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7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1)

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1)
Introduction OK, first things first. This guide is not for everyone. Who is this guide for? Developers who want to be able to design their own good-looking UI in a pinch.UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a Pentagon PowerPoint. Or UX designers who know they can sell an awesome UX better in a pretty UI package. If you went to art school or consider yourself a UI designer already, you will likely find this guide some combination of a.) boring, b.) wrong, and c.) irritating. Let me tell you what you’ll find in this guide. First, I was a UX designer with no UI skills. My portfolio looked like crap, reflecting poorly on my work and thought processMy UX consulting clients would rather buy someone’s skills if their expertise extended to more than just sketching boxes and arrowsDid I want to work for an early-stage startup at some point? I had my excuses. “I majored in engineering — it’s almost a badge ofpride to build something that looks awful.” This article is not theory.

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35 Traditional Newspaper Website Designs Newspaper website design could amaze you if you are going to study it from the viewpoint of a designer. No matter what kind of news they feature, such websites should display a large amount of contents right on their home pages. Creating the navigation, usability and layout of a newspaper website then is a great challenge for a designer. Explore Embed: provider_url provider_name Speaker Deck title 28000+ Logo Designs - Logo Templates Google, Youtube, Coca-cola, Nike, Twitter... What do all of these great companies have in common? If you guessed it’s that they all have powerfully recognizable brands, then you guessed right. A logo is a graphic mark or symbol used to identify your brand.

Vine blog – Design at Vine: Everyone needs an editor We launched Vine about two weeks ago, and we’re already amazed at how a community of creators is using the new art form. People are sharing moments in unique ways, and that makes us smile. As we share in the excitement about what you are creating, we’d like to take a step back to offer some insight into our design approach for Vine. Design With Reason: Newspaper Design and Redesign Shortly after adopting a smarter new design and spirit, these newspaper titles were sold. “Is it worth committing to a redesign if we’re thinking about putting our newspaper or magazine up for sale?” I’ve fielded this inquiry a few times in recent months and thought it would make a good blog post. UI Guidelines for mobile and tablet web app design Official user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) guidelines from the manufacturers, links to which you can find below, are a source of inspiration for mobile web and app design. Here, you will find guidelines, samples, tips, and descriptions of common mistakes. Many of the guidelines focus on native application development, but we can apply most parts of them to mobile web design too.

The Bitch Kit — Damn I Like That! It used to be such a harsh and cruel word, but I say embrace it nowadays! Say it out loud, in fact! I AM A BITCH. What’s so bad about being a bitch anyway? If you feel the same way, then you need The Bitch Kit. It includes bitch list pads, a pin, magnets and more. Share with your other bitches or keep it to yourself (the real bitchy thing to do). If your friends can take a good joke, this would make a very fun gift! How Slack has made itself an indispensable business tool When Slack launched in February, it was hardly the first chat/messaging service aimed at corporate users. But thanks to smart product decisions, the right mix of features, and good marketing, it has become one of the fastest growing. Slack now has 285,000 users per day, up from 171,000 in August. This explosive growth allowed Slack to raise a large round of financing this month at a valuation greater than $1 billion.

Newspaper Inspiration Search Results You should follow Designspiration on Twitter and Facebook for site news. — Shelby Designspiration Search Color mediumsmalllarge Discover Ads via The Deck BFG is hiring a Senior Designer in Bluffton/Hilton Head, SC Interactive Mind featured The Evolution of UX The Evolution of UX And why most of us are doing Water-Scrum-fall Eva Nudea HornerMay 18 UX is Useless

brandstiften » GUC Carpooling Student Nayera Abusteit, Graphic Design 7th semester, German University in Cairo, 2012 Type of work Armors and bullet holes In his recent The Counterintuitive World post, Kevin Drum tells the following story: Back during World War II, the RAF lost a lot of planes to German anti-aircraft fire. So they decided to armor them up. But where to put the armor? The obvious answer was to look at planes that returned from missions, count up all the bullet holes in various places, and then put extra armor in the areas that attracted the most fire.

Judges pick 5 of the World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers By Lee Steele National Post, Toronto, ON, Canada Excelsior, Mexíco City, Mexíco Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Frankfurt am Main, Germany The Grid, Toronto, ON, Canada