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Dashboards by Keen IO

Dashboards by Keen IO
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Marqueed Twitter Mapping: Foundations Twitter’s Data Editor Highlights Challenges and Possibilities With more than 500 million tweets sent every day, Twitter data as a whole can seem huge and unimaginable, like cramming the contents of the Library of Congress into your living room. One way of trying to make that big data understandable is by making it smaller and easier to handle by giving it context; by putting it on a map. We Tweet As We Live This map by @miguelrios shows billions of those geotagged tweets on a map. Everyday Moments Get Amplified by Tweets Sunrise around the world In the past, you may have turned to a friend and said “what a beautiful sunrise.” You can see it too with this map, which shows tweets of “happy new year” in different languages across the world as the clock strikes 12. Some of these everyday moments are eternal—like sunrise, obviously. Geography Tells Its Own Story If you read the reports of the #BringBackOurGirls story, then you could assume the hashtag was started in the US or Europe.

Comment ne pas se laisser dévorer par la veille techno ? L'obsolescence des compétences est l'un des dangers qui guettent le vaillant travailleur du Web. Notre domaine d'activité évolue tellement vite, tant au niveau des outils, des méthodes, des pratiques, des technologies… que rester à la page est un défi permanent. Si, fraîchement émoulu de son école, notre jeune Webie·ne se lancera à corps perdu dans l'apprentissage du x-ième framework Javascript avec un enthousiasme toujours renouvelé, le senior finira peut-être par ressentir ennui et lassitude face à la répétitivité de la chose. Comment prendre de la distance avec sa veille techno sans pour autant se laisser distancer par le Web ? Denver, le dernier dinosaure du Web N'avons nous pas tous déjà rencontré l'un ou l'une de ces vieux schnocks tellement engoncé dans ses vieilles habitudes, ses vieux outils, ses vieilles méthodes, qu'il est devenu incapable d'apporter la moindre contribution utile à un projet moderne ? Bref ! Fast and furious veille techno Une nuit, j'ai fait un cauchemar.

VISUALIZING MATHS & PHYSICS ParticipateDB In 1760, some fifteen hundred enslaved black men and women— perhaps fewer but probably many more— took advantage of Britain’s Seven Year’s War against France and Spain, to stage a massive uprising in Jamaica, which began on April 7 in the windward parish of St. Mary’s and continued in the leeward parishes until October of the next year. Over the course of eighteen months the rebels killed as many as sixty whites and destroyed many thousands of pounds worth of property. Long was convinced that the rebellion was the culmination of an island-wide plot by Coromantee compatriots from the Gold Coast of West Africa who hoped to conquer the colony and create a series of principalities “in the African mode.” Mapping the revolt and its suppression illustrates something that is difficult to glean from simply reading the textual sources. St. The initial revolt in St. Westmoreland Revolt, May 26, 1760 On May 25, not long after the suppression of the uprising in St. Simon's March, September 1760 Notes

wentin/underlineJS Interactive Data Visualization for the Web Copyright © 2013 Scott Murray Printed in the United States of America. O’Reilly books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales promotional use. Online editions are also available for most titles ( Nutshell Handbook, the Nutshell Handbook logo, the cover image, and the O’Reilly logo are registered trademarks of O’Reilly Media, Inc. Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher and author assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

Six billion tweets Formation Performances web - Alsacréations Accélérez l'affichage de vos sites web ! Public Cette formation de deux journées s'adresse aux responsables de sites et chefs de projets web souhaitant améliorer les temps de chargement des pages et des ressources dans le but d'accroître la visibilité et de favoriser le référencement. Objectifs Comprendre les enjeux de la performance web, pouvoir effectuer des tests et diagnostics fiables, accélérer le chargement des ressources à la fois du côté serveur et du côté client. Pré-requis Avoir de bonnes bases en langages HTML, CSS et JavaScript. Programme de la première journée : Introduction Performance et business Seulement un problème technique ? Programme de la deuxième journée : Testez vos connaissances ! Evaluez votre niveau vis à vis de cette formation, à l'aide de notre mini questionnaire dédié. Avez-vous de bonne connaissances en HTML, CSS et JavaScript ? Vous aurez besoin de toutes ces notions et bien d'autres pour suivre cette formation.

Tableau Picasso » Blog 636 - Painted Ships on Painted Oceans: an Accidental Map of the Doldrums | Big Think | Strange Maps Take millions of data points, each one a geolocated entry plucked from a digitised collection of 18th- and 19th-century ships’ logs (1), pin them all on a blank canvas, and you get this extraordinary world map. This map may have been featureless to begin with, yet we can clearly discern the contours of the continents. That is the cumulative effect of significant numbers of coast-hugging vessels, generating enough data points to reveal the length and breadth of the land. But some contours are notably absent: the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the eastern half of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the northern shores of Siberia, Canada and Australia. Too few ships (or at least too few ships with log books) plied those waters back then. The most striking feature of the map, however, are the broad bands of traffic moving across the high seas. The centre of gravity for global maritime commerce clearly is the east coast of North America (3). But there’s also something else going on in the Pacific.