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The Archaeology Channel - Welcome

The Archaeology Channel - Welcome

'British Archaeology' home page Archeology in Peru Arqueología, Historia Antigua y Medieval - Terrae Antiqvae - Red social de Arqueólogos e Historiadores Mysterious Pyramid Baffles Chinese Scientists No one seems to know the origin or the meaning behind a mysterious pyramid that sits atop Mount Baigong in western China that local legends claim is an alien UFO launch tower. Nine scientists form the team that will travel to the western province of Qinghai and the mouth of this 165-198 foot tall structure known as the “ET Relics.” “The pyramid has three caves with openings shaped like triangles on its façade and is filled with red-hued pipes leading into the mountain and a nearby salt water lake,” says China’s state-run Xinhua agency. To add to the mystery, iron debris and unusually shaped stones are scattered about the desolate area. “The theory that the pyramid was created by extra terrestrials is “understandable and worth looking into…but scientific means must be employed to prove whether or not it is true,” says Yang Ji, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. On the beach at nearby Toson Lake, many strangely-shaped iron pipes lay amid the sands and rocks. (Link)

Archaeology Homepage Accessibility navigation University Of Reading Archaeology World-leading Archaeology Rated top in the UK for our World Leading researchand honoured by HM The Queen for the excellence of our teaching About us We have a dedicated staff with a diverse range of expertise in teaching, research and enterprise activities. International students are warmly welcomed into a vibrant, global facing department committed to cultural diversity Research We have a world class reputation in agenda setting research which feeds into our teaching at every level. Undergraduate We consistently score 100% for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey. Find out about our degree courses and our highly successful Training Field School at Silchester described as a ‘gold-standard’ by external reviewers. Information for new students (PDF 215KB) Postgraduate Taught We offer an exciting range of well-established programmes that reflect our research and teaching excellence and dedication to the study of the material world.

Interactive Dig Sagalassos - City in the Clouds In 1706, Paul Lucas, traveling in southwest Turkey on a mission for the court of Louis XIV, came upon the mountaintop ruins of Sagalassos. The first Westerner to see the site, Lucas wrote that he seemed to be confronted with remains of several cities inhabited by fairies. Later, during the mid-nineteenth century, William Hamilton described it as the best preserved ancient city he had ever seen. Since 1990, Sagalassos has become a large-scale, interdisciplinary excavation of the Catholic University of Leuven, directed by Marc Waelkens. Field Notes 2003-2010 Investigation of Sagalassos and the surrounding countryside The Antonine Dynastic Gallery at Sagalassos August 27, 2008 A head of the emperor Marcus Aurelius has been found at the Roman Baths. Colossal Head of Roman Empress UnearthedAugust 13, 2008 We have uncovered a portrait head of the Roman empress Faustina, wife of the emperor Antoninus Pius (r. Staff Profiles Meet archaeologists and other scientists working at Sagalassos.

Lost ancient civilisation's ruins lie beneath Gulf, says boffin High performance access to file storage Refugees from a lost civilisation whose ruins and relics lie submerged on the seabed deep beneath the Persian Gulf may have founded ancient, advanced Middle Eastern societies thousands of years ago in the time before the Pharaohs. According to Jeffrey Rose, a Birmingham uni archaeologist, recent excavations and discoveries indicate that a large number of substantial and relatively sophisticated settlements sprang up around the shores of the Persian Gulf quite suddenly perhaps 7,500 years ago. “Where before there had been but a handful of scattered hunting camps, suddenly, over 60 new archaeological sites appear virtually overnight,” says Rose. “These settlements boast well-built, permanent stone houses, long-distance trade networks, elaborately decorated pottery, domesticated animals, and even evidence for one of the oldest boats in the world.”

The Archaeological Conservancy notice: The Archaeological Conservancy's online services do not use OpenSSL, therefore we are not affected by the Heartbleed Bug. Your information is secure. RECENT NEWS: In a stunning display of community, conservation organizations joined forces on the evening of March 18, 2014 to try their hand at the winning bid for the Junction Group Earthworks, a 20 acre tract of land containing a 2000 year old earthwork complex of at least eight earthen enclosures. The archaeological site was auctioned as a large farm field, and its desirable location increased the chance the land would be converted to residential development. The project was an emergency acquisition and failure would result in a loss of irreplaceable cultural material. The Conservancy must raise $70,000 by the scheduled closing in mid-July to become the owner of this unique site and to stabilize it. Every day, prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in the United States are lost forever--