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Transports to Extinction-Archives Personal documentation belonging to Ruth Gillis and members of her family, including letters and postcards sent to Ruth Gillis in Eretz Israel by members of her family in Germany, 1938-1939, and a booklet of poems with signatures of her fellow [female] students, from 1937; list of Jews deported from Beuthen, Germany, 1942 Letters and postcards: - Four postcards sent to Ruth Gillis in Eretz Israel by her adopted grandmother Selma Guttmann in Gleiwitz, 1938-1939; - Letter sent to Ruth Gillis in Eretz Israel by her biological mother Elli (Samuel) Gillis, from the convent in which she was hospitalized, 13/06/1939; because the handwriting has not been identified, it would appear that the letter was not [literally] written by the sender; - Postcard sent to Ruth Gillis in Eretz Israel by members of her family in Berlin, 08/08/1939 (scan); - Letter from before the war, sent to Ruth Gillis by Rose Guttmann in Germany, 12/09 (year not indicated);

Bottle by Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore must be very much in demand. She just has to be. She has the most perfectly attuned sensibilities I have yet seen in a short filmmaker towards what is current in culture. Her animations, a mix of twee and handicraft enveloped in bittersweet wrappers, are amazing artifacts; clever and nostalgic in mood, precious and handcrafted in design—these films celebrate life, but never far from that sentiment is the specter of loss. The Dreadful Story of Pauline and the Matches by Heinrich Hoffmann Mamma and Nurse went out one day, And left Pauline alone at play; Around the room she gayly sprung, Clapp'd her hands, and danced, and sung., Now, on the table close at hand, A box of matches chanced to stand, And kind Mamma and Nurse had told her, That if she touched them they would scold her; But Pauline said, "Oh, what a pity! For, when they burn, it is so pretty; They crackle so, and spit, and flame; And Mamma often burns the same. I'll just light a match or two As I have often seen my mother do." When Minz and Maunz, the pussy-cats, heard this They held up their paws and began to hiss. - "Meow!!"

Tutti Violins (the 1st violin section) for the Danish National Symphony Orchestra Tutti Violins (the 1st violin section) for the Danish National Symphony Orchestra The Danish National Symphony Orchestra invites applications for audition to following positions: Tutti Violins (the 1st violin section) The orchestra is one of the world’s oldest broadcasting symphony orchestras and is part of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation - a leading cultural generator, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The Candidate I don’t say the following words lightly: the opening scene of David Karlak’s The Candidate is perfect. Absolutely perfect. We watch as our lead character, Burton Grunzer, disdainfully observes his work nemesis, Whitman Hayes, fumbling to set up for a corporate presentation. Now, that in itself may not sound engaging, but Karlak’s handling of it—his polished camera moves, the virtuosic editing, the driving music, all of which is underscored by actor Tom Gulager’s superlatively droll, Patrick Bateman-esque voice over—is pure cinematic magic. Unscramble Words and Letters Site Menu Advertisement No unscramble search word entered Feeling Lucky? Word Unscrambles for :xuemac cusllorbaam ldun eaffnleib Rhymes for :grit messages electromagnetic cedric The Secret Language Discover anyone's life purpose in their Secret Language Name! Tap or click Day and enter their date of birth. Our reports also predict the quality of your relationships, tap or click 48 then select your birth week to plan your romance, friendship and work partners based on your 48 relationship patterns. Gary Goldschneider Secret Language scientific personality reports have proven to be over 90% accurate after 21 years in use by millions of people in a dozen languages worldwide.

Madagascar by Bastien Dubois Madagascar is a film I first mentioned back in July with the review of the Fluxus Online Film Fest, and which has steadily grown on me. It’s a film that has what can be seen as a pretty big flaw, but the things it does well are so extraordinary I want to give the film the highlighting it deserves. I sincerely doubt animator Bastien Dubois will mind my reticence in giving Madagascar its due since everyone else has been bending over backwards to do so. The film is completing quite the prodigious festival run: playing Sundance, winning at Ottawa, winning at Annecy.

The Most Amazing Tattoo Artists in Berlin I got sucked into the tattoo world via stick n poke (read: prison tat) of a very unintentionally abstract and barely identifiable jellyfish. Who would have guessed that this regrettable arrangement of dots poked into my arm (with an unsanitary sewing needle and pen-ink) by a strange boy in our inebriated stupor would have lead me into the world of what is now one of my favourite forms of art: tattoos. We all have different approaches to tattoos—some of us sit on an idea or design for months, even years before getting it permanently engraved into our bodies, and some of us (myself included) have been known to get inked on impulse. Acquiring a collection of tattoos on your body has become a prominent form of self-expression, especially in the art and fashion world, and it came as no surprise that we found many tattoo artists taking root in Berlin, rendering a whole spectrum of life to their art and etching stories into blank canvases of skin. DotsToLines (Chaim Machlev) AKA Berlin

how german orchestra auditions work — ROB KNOPPER Candidate selection In German orchestras there are generally no audition commissions/panels comprising a range of relevant instrumentalists. The decision on which applicants are to be invited to the audition is taken purely by the section in question. Assuming an orchestra receives a good number of applications for a vacancy, it is normally decided to hold both a preliminary and a main audition.