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10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos

10+ Sites To Add Amazing Effects To Your Photos
Trying to make your photos more interesting? Thinking about learning Photoshop to add some creative effects to images? How about achieving similar results by nothing more than point and click? Check out the following sites to add funny, interesting and artistic effects to your photos: Photofunia This is one of those websites that will really make you think that you really don’t need Photoshop for photo effects. Dumpr and FunPhotoBox Dumpr is another website that lets you choose the effect, upload your photo and get instant results. Mosaics and Collages If you would like to create a photo mosaic or collage, check out pixisnap and photovisi. TiltShiftMaker TiltShiftMaker allows you to transform your real life photo scenes into miniature models. Looks great on photos of city scenes, mountains where the whole aspect of the scene has been captured in the image as opposed to a single object. FotoCrib Genopal – pic2graphics It is said that color represents the mood of the photo. befunky Related:  illusions, special effects, editing

Photo Effects and Photo Editing with One Click - Tilaphos: Time-Lapse Photographs with a webcam Best Illusion. Ever. Here’s my vote for the best illusion ever. It was created by B. Pinna, G.J. Loom your head toward, and away, from the center point. Some other time I'll tell you my speculation for why it works. Mark Changizi is Director of Human Cognition at 2AI, and the author of books such as The Vision Revolution (Benbella, 2009) and Harnessed: How Language and Music Mimicked Nature and Transformed Ape to Man (Benbella, 2011). Xara graphics software Phixr - Online Photo Editor Fading Image Rollovers The principle behind fading rollovers is that you have 2 images "layered" over the top of each other. When you mouse over the image the foreground images fades from completely transparent to completely opaque (solid). In this way the user sees the background (underneath) image first and as the foreground (top) images starts to fade in it appears that the background image fades to become the top image. <--- Mouse Over Here One way to layer the images is to use absolutely position div's and actually position the images at the same x,y coordinates on the screen. A much simpler way is the method we use for all the rollover examples. IMPORTANT: The closing <td> tag must be right next to the closing bracket of the image tag otherwise you will get unexpected gaps & tiling of your images. IMPORTANT: The <img> must have a class="imgFader" property to be used as a fading rollover. There is a good reason for this. OK we now need to add the rollover JavaScript to the image in the cell.

FavIcon from Pics -- free favicon.ico for your website (animated, static, text, iPod icons) Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing Home - Art of Illusion ADL Uncompressor Image Restoration Pixenate - Edit photos online, fast and easily - No plugins required.