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Bionic Bird

Bionic Bird
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Zowi, le robot dédié à l'éducation et à l'éveil des enfants à la technologie  Android MT Lors de du BQ Open Day, l’entreprise espagnole a dévoilé aussi son petit robot destiné aux enfants pour les aider à s’éveiller à la technologie et s’essayer à la programmation. Ce petit robot Zowi est un petit compagnon qui arrivera d’ici la fin de l’année en Espagne et en 2016 en France pour 99,90 euros. C’est notre petit coup de cœur lors de la conférence. Zowi est un robot qui a la même vocation que Nao, mais avec un coût et des capacités moindres. Cela ne l’empêche pas d’être accessible et de convenir à des enfants jeunes qui s’intéressent aux robots ou à la technologie. Via un ordinateur ou un smartphone, il est possible de programmer Zowi afin de lui faire réaliser des actions. Enfin, pour un enfant, le robot se met à son niveau et lui propose différents challenges pour l’inciter à en découvrir plus. Zowi est équipé de nombreux capteurs et il peut même tirer la langue. Vous pouvez voir dans cette vidéo prise à la conférence, ce que Zowi peut faire avec un peu de programmation :

eMotionButterflies | Festo Corporate Flying is a recurring theme in the Bionic Learning Network. The developers channelled their knowledge gained from the projects on the BionicOpter and the eMotionSpheres into the bionic butterflies. They combine the ultralight construction of artificial insects with coordinated flying behaviour in a collective. Ten cameras installed in the room record the butterflies using their infrared markers. The cameras transmit the position data to a central master computer, which coordinates the butterflies from outside. The intelligent networking system creates a guidance and monitoring system, which could be used in the networked factory of the future. With the butterflies themselves, Festo is taking another step into the areas of miniaturisation, lightweight construction and functional integration.

Baltimore Oriole (east) — Celebrate Urban Birds Habitat On their breeding grounds in eastern and east-central North America, you’ll most often find Baltimore Orioles high in leafy deciduous trees, but not in deep forests; they prefer open woodland, forest edge, river banks, and small groves of trees. They also forage for insects and fruits in brush and shrubbery. Food Baltimore Orioles eat insects, fruit, and nectar. Behavior Baltimore Orioles are agile feeders that comb the high branches of trees in search of insects, flowers and fruit. Nesting Baltimore Orioles build remarkable, sock-like hanging nests, woven together from slender fibers.

Unleash the power of Apple in the classroom Measure the status of your devices and receive detailed reports. Accurate inventory is the foundation for any IT management system. In education, where devices are in the hands of on-the-move students, and managing content on each device is imperative — inventory is key to any technology initiative’s success. The Casper Suite is a full client management tool built to support the underlying architecture of iOS and OS X. It gives IT administrators the flexibility to automatically gather inventory data, so they can get a big-picture view of devices in their environment, see status information, and make wise decisions about hardware and software deployment. And with new Apple operating systems every fall, learn how to use the Casper Suite's inventory capabilities to seamlessly upgrade to OS X El Capitan and iOS 9.

Starter Kit Arduino Le Starter Kit Arduino est un kit didactique qui permet de découvrir les bases de l'électronique, la robotique et la programmation sous Arduino. Ce Starter Kit Arduino a été conçu par des professionnels de l’électronique, il est clairement LE meilleur pack pour s’initier à la robotique, aussi bien au niveau du prix, que du contenu. Il est idéal pour des débutants ou pour une classe qui souhaiteraient se lancer dans la robotique puisque ce kit contient tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour débuter ! Il est composé d’une carte Arduino UNO avec plus de 200 composants usuels (capteurs, afficheur LCD, moteur DC, servomoteur, LEDs…). Mais son véritable atout réside dans le manuel didactique très complet en français, où sont décrits 15 projets permettant de progresser étape par étape en réalisant des montages simples puis en expérimentant facilement des montages plus complexes. Pour acheter le Starter kit Arduino sur TXRobotic Niveau : Secondaire

Video: Watch Harvard’s Teeny-Tiny Robotic Insect Take Flight | Danger Room It’s about the size of a quarter. Its translucent wings flap a frantic 120 times per second. Its buzz involuntarily makes you aware of the hairs on the back of your neck. It’s a robot. The video above shows the RoboBee. Harvard scientists have been working for a decade on the design, inspired by the biology of a fly (never mind the name). Shrinking a flying robot is harder than it might seem. The idea is to use the teeny-tiny robot for missions like environmental monitoring, crop pollination or search-and-rescue operations, making the Bee a host body for teeny-tiny cameras. Manufacturing challenges remain. But in a press release, the manufacturers set out high expectations for the next phases of the RoboBee project. “Flies perform some of the most amazing aerobatics in nature using only tiny brains,” said Sawyer B. Go Back to Top.

New Gouldian finch population found in Kimberley THE RARE AND BEAUTIFUL Gouldian finch is hardly ever seen on the Dampier Peninsula in the western Kimberley, but indigenous rangers have now found a population of the birds breeding there. The Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae) was once common in the savannah woodlands across northern Australia, but numbers have dwindled in the past 50 years. The 2500 or so remaining are mostly scattered in the eastern Kimberley around Wyndham, and in parts of the Northern Territory and northern Queensland. Not a transient population Trevor Sampi an indigenous ranger with the Bardi Jawi people says that locals had reported seeing the brightly-coloured birds, but it wasn't until he went to do fieldwork in the bush that he saw them for himself. "We sighted the Gouldian finches a couple of weeks ago whilst undertaking weed control and decided we needed to have a concerted look in areas that we knew they had been seen before by our old people," he says. Threats to birds Improvements in finch numbers

8 things every teacher can do to create an innovative classroom Innovation can’t be tested or graded — but it can be built up Innovation is a trait that I desperately want to instill in my students, and many teachers I talk to seem to share that goal. In the current climate of high stakes testing, state standards, and prescribed learning outcomes, it can be incredibly difficult to foster an atmosphere of innovation and creativity that inspires students. But rest assured, it is possible. Here, I outline eight basic principles for the “Innovative Classroom,” around which I designed a middle school course called Physical Computing. Some of the projects and tools are specific to that course, but I think the fundamental ideas could be applied to almost any course at any level. Give students a problem that is both interesting and authentic.

Robot dessinateur en kit mDrawBot Ce robot dessinateur en kit permet d'assembler 4 robots différents : mScara, ce robot s'apparente à un bras robotisé capable de faire des dessins ou de dessiner des figures au moyen d'un stylomSpider, comme son nom l'indique, ce robot va devenir une véritable araignée, en modifiant certains éléments mécaniques, il sera possible de dessiner de grandes figuresmEggBot, ce robot sera capable de dessiner sur des œufs ou encore des balles de ping-pongmCar, cette dernière version est un dessinateur mobile (sur roues), il sera donc capable de dessiner des figures au sol tout en roulant Deux modes de programmation s’offrent à vous, quelle que soit la version assemblée, le robot pourra directement exécuter des ordres transmis par le logiciel mDraw (fourni), mais ce kit de robotique est également compatible Arduino, ce qui permet de développer ses propres programmes dans cet environnement open source. Pour acheter le robot dessinateur mDrawBot sur TXRobotic Niveau : Secondaire