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Cool Tools to Help Kids Learn to Code

Cool Tools to Help Kids Learn to Code
When your kid starts talking about loops, go-to commands, and branches, it probably means she's learning to code, and that's a very good thing. In a technology-fueled world, coding is quickly becoming a prized, 21st-century skill. Plus, it encourages kids to become creators, not just consumers, of the technology they use. Coding apps come in a range of formats designed for different ages and abilities. They often incorporate bright colors, cute characters, and elements of game design to appeal to kids. Whatever your kid's level, there's a tool that will get her behind the computer curtain to actually create content. Younger Kids The Foos: Code for an Hour FREE. 5+ Story-based coding game has kids play through increasingly challenging levels. Kodable Pro. 6+ Solid beginner game that introduces coding concepts and has lots of parent resources. ScratchJr. 6+ Kids drag and drop blocks of code, snap them together, and watch them work. Older Kids

Kodable Teach Your Kids to Code: 6 Beginner's Resources for Parents Introducing computer programming to your kids can be a challenge, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the nuances of code. Fortunately, in the last few years, a number of apps, software, and guides have been produced that make the often-complex subject of computer coding easy to grasp for young learners. So where to begin? Programming Tutorials From Made With Code by Google: Google's Made With Code project has a mission of encouraging girls to pursue careers in computer science. Inspiring Articles About Kids Learning to Code Still looking for some ideas? Bee-Bot Home Page Programming Foundations: Programming for Kids Updated Released Kids are naturally excited about building, whether it's building blocks or building rockets. Programming can be just as much fun. And the skills kids gain programming can help them feel accomplished, while giving them a head start in our fast-paced digital world. Topics include: Understanding your child's learning style Graphical programming on iPads and computers Making things move Learning about algorithms Programming animations, apps, and games Learning JavaScript and other core languages Programming virtual and real robots Programming hardware: Arduino and Raspberry Pi Skill Level Beginner 2h 8m Duration Views Show More Show Less Q: This course was updated on 11/10/2014. A: We updated the "Programming Android apps: MIT App Inventor" video to incorporate new device footage, so you can see how the app performs on an Android phone. Continue Assessment You started this assessment previously and didn't complete it.

KIBO | KinderLab Robotics What is KIBO? KIBO is a robot kit specifically designed for young children aged 4-7 years old. With KIBO, children build, program, decorate and bring their own robot to life! STEAM learning with KIBO is fun, imaginative and easy. Imagine and Create with KIBO Young children learn by doing. KIBO serves as an open platform designed for kids to imagine and create their own robot. Which KIBO is Right for Me? For Educational Institutions KIBO 18 & KIBO 21 are available in various Classroom Packages, which includes our Curriculum Materials. Learn More Request Demo Order Today! For Individuals KIBO is available in 4 different robot kits ($229, $359, $399 and $499). Learn More Order Today! KIBO – Backed by Decades of Research KIBO is backed by decades of research, led by Marina Umaschi Bers, PhD. professor at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development and director DevTech Research Group at Tufts University. How KIBO is Different

Teaching Kids to Code | EdSurge Guides Every era demands—and rewards—different skills. In different times and different places, we have taught our children to grow vegetables, build a house, forge a sword or blow a delicate glass, bake bread, create a soufflé, write a story or shoot hoops. Now we are teaching them to code. We are teaching them to code, however, not so much as an end in itself but because our world has morphed: so many of the things we once did with elements such as fire and iron, or tools such as pencil and paper, are now wrought in code. We are teaching coding to help our kids craft their future. In this collection we share many different perspectives on coding, from a university professor's vantage point (MIT's Mitch Resnick describes why learning to code is like learning to learn) to an entrepreneur's reflections from his cross-country roadtrip to bring coding—and his stuffed dog—to classrooms across the U.S. We should always teach children to bake bread, feed the goats and wield a hammer. Wanna Get Serious?

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10 places where anyone can learn to code Teens, tweens and kids are often referred to as “digital natives.” Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they’re often extraordinarily adept at interacting with digital technology. But Mitch Resnick, who spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet, is skeptical of this descriptor. Sure, young people can text and chat and play games, he says, “but that doesn’t really make you fluent.” Mitch Resnick: Let's teach kids to code Fluency, Resnick proposes in this TED Talk, comes not through interacting with new technologies, but through creating them. The former is like reading, while the latter is like writing. The point isn’t to create a generation of programmers, Resnick argues. In his talk, Resnick describes Scratch, the programming software that he and a research group at MIT Media Lab developed to allow people to easily create and share their own interactive games and animations. While we’re at it: bonus!

Coding for Kids & Kids Coding Classes | Sylvan Learning We're here for you every step of the academic journey If you don't live in the US or Canada, click here Find a location and view schedules Looking for one of the hottest after-school programs around? In Coding for Kids, your son or daughter will have a blast creating video games, animated stories and bringing their imaginations to life. How Coding for Kids works Kids work with our advanced technology platform that’s intuitive and easy to use (no writing lines and lines of code here!) During each session, your son or daughter: Learns how to create characters, animations, sounds and special effects using our intuitive, kid-friendly Tynker™ technology. At the end of each coding class, your child enjoys a wrap-up activity to reinforce the skills he or she learned that day. Where we offer Coding for Kids Coding for Kids programs are available in our centers nationwide! find a location near me/locations

Should your kids learn to code? | Gaby Hinsliff | News Behind the sliding glass door of Makers Academy in Shoreditch, east London, one afternoon in early October, an inhouse yoga teacher was leading a group of casually dressed young men and women in an afternoon meditation. With its ping-pong table, hammock and stash of Nerf guns, Makers looks like every digital startup cliche. But it is a coding bootcamp, where adults who want to change careers pay £8,000 for a three-month crash course that promises to equip them for jobs in a digital world. Only half-joking, many refer to it as “Oxbridge meets the Royal Marines for developers”. Nine out of 10 applicants are rejected – the academy’s profit comes from a levy on employers who hire its students, so it takes only those considered employable. Anyone who is judged not to be working hard enough is ejected in the first few weeks, which culls about another fifth. “Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” “‘How do you make toast?’

Coding with Kids - Begin your Coding Journey Coding with Kids - About Us At Coding with Kids we teach computer programming to students in grades K-12. We offer after-school enrichment classes, evening classes in education centers, camps and Kid's Code-a-thons. Our multi-year curriculum takes students from the beginnings of computer science to the master-ship of software development. We are looking for smart, self-driven instructors, managers, and program coordinators to join our team and help us build and deliver great computer science education program for kids. Open Positions Leadership positionsTeaching positions Available Locations ConnecticutFairfield County New YorkWestchester County TexasAustinDallas / Ft. WashingtonGreater SeattleTacomaOlympia Lead Instructor Coding with Kids is looking for instructors to join our team on a part-time basis. As an instructor, you would teach either our after-school classes, our evening classes or camps. The ideal candidate has both experience working with elementary school children and has basic knowledge of programming.

7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills It's hard to imagine a single career that doesn't have a need for someone who can code. Everything that "just works" has some type of code that makes it run. Coding (a.k.a. programming) is all around us. That's why all the cool kids are coding . . . or should be. Programming is not just the province of pale twenty-somethings in skinny jeans, hunched over three monitors, swigging Red Bull. Not any more! If you're concerned that that a) elementary school students don't have the ability to code, b) there's no room in the curriculum, and c) you don't possess coding chops to teach programming skills, throw out those worries. In no particular order, we have listed all the coding apps that are appropriate for young learners. GameStar Mechanic Platform: WebCost: $2 per student GameStar Mechanic teaches kids, ages 7-14, to design their own video games. Scratch Platform: WebCost: Free! Tynker Platform: WebCost: Free! Move the Turtle Hopscotch Platform: iPadCost: Free! Daisy the Dinosaur Cargo-Bot

Coding for Kids: Free Websites That Teach Kids Programming | MommyPoppins - Things to do in New York City with Kids As technology dominates our lives, learning basic computer programming isn't just a smart idea, it's an essential skill for grown-ups and children alike. Learning how to build simple websites and games helps kids refine their design, logic and problem-solving abilities. It also allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways. There are a number of FREE websites that teach children how to play around with code. We've rounded up a dozen of our favorites. Sign up for our FREE newsletters to get posts like this delivered to your inbox. Prices are as of January 2016. This nonprofit foundation website is a great starting point for coding novices. CodeAcademy This interactive website is user-friendly and teaches kids basic code through fun and simple exercises that feel like games. Code Avengers While Code Avengers lacks the eye-catching graphics of other options, it does offer a series of free intro classes in building web pages, apps and games. Hackety Hack!