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Super modern South African tiny house is bright and green

Super modern South African tiny house is bright and green
I have often complained that a lot of tiny houses, being modelled on larger houses that get the shrink-ray, are designed for cuteness instead of practicality, with their tiny lofts that peak in the middle. Perhaps instead of using a traditional house as a model, designers should be looking more at learning from more modern designs like Airstream trailers or boats. That's why the INDAWO / lifePOD is so interesting. This design by the South African team of Collaborate000 architects, and product designers Dokter and Missses is super modern, and very much a product of its climate. © Brett Rubin The INDAWO / lifePOD is a lifestyle and design intervention that affords home owners a comfortable, functional experience inside a small space; to live in confluence with the needs of the planet now and in the future .... “Living smaller will save you money in the long run; it could also make you happier.” © Pod Indawo

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Dee Williams Downsizes from Tiny...To Tinier! How small a house is just too small? Dee Williams, a pioneer in the tiny house movement, is pushing her personal limits by downsizing (again). You may know Dee because she’s lived in an 84 square foot home for the last 13 years, but now she’s downsizing…into a one-level, 56 square foot house. Will it be too small? Maybe! But she’s curious and plans to find out! Charles Finn's Micro Cabin Built with Reclaimed Materials on October 22, 2015 This is Charles Finn’s micro cabin that he built using reclaimed materials. It’s an 8′ x 12′ structure with a 5 foot loft called the Potomatic Cabin. It’s even been featured in Lloyd Kahn’s Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter book. Finn is now building more tiny cabins using reclaimed materials.

Alternating Step Tansu Tiny House Stairs - Tiny House Design I’ve not seen many alternating steps being built for tiny houses – yet. It’s a simple concept, provide only the amount of step or tread each of your feet actually needs. When you do this you cover a lot more horizontal distance in less space – which is exactly what you need in a tiny house. How Alternating Tread Stair Work Normal Stairs – When walking down or up normal stairs, each foot normally uses about half of each step and you step out and over the unused section.Steep Stairs – On a steep stairs or ladders, the unused half of each step becomes an obstacle you step over.

Gammelgarn Mattsarve / LLP Arkitektkontor Architects: LLP Arkitektkontor Location: Ängmansvägen, 623 69 Katthammarsvik, Sweden Architect in Charge: LLP arkitektkontor AB, Mattias Palme architect SAR/MSA Engineer: Björn Yttergren, Tyréns AB. Building Proprietor: Lisa and Martin Johansson Builder: Byggria/Laszlo Nemeth Area: 62.0 sqm Project Year: 2012 Photographs: Robin Hayes From the architect. The summerhouse is located along an old countyside road going inland from Katthamarsvik on Gotlands eastern coast. Zen Cottage – Tiny House Swoon tiny-house A custom tiny house with built-in downstairs guest sleeping quarters. Built by The Zen Cottages in Encinitas, California.

This guy built his own tiny home for less than $500 using salvaged materials Everywhere you look these days, some high-end designer is coming up with a pricey way to put all kinds of luxury options into the tiniest of spaces. Some tiny homes available on the market cost more than a standard size home. But that's not the way Scott Brown sees the tiny house movement. Rather than try and trick out a tiny space with granite countertops and fancy appliances, Brown went the old-fashioned route -- and found a lot of recycled materials to incorporate into this tiny, low-cost home. Using salvaged materials and a few gifted items — like a sweet woodstove — he built this little home for under $500. A NEW timber-framed cottage/cabin/tiny house from David and Jeanie Stiles As many of you know, if you've read/heard interviews with me, or read the intro of my "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" book (which they wrote (the new edition introduction)), David and Jeanie Stiles are among my favorites when it comes to tiny house, fort, shed, and cabin designs- their books are beautifully illustrated, offer some great plans and content, and are easy to follow. Anyhow, David Stiles recently emailed me to share photos of a timber framed micro-cottage/shed he designed and erected recently, and the result is for not only a good looking structure, but a VERY sturdy one. From David: Shown is one way of finishing our 8 1/2' x 11' timber-framed mini-barn.

The Hunting House - A Family's Forest Retreat in Lithuania Created for a family whose main hobby consists of hunting, this home can be found deep in a Lithuanian forest in Sariai. It’s been completed by a local architecture firm called Devyni Architecktai, who attempted to embody the client’s hobby into the design of the house itself. Simply dubbed the Lithuanian Hunting House, the project consists of a 1,076 square foot (100 square meters) lodge that’s made mostly from, local resources. Timber was sourced from the forest and served as the main construction material, while the professionals who helped build the house were all from neighboring villages.

alek lisefski completes the tiny project less house more life jan 02, 2014 alek lisefski completes the tiny project less house more life alek lisefski completes the tiny project less house more lifeall images courtesy of the alek lisefski american web designer alek lisefski has finished a residential dwelling on wheels for himself and girlfriend anjali to live in as part of the ‘tiny project less house more life’. towed from iowa to its current location in sebastopol, california the small structure enables the couple to enjoy more time in the outdoors, in nature and engaging with the community. in response to ever-rising housing and land costs, the project seeks to set an example for others who wish to choose a similar way of living. ‘the main aspect of the tiny project is to build a tiny house. inhabiting such a small space will force me to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way.’ says designer alek lisefski.

Hans Liberg's Secluded Music Studio Log Cabin on October 27, 2015 This is the Dutch music performer, Hans Liberg’s, secluded music studio log cabin designed by Piet Hein Eek. At a first glance it just looks like a big stack of logs. But once the window shutters are opened you can see that it’s actually a micro cabin! And it’s perfectly set up to create and play music while being away from everything else. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Self Sufficient Cottage in the Netherlands Netherlands tiny house pioneer, Marjolein, in partnership with Walden Studio and has recently finished a beautiful, innovative tiny house that is totally off-grid. The tiny house movement in the Netherlands is just picking up steam, but the country is embracing tiny houses in a big way. The 215 square foot house has a simple sitting room, a full-kitchen, a loft bedroom accessed by stairs with storage underneath—all flooded with light from numerous skylights and windows.

Small Family Home with a "Treehouse" Attic by Yuki-Miyamoto Set in a residential district of Tokyo, this small family home has been designed around the needs of its owners and their wish to maintain a connection with nature. The project was undertaken by local architect Yuki Miyamoto, who had the challenge of creating a suitable home on the 936 (87 square meters) site. The house itself is much smaller than the site, occupying an area of just 370 square feet (34.4 square meters).