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Shadow to picture - PICSHADOW

Shadow to picture - PICSHADOW
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Efectos para fotos en línea, marcos para fotos en línea. LoonaPix 10K Apart | Inspire the web with just 10K. Filterrific by Jacob Seidelin A small image manipulation app in less than 10Kb using the canvas element. Doodle on the picture or mess around with a selection of filters and effects. Launch App Comments (10 ) Leave a comment Roberto Sanchez Wow, that's A LOT of functionality stuffed into just 10k. Petr Stastny Awesome piece! Howard Yeend Just stunning. whoozle Great! Ryan Corradini Amazing how much functionality you can cram in here. Jacob Seidelin Haha, yeah. ephy the trader wow, it's great voted : ***** Olivier DALET Fantastic! Morteza hey! Tian van Heerden Excellent work, Jacob! What could you build with only 10 kilobytes of code? That’s the concept behind this here 10K Apart contest, the love child of MIX Online and An Event Apart.

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