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Chaîne de jonakashima

Chaîne de jonakashima
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happy folding Happy Folding enjoy origami online External Links English videos: German videos: Twitter Google+ Recent posts Three Butterflies (Michael LaFosse) Image Sakura Star (Ali Bahmani): yellow/orange Batik Paper Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto): Dreamy Paper yellow/red Donate read more Bookmark this site this page RSS feed (main posts) RSS feed (plans) RSS feed (news) RSS feed (comments) Sitemap Home Gallery This is a collection of photos showing origami models. Currently displaying 1 - 32 of 585 pictures to enjoy. How to Color Paper for Origami and Other Paper Crafts When people become interested in origami they often ask what kind of paper is best to use. The short answer is that we can use any kind of paper including inexpensive recycled papers, and more expensive and unique handmade artistic papers. The longer answer is that choosing a paper for origami depends on the kind of model being folded and the effect we want to create with a particular model. To do this properly we must be willing to experiment and try different paper types for a given model. Office or copy paper can be a good choice for starters. With this type of paper we can fold a variety of models that are simple to intermediate in level. In this video I will teach one of my techniques for coloring paper which will expand your range of possible paper choices. Office paperOil pastels (artist-quality brand)Turpentine or Mineral Spirits (odorless, if possible)Cotton ballsCotton swabs The following are models featured in the paper-coloring video. Click here to see rose video instructions

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena Robert J. Lang Origami : découvrir la Chine et sa culture - apprendre le chinois How to make a paracord dog leash | Paracord guild In this tutorial I will show you how to make a paracord dog leash. There are quite a few paracord dog leash designs out there. From all these designs, I find the braided dog leash to be one of the best to make, mostly because of the ease with which it can be made, as well as the variety braids offer in terms of colors and sequences. The diamond braid, herringbone braid and the gaucho braid are just a few braids that are perfect for making dog leashes. In this first tutorial I will focus on the simplest one, the 4 strand diamond braid. Being the simplest does not mean it is any less useful though. This tutorial consists of two parts, the first showing you how to make a perfectly functional paracord dog leash using the diamond braid. Supplies needed To make this leash you will need the following: paracord 550, in one or two colorsa snap hook to attach the leash to the collara lacing needle or a hemostat. Planning the dog leash We now know the basic supplies needed to make the leash. In short…

Les Origami de Senbazuru - L'origami facile Origami-Make: Instructions to learn how to make origami models Glass Etching Secrets: Learn to Create Etched Art Glass with Stencils Gabriel Vong's Ori-Scope (Diagrams) In this section , the diagrams mainly come from free resources on the internet. They are specially selected and sorted into three levels of difficulty. On each page , just click on [download] under each small picture to reach the relevant page which provides the diagram or simply start the direct download. Or you can click on [video] to watch the teaching tutorial online. Note : The servers to which some of the links are pointing may undergo routine maintenance or the original path has been modified , which may cause certain links to become temporarily or permanently invlaid. In this section , the diagrams provided come from some world renowned origami designers , distinguished amateur designers and friends of mine by invitation. Note : The photo with a large white frame indicates the model in the photo is folded by the original author , while a thin one indicates it is folded by a third party and the rest are folded by me. [ TOTAL : 38 ]