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14 Ways to Make Your Twitter Updates More Creative

14 Ways to Make Your Twitter Updates More Creative
Are you looking for creative ways to improve your Twitter updates? Do you want to spark better conversations with your followers? Coming up with interesting content ideas for tweets can be challenging for social media marketers. In this article I share 14 ways you can achieve more engagement with your Twitter audience. Find 14 ways to publish more creative Twitter updates. #1: Questions Tweet out a straightforward question that’s easy to answer and you’ll likely see a jump in engagement. When questions are short and simple, it’s easy for followers to respond because they don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about their answer or trying to fit a longer reply into 140 characters (or fewer if there’s a hashtag). Fill-in-the-blank tweets encourage engagement. Fill-in-the-blank tweets get your followers thinking and challenge to them to show their creative side. Another option is to ask followers to choose between two things. Asking fans to pick one or the other is a quick way to get retweets. Related:  CM #TwitterSocial Media

breanna rose / for bloggers : facebook apps guide After I gave my facebook a good overhaul last week, several people asked me me how to do it. So, I thought this would be a good topic to cover on my “for bloggers” column. With that said, let’s all make our facebook pages pretty. 01. * The sizes for all your space goes like this : Cover photo, 851 x 315 pixels. 02 ADD APPS Now it’s time for the fun part – apps. • TWITTER I used this app. • BLOG FEED This app via NetworkedBlogs is great for grabbing posts from your blog and housing them on facebook, too. * Please do note that the above app was free when this tutorial was written, but I’ve received numerous notes that you now have to pay. • PINTEREST The pinterest app, in contrast to others, is really really easy to set up. • INSTAGRAM I use the statigram app to install my instagram photos. • OTHERS Like I said before, there are many other options out there for you as far as apps go. 03. 04. So that’s it!

Twitter : Comment envoyer automatiquement une réponse de bienvenue en DM à vos followers Que ce soit pour des fins commerciales ou tout simplement remercier les personnes qui vous suivent, la mise en place une réponse automatique par DM à vos nouveaux followers est un moyen facile pour commencer à tisser un lien avec chacun de vos disciples. Certain services proposés sont payants ou compliqués. Dans ce tutoriel, nous utiliseront un service en ligne Gratuit et très simple à mettre en place. Inutile de nous encombrer de tout un tas d’options ou gadgets, nous cherchons uniquement à remercier ou promouvoir un produit, une adresse … par DM envoyé à nos nouveaux inscrits. Avant de commencer, si vous cherchez à mieux maitriser Twitter, nous vous conseillons les lectures suivantes : Pour obtenir régulièrement des informations, nous vous conseillons de nous suive sur Twitter @creatroyes. Comment envoyer automatiquement une réponse de bienvenue en DM Bienvenue à vos followers sur Twitter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Si malgré tout vous souhaitez utilisé cette technique, n’oubliez pas de :

How to Improve Your Tweets Using Twitter Analytics Want to get more engagement on Twitter? Did you know Twitter has a tool to help you analyze your tweets? Knowing which tweets have generated strong engagement in the past helps you craft better tweets. In this article I’ll explain how to analyze your tweets’ performance to improve your Twitter marketing. Find out how to improve your tweets using Twitter Analytics. #1: Gather Twitter Activity You don’t need to create Twitter ad campaigns to access the data in Twitter’s native analytics tool. If you have a Twitter account, then you have a Twitter ads account. The first time you log into Twitter ads, set your country and time zone. Once logged in, go over to Analytics and then scroll down and click on Tweet Activity. Once logged in, you’ll see your tweets, as well as the number of impressions, engagements, link clicks, retweets, favorites and replies over the last 28 days. Now, change the date range. Adjust the date range to view 92 days of data, the maximum allowed. #2: Export Twitter Data

#i 7 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Facebook Post Lucy Hitz Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured As your social media audience grows, a microscope is placed on the value you’re driving with your efforts. You can’t afford to be careless with the content you publish. To get a better understanding of the specific aspects that make a Facebook post successful, we culled the most pertinent data from our Simply Measured Facebook study and other industry research. Here are seven traits of successful Facebook posts from The Interbrand top 100 global brands, and other industry leading Facebook pages. 1. According to our Facebook study, visual content is the primary driver of engagement on Facebook. After photos, videos are the second most engaging content type, averaging more than 2,500 engagements per post. Brands have recognized the power of visual content: together, photos and videos account for more than 80% of brands posts. 2. It turns out, post length really does matter. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Twitter Small Business Planner: This Week in Social Media Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? Twitter Introduces New Small Business Planner: “A mobile app full of tactical guidance for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in North America, the UK and Ireland.” “Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Twitter Small Business Planner today.” Google Ads Rolls Out New Report in AdWords: This new report will show “you how your ads perform when they appear with automated extensions.” SlideShare Announces Haiku Deck for SlideShare: “SlideShare users can quickly and easily create compelling visual presentations and share them directly with [SlideShare’s] community of more than 70 million people, through a special integration with Haiku Deck.” Twitter Makes It Easier to Tweet: “You can now compose new tweets at the top of your home timeline.” New updates to follow: What do you think?

How to Use the Facebook Pages to Watch to Track Competitors Do you know what your competitors are doing on Facebook? Have you used the Facebbook Pages to Watch feature? Comparing what other Pages are doing on Facebook can give you useful information on current trends. In this article you’ll discover how to track what’s working for other pages and adapt your own Facebook tactics accordingly. Why Pages to Watch The Pages to Watch feature in Facebook Insights allows you to watch other Facebook pages so you can compare their activity, engagement and audience growth to your own. Pages to Watch is particularly handy if you want to see what’s working for your competitors or similar niche pages. You can watch any brand page on Facebook you want—you don’t even have to like the page. Most page admins won’t need to watch that many pages, but it’s nice to have one place to keep track of your top competitors or brands that inspire you. How to Set Up Pages to Watch To find the Pages to Watch feature, go Insights and click on Overview. Spot Tactic Trends Over to You

3 outils pour publier des tweets de plus de 140 caractères Twitter impose de ne pas dépasser le format de 140 caractères lorsque l’on publie un tweet. Voici trois outils en ligne gratuits qui vont vous permettre de vous affranchir au besoin de cette contrainte. Ils fonctionnent tous les trois sur le même principe en vous offrant la possibilité d’écrire au long. L’outil va ensuite découper votre prose et non plus publier un tweet mais plusieurs d’affilé. Au passage cela permet donc de publier des tweets en rafale ou de déclencher une « tempête de tweets ». A utiliser bien sûr avec discernement, tout abus risque d’être moyennement apprécié pas la communauté de vos followers. Little Pork Shop Little Pork Shop, je l’ai présenté il y a quelque temps de cela sur Allweb2, permet de faire une rafale de tweets avec un texte trop long. WriteRack WriteRack fonctionne quasiment de la même manière que le précédent pour un même usage principal : vous affranchir de la limite de 140 caractères imposée par Twitter lorsque vous rédigez un tweet. Tall Tweets

Followers: Quality Trumps Quantity. Here's Why There's a grand misperception among business owners and social media users that follower counts are extremely important. Too much talk and emphasis is placed on how so-and-so has one million followers. The reality is that after a point, none of that matters. It's true that a new business Twitter account that has zero followers is both unimpressive and ineffective, but once you've picked up some followers, it's highly unlikely that anyone else would care how many you have. What it boils down to is this: as a potential customer, am I going to choose to do business with you because you have ten thousand followers on Twitter? Does that matter to me? But since that perception is there, many business owners and social media users will try to take shortcuts to getting more and more followers to their respective platforms, particularly Twitter and Google+. And it doesn't work. And what does all of that get you in the end? For example, here are a couple of random tweets that I noticed recently:

Comment le Community Manager peut-il intégrer Google Business dans sa stratégie social-média Google My Business a remplacé Google+ Local depuis quelques mois. L’objectif de cet outil complètement intégré au réseau social du géant américain est d’offrir aux commerces de proximité une meilleure visibilité dans le moteur de recherche. C’est également une alternative aux entreprises qui n’ont pas de site internet et l’occasion également d’améliorer son SEO pour celles qui en ont déjà un. Par conséquent, beaucoup de magasins, restaurants, hôtels ou épiceries ont saisi l’occasion d’amplifier leur visibilité. En effet, telle une page Facebook ou un compte Twitter, une page sur Google My Business s’anime, promeut les produits et services et sert aussi de levier de fidélisation. Pour vous permettre de mieux appréhender cet outil, afin de propulser votre référencement local et d’amplifier votre stratégie social-média, effectuons un petit tour d’horizon des fonctionnalités de Google My Business. Google My Business, l’outil de votre visibilité locale Une vitrine de votre activité

How to Use Twitter Campaign Reports to Improve Your Twitter Ads Are you using Twitter advertising to promote your business? Would you like to improve your advertising on Twitter? Twitter’s new campaign reports help you understand how users engage with your paid content. In this article you’ll discover how to navigate the Twitter Ads reporting platform to obtain quality insights about your target audience. Why Use Campaign Reports? Effective advertising goes beyond the actual marketing campaign. Twitter advertising has an excellent campaign analytics tool that’s easy to use, regardless of your experience with Twitter Ads. Find out how to use Twitter Campaign Reports. Some of the benefits include: Multiple data breakdown for extensive analysisReport segmentationMetrics clustered in groups for easy readingInteractive trend chart Here’s a guided tour of the Twitter Ad Reporting platform. #1: Navigate the Main Dashboard Twitter’s campaign report dashboard displays automatically when you log into your advertising account. Chart Area Detailed Reports Audience Segments

3 Tools to Better Manage Your Blogging Editorial Calendar Have you tried using a blog editorial calendar? Do you have a central place to track blog topic ideas, manage writers and schedule publish dates? Blogging is much easier when you have your content planned out. In this article I’ll share three editorial calendar tools that help you deliver better content in less time. What Is a Blog Editorial Calendar? A blog editorial calendar shows you all of your blog posts and where they are in the production process. Use an editorial calendar tool to organize, track and plan your blog content. Blog editorial calendars are especially useful if you’re working with a team of writers. There are a variety of editorial calendar tools at your disposal. #1: Customize Editorial Management Edit Flow is a free plugin that allows you to create and manage your editorial calendar within WordPress. With Edit Flow, you can quickly view a snapshot of your planned content month-by-month and reorganize as necessary with the drag-and-drop feature. #2: Include Social Sharing

Collage Photos sur Twitter: 10 Exemples de Marques Depuis mars 2014, les marques peuvent utiliser une fonctionnalité Twitter qui leur permet d’uploader une série d’images (jusqu’à 4 images) afin de créer automatiquement un collage. L’occasion pour nous de découvrir ci-dessous l’exemple de 10 marques qui ont recours au collage de photos sur Twitter (sans ordre particulier d’affichage). Note: Si vous connaissez d’autres exemples de marques, n’hésitez pas à indiquer l’URL dans les commentaires. #1. #2. #3. itelefoot #4. #5. #6. avecleXV #7. #8. #9. #10.