draw on the tones & high quality materials of Cherchbi brand’s accessories collection. The exclusive ‘Fell Grey’ color & dark wood finish for the stands have been developed to complement the hand finished leather detailing, which incorporates Cherchbi’s signature Herdwyck Tweed & vegetable-tanned English saddle leather. The distinctive sculptural form of Hood is architecturally inspired and holds a single bike securely by its top tube. Branchline provides vertical storage for up to two bikes on two sets of adjustable arms which can adapt to a variety of frame shapes. Designer: Quareterre -Yanko DesignTimeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Related posts:

Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW Something about minimalist art just looks great on movie posters. Combine that with Disney movies and you get a whole new edge. You might think most of these posters are for some dark, avant-garde indie film, not a cute animated kid’s flick. Also, be sure to check out: Minimalist Posters of Cult Classics and Awesome Minimalist Book Covers FTW (image) Liverpool graphic designer Rowan Stocks-Moore designed these. The above (and others) are all available in poster form on Rowan Stocks-Moore’s Etsy account He has recently had a lot of requests for his stuff so expect to wait about 14 working days for a print, longer for United States customers. Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW The Place For Crafts And Ideas.

Pictogram music posters Brief: Create artworks incorporating Ray-Ban Aviators, to be published on Ray-Ban's official Facebook page. These pictogram portraits were a part of Ray-Ban's 'Aviator Family' campaign (#AviatorFamily). Graphic Design2014 Client: Ray-BanBrief: Create artworks that somehow depict iconic people and famous characters that have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. The portraits were to be displayed in the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London, from March to April 2014. Artworks by Viktor Hertz © 2014 Photos by Ray-Ban © 2014Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration2014 Official poster for Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2013. My contribution to the "Mind Blowing Color Competition".Digital Imaging, Graphic Design2010

How To Mix Chalkboard Paint in Any Color We love using chalkboards as backdrops for displays and parties (like this one here!). So we were super excited to learn that you can create your own custom colors-and it's really easy! We first learned how from Martha Stewart whose tutorial you can read here. She recommends that you use latex paint, but we tried it out with acrylic paints with much success. Here's how you too can create your own chalkboard paint... Supplies: 1/2 cup acrylic paint (choose any color you like, or mix colors together to make the perfect shade!) 1. 2. Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. Have fun creating any color combination you like!!

The Cartoon Illuminati By Adam Withers As I was bouncing around StumbleUpon this afternoon I chanced upon this wonderful and humorous illustration by Adam Withers over on deviantART depicting “a collection of the greatest geniuses in the history of cartoons, all brought together to decide the fate of the world in secret!” “The Cast (Clockwise from top center): Daria Morgendorffer (Daria), Susan and Mary Test (Johnny Test), Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo), Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory), Edd (Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy), Nigel Uno (Codename: Kids Next Door), and Jimmy Neutron.” Cartoon Network? Fan of Scooby-Doo? Steampunk - Arte e Movimento Quando a natureza se funde com a tecnologia, quando nos é permitido criar universos utópicos, quando viajamos pelo mundo da ficção científica, então podemos considerar que falamos da arte e movimento SteamPunk. Quando este movimento passa a ser representado através da arte no corpo, a tatuagem ganha outra dimensão e somos invadidos por sensações como choque e admiração. Ao observarmos tais imagens, damo-nos conta do fascínio e poder que possuem. Para alguns a arte no corpo, para outros uma ideologia que agarra a ficção científica, percorre o tempo e instala-se na nossa sociedade desde o final dos anos 80. Steam, ou vapor em português; Punk, a ideologia e estilo de vida cultural. Não é difícil entender o movimento Steampunk se o pensarmos enquanto história. Para além de um trabalho árduo, falamos de tatuagens que expressam a fusão da natureza com a tecnologia, do corpo com a máquina. Hoje, o Steampunk mais do que uma arte, tornou-se um estilo de vida.

The Most Insane Search Suggestions Ever Seen On Google We probably shouldn't be surprised by anything people Google at this point, considering we all rely on it for everything short of brushing our teeth for us. But these search suggestions are almost as insane as using Bing. Updated 10/13/11: Terrarium How-To My sister, Laura lives in Boston and has the green thumb in the family. She makes beautiful terrariums but since I've always lived far away, I miss out on ever receiving one of these lovely, low maintenance creations. So I get my fix at Garden, an impeccably designed and curated garden shop on the west side of Atlanta. Chad Wellbrock, the Manager at Garden, offered me a few tips for creating your own terrarium. First, look for any plants that are slow growing that do not like a lot of moisture. Succulents often work best, but just remember that they will need a lot of sunlight to thrive. When you're ready, place your soil in your glass container, (CB2 sells the pendant globes very cheap) then arrange your plants on a work surface until you find the combination that works best. The biggest no-no is overwatering. First Photo, courtesy Sarah Dorio.

Back to the future: This man interviews his 12-year-old self | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews Last updated: April 17, 2014 Jeremiah, meet Jeremiah. You look confused. MEET Jeremiah McDonald. This extraordinary video is the result of his interview with himself, 20 years in the making. It's awesome, but don't take our word for it - watch it. McDonald, a filmmaker and animator, recorded a video message to his future self in 1992, at the age of 12. Now he works through the tape and answers young Jeremiah's questions, with some amazing and funny answers. Right now in technology 24Readers19Readers18Readers12Readers5Readers Incredible science photography This year’s Wellcome Image Awards will have you guessing what you’re looking at through the lens of an electron microscope. NASA celebrates the Cosmos NASA has celebrated the release of the new Cosmos TV series, produced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, with an incredible set of imag... International Loupe Awards 2014 ANYTHING goes at this year's International Loupe Photography Awards.

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