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Dolls Gone Wild and Playing… Doctor - Smashing Picture  Much ink has been spilled about the Barbie doll and its effect on the impressionable young girls who adore it. They’re said to foster the wafer-thin ideal body type and impact on body image later on in life. Somewhere on the fringes of all this talk, apart from all the scientific studies, is a photographic one carried out by Mariel Clayton, who takes a more easy-going approach to all the doom-and-gloom chatter. Check back for more after these gloriously cheeky scenes from the “puppeteer,” whose flights of fancy often have Barbie totally morphed into a binging, crazed, psychopath / murderess / dominatrix etc.! Clayton, a self-taught photographer, uses the “damn funny medium,” aka playing with dolls and snapping them in poses suggestive of grown-up activities, to convey the destructive power inherent in our beautiful, innocent, childhood companions. Or, indeed, in the life we breathe into these Barbies when making them act out our own imaginings.

Une Bobine - For People Who Love iPhone... and Android by Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken Une Bobine - For iPhone (24 inches / 60 cm)Une Bobine - Micro|USB (24 inches / 60 cm)Petite Bobine - For iPhone (12 inches / 30 cm)Petite Bobine - Micro|USB (12 inches / 30 cm) All reward levels have the choice of version(s). After the project is complete, we will send a survey for you to make your choice and provide your shipping address. We have announced Une Bobine - Micro|USB for Android devices and Petite Bobine, a 12 inch version to complement the 24 inch Une Bobine. Every pledge level will have complete choice of which versions you want.Because project funding has hit our stretch goal of $90,000, all Bobines will include a 3 foot USB Extension Cable at no charge! 30 Clever and Cool T-Shirt Designs You Will Love 2116 shares Adobe Illustrator CS6 Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Illustrator is a very important tool for designers and creative professionals.

AIRbudz by Tammy Erdel Hi! Thank you for checking out... Check out these youtube videos!!! See a handful of reasons why you might want or need AIRbudz: Popular The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances. A comic about a glorious undersea creature. 20 years ago today my house burned down, so I wrote a comic about it My dog: the paradox How to suck at your religion An ode to the father of the electric age. I created a better curriculum for high school seniors. A tribute to rooster sauce. A kitty tries to outperform a solid internet connection. Bento Laptop Tablet Hybrid by René Woo-Ram Lee & Yanko Design Bento is quite an exceptional and forward thinking concept by René Woo-Ram Lee. It’s quite a plausible scenario that most of use/own a tablet, a PC, external hard drives and a smartphone. Now combine the power of these to have fully customizable Bento Laptop! The Box accommodates all the gear to work as one whole unit or individually; as you see fit. Features Laptop with 15″ OLED screen11″ tablet and 4″ phone sit in shallow depressionsSolar powered lithium-ion battery1TB SSD drive

Tesla - Master of Lightning: A Weapon to End War Tesla inherited from his father a deep hatred of war. Throughout his life, he sought a technological way to end warfare. He thought that war could be converted into, "a mere spectacle of machines." In 1931 Tesla announced to reporters at a press conference that he was on the verge of discovering an entirely new source of energy. Asked to explain the nature of the power, he replied, "The idea first came upon me as a tremendous shock... iNecklace The iNecklace is tasteful — and open source. This machined aluminum pendant with a subtle, pulsating LED can be hacked or modified. The necklace pendant, by Adafruit, is CNC machined from the finest 6 series aluminum for durability and beauty, and has a "screw in backing" that allows easy access to the battery using a coin. Each pendant contains a circuit board with pulsating LED and battery. The pendant comes strung on a 18" long sterling silver 1.6mm diamond-cut curb chain that has been treated to inhibit tarnishing.

eMagazine - Part 12 Welcome to Hotel-anus. Yes, anus. In fact, the hotel is so named because it resembles the human colon. Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design by Maria Popova The much-awaited monumental monograph of the greatest graphic designer of all time. Saul Bass (1920-1996) is one of the most iconic and influential visual communicators of the 20th century — possibly the most famous graphic designer of all time — having broken out of the conformity of the 1950s to shape the aesthetic of generations of designers and animators with his bold and lively film title sequences and graphic design. (His insights on creativity and advice on doing quality work are also a timeless treat for any creator.)