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Free Tarot Card Readings The Art of Non-Conformity Brain Training, Brain Exercise, Brain Fitness by Brain Training 101 zenhabits 10 Wise Choices to Skyrocket Your Happiness “The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.” – Thich Nhat Hanh Who doesn’t want to be happy? Just take a look at any moment of your life, any choice you make. By happiness, I don’t necessarily mean the pollyanna, silly-smile-on-your-face kind. Somehow true happiness eludes us, and here’s why. Happiness is absolutely within your reach. 1. Don’t blame others, turn yourself into a victim, or wait for someone to come and save you. 2. Be willing, open, courageous, and humble. 3. Nothing kills happiness more quickly than old hurts, resentments, and grudges. 4. The cause of unhappiness is the playing out of conditioned habits that don’t serve you. 5. We unknowingly build our lives around distorted beliefs and expectations. 6. Happiness is found here, in the eternal now – not in the past or future. 7. Life becomes heavy and burdensome when we are ruled by difficult emotions. 8. Shed every thought, emotion, and habit that no longer serves you.

fitskitz Iso-Tones - Miscellaneous Here you can find tones that do not fit into any of the other three categories. This section includes sessions designed to help with sleep, alertness, mental performance, pain relief and much more. To download tones right-click and choose "Save Link As", otherwise they will open in QuickTime within your browser by default. 14 Hz - The name is a perfect explanation, a 10-minute tone designed to bring your brain to 14 Hz, a state in which the brain is awake and alert. Acne Treatment - This session uses frequencies for oxygenation of cells, improved circulation, healing and balance with the aim of promoting clear, healthy skin. 36 minutes long. Female Health - This 35-minute session is designed to support healthy menstruation and alleviate symptoms of PMS. Kidney Support - This 30-minute experimental session uses various frequencies associated with the kidneys and healing to promote healthy kidney function. Void - This 20-minute tone slowly entrains the brain to a "void-like" state.

How Keeping Things Simple Makes You A Productive Entrepreneur Running your own business is a complicated affair; making it successful can be even more complicated. If you don’t have a plan to be productive and keep focused, the details that you are responsible for can quickly overwhelm you. In fact, one of the biggest failings of new entrepreneurs is to get so caught up in an avalanche of unimportant details that more important priorities get left unattended on the table. What can you do to be a productive entrepreneur, focused on what really matters? Get up early, so that you don’t lose those most productive early hours. Start your day with a bang. here is some great advice from some highly productive people: Work fast – don’t waste time with the many distractions waiting to tempt you. Think faster, too. Original source – Funders and Founders

You Become What You Pretend to Be 0Share Synopsis Your attitude influences your behavior, and, conversely, your behavior influences your attitude. Our attitudes influence our behavior. Michelangelo believed he was the greatest artist in the world and could create masterpieces using any medium. Michelangelo accepted the commission. And it's also true that our behavior influences our attitudes. The great surrealist artist Salvador Dali was described by his fellow students at the Madrid art academy as "morbidly" shy according to his biographer Ian Gibson. The Greek philosopher Diogenes was once noticed begging from a statue. The Secret of Mona Lisa's Smile Think, for a moment, about social occasions-visits, dates, dinners out with friends, gatherings, birthday parties, weddings, etc. Leonardo da Vinci also observed that it's no mystery why it is fun to be around happy people and depressing to be around depressed people. Even Facial Expressions Can Change Your Emotions Hold this expression and you will generate anger.