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aCar - Car Management, Mileage Track fuel consumption, maintenances and costs!Track and log your mileage, fuel consumption, maintenances, services and costs of your car or motorbike and know exactly how much your car costs. FuelLog calculates a lot of useful statistics like fuel consumption and economy (e.g. mpg or l/100km) of your car or other vehicle, total cost and mileage, average cost per distance or gas amount, average cost per month, year and driven distances, expenses and a lot more. Home Dream Home - Part 4 Turn these ideas into reality and transform your house into a home. For more inspiration check our previous collection. Tutorials/Village mechanics See also: Village and Villager If you're trying to spawn golems for an iron ingot farm, or just want a few more noses to trade with in your local villager township, then you've come to the right place. Video explanation[edit | edit source] Before reading on, you may like to watch the following video which explains the mechanics of breeding villiagers.

The 5 Best Dashboard Car Mode Apps For Android Compared Want to use , but aren’t able to afford the upgrade to a brand new vehicle with an Android carputer? Fear not: a car mode app brings voice control, sat nav integration and weather information to any car, however old it might be. All you need to do is mount your phone on your dashboard and install a suitable app. Several are available, and here we’re going to compare five of them: Car Mode Ultra, Ultimate Car Dock, Car Dashdroid, InDrive: Custom Car Home, and the HTC Car app found on HTC-branded devices such as the HTC One. Comparison Criteria For Car Mode Apps In order to accurately assess these apps, I’ve opted to rate them based on the following five criteria:

Top 20 World Most Beautiful Living Spaces 03 Mar 2013 March 3, 2013 If you are browsing internet for Home Ideas, Decoration and Remodeling Tips you are on the right place. Tutorial to create an Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5 CS6 & CC Let’s say you have a folder full of images that you want to sequence together as frames in an animated GIF. You can find special programs online to do this, but with some of the new features of Adobe Photoshop, it’s quite fast and simple. Gather the images you want to animate into one folder.Click File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.

60 Fresh and Excellent Free Fonts for Your Next Design Toolkits Fonts can either make or destroy your design. So it is very important for a designer to choose and use the best font as it can either add more beauty to your work or can make your entire effort look unattractive to the viewer. To bring your design to life a designer must have enough choice to experiment with the right font, sparkling with the bold or plain colors with the properly adjusted shades. 20 of the Sneakiest Secret Doors (list) Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways are always a cool amenity to any house. Not only does provide mystery to your living quarters, but it also allows for a bit of privacy. Hidden doors and secret passageways seem to be a popular room addition since there are numerous companies on the web who specialize in such requests, like The Hidden Door Company, Creative Home Engineering and Hide A Door. Of course, you can easily get the typical hidden door in a bookcase, but we’ve found some pretty interesting ones below! 20.

Unlock PDF – Free Online PDF Password Remover From Google Drive From Dropbox To be certain that you are doing nothing illegal we need to make sure that you have the right to unlock your file. Louis C.K. Goes Off on Trump, Calls Him an "Insane Bigot" Louis C.K. is far from the first celebrity to openly condemn Donald Trump. He's not even the first person to compare Trump to Hitler. But given the man is a professional wordsmith, it's not surprising he's penned one of the most delightful Trump takedowns thus far. In a Saturday morning email blast to announce a new episode of his show, Horace and Pete, C.K. included a lengthy postscript tearing into the GOP front-runner, making yet another Hitler comparison and calling him an "insane bigot."

Refrigerators at Renwes Sales Bosch 25.9 cu.ft. french door bottom freezer. Featuring VitaFresh™ Food Preservation System with automatic humidity and temperature control keeps food fresher, longer. Multi-Flow Shower Cooling System™, for optimum, uniform cold air ... Features: 15 Stylish Fonts For Your Next Project On a recent search for a new typeface for a project I came across the free font called Anke Sans, I really loved it and added it to my collection. I wanted to also bring you some of the other fonts I came across, some of which are both free and not free to download. Hopefully some of these fonts are new to you also and may serve you well for your next project, download and enjoy! You can never have enough fonts to play with. Duma – Free Totem – Free

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