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Jouer sans se faire jouer : la première aventure des trois cybercochons

Jeux bonus Tes parents aussi vont sur Internet ! Sais-tu ce qu'ils font, ce qu'ils en pensent , Et vice-versa. Un jeu de questions croisées amusant pour discuter en famille de la vie en ligne de tous. Aide Vinz à ne pas rater son concert des Destroy Boy.... et passe en revue toutes tes connaissances sur les usages malins d'Internet. Publier, c'est tout un art ! Oups, Vinz et Lou se sont un peu emmmelés les photos. On doit, on devrait, on peut pas... Les Incollables® Qwant Junior dans l’App Store CNIL Juniors - Accueil Le web est un univers formidable ! Mais sais-tu qu'au pays du web comme ailleurs, il y a des pièges ? Apprends avec moi à surfer tranquille !

Be an eSafety school - eSafety label Schools have a duty to provide a secure environment and safe access to online technology as part of the teaching and learning experience. The eSafety Label aims to assist your school in meeting this challenge to become a more secure, enriching environment for staff and pupils. Good online experiences go hand-in-hand with a solid School Policy and a well thought-out eSafety Action Plan. The eSafety Label offers you an Assessment Form covering the broad range of actors who can impact, within and beyond the school walls, the level of eSafety of your institution. Based on a school's results an Action Plan is drawn up, to increase the level of eSafety, which might lead the way towards eSafety Label Accreditation, when the necessary changes have been made. Assess with Assessment Form Improve with personalised Action Plan Become a certified eSafety School Sample questions Are all of your school computers virus-protected?

Ta vie privée, c'est secret ! Version du 28 janvier 2020 1. Editeur Éditions Spéciales Play Bac est une SARL au capital de 5 000 €. 2. OVH SAS 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix - France. 3. Site développé par Éditions Spéciales Play Bac. 4. L’objectif de ce site est de permettre de tester les connaissances avec Les Incollables® sur la protection des données personnelles sur Internet. 5. Les marques Éditions Spéciales Play Bac Les marques verbales et visuelles (logos) Éditions Spéciales Play Bac sont protégées. Les marques CNIL Les marques verbales et visuelles de la CNIL- Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés sont protégées. 6. Les textes Les textes mis en ligne sur le site sont conçus par les Editions Playbac et la CNIL sauf mentions particulières. le titre associé au texte, la paternité du texte par la mention suivante: « Source : CNIL– », la date à laquelle le texte a été extrait du site : « JJ/MM/AAAA ». Les illustrations 7. 8.

An Outstanding Internet Safety Cheat Sheet for Teachers and Parents Internet is like a jungle full of predators ready to take you down anytime you give them a chance. Strolling in this jungle sometimes comes with a very high cost, a cost that is way higher when it comes to kids. Online safety issues comes at the top priorities of parents. Here is a handy cheat sheet made particularly for those of you who think they are not tech-savvy enough to carry out internet control safety planning for their kids. Gabrielle Molina: Police confirm 12-year-old girl's suicide note said she was being cyber-bullied as her sister reveals she knew about abuse but was sworn to secrecy Police confirm Gabrielle Molina left a note explaining she had been tauntedHer sister, 15, forced open a bedroom door and found her bodyClassmates teased her over her looks and because she self harmed, and put a video on the internet showing her being beaten up, friends said By Lydia Warren and Rachel Quigley Published: 15:14 GMT, 27 May 2013 | Updated: 15:14 GMT, 27 May 2013 Tragedy: Gabrielle Molina, 12, took her life after enduring relentless online bullying, family said Police have confirmed that the 12-year-old girl who was found hanging in her Queen's home last week committed suicide because she was being bullied at school. Gabrielle Molina was a seventh grader at a local middle school where her classmates would call her a slut and a whore, her family said last week. Police commissioner Raymond Kelly recently confirmed that she left behind a suicide note that referred to the bullying. Her 15-year-old sister found the young girl hanging in the bedroom they shared at their home.