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The Steampunk Empire - The Crossroads of the Aether

The Steampunk Empire - The Crossroads of the Aether
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The Aetheric Calliope Beyond Victoriana | A Multicultural Perspective on Steampunk Steampunk gun Hey, this is a prop for my steampunk costume that I'm working on in stages. I already posted the goggles here and I won't post anything else until it's all done. I just wanted to go ahead and show the gun, because I'm really proud of it, even though there are tons of guns like it posted all over the rest of the internet. Here it is: And here it is before, sitting on our old really ugly kitchen table that has since been replaced: So, yeah, basically I repainted a Nerf gun. There's lots of different kind of paint on it: base coat of black spray paint, then copper spray paint, gold and silver paint pens, metallic sharpies, metallic acrylics, and watered down black acrylic to make it look old and dirty.

The Steampunk Workshop Gadgets | Steampunk Costume - Page 4 Steampunk enthusiast, Sangdrax, just posted a video of his monocle project. Very cool, such amazing details. Plus, the gears are battery powered, how cool is that? He’s putting these together for an upcoming con. Wouldn’t you like to take a ride on this steampunk Segway? This steampunk “Legway” was made by bdring, who posted a nice tutorial on A self balancing, human powered, steampunk styled, Segway. This is very, very classy. This steampunk rifle not only looks gorgeous, but it actually works! It’s for sale on Ebay and the current bid is $250.00. Fashioned from copper, brass, antique pine and assorted lamp parts. Here’s a video of the steampunk gun in action. [Macabre151 via BoingBoing] Wow, check out this really cool mechanical steampunk hand! Using wires that will connect to rings on his fingers, the hand can open and close fairly realisticly. Check out these incredible steampunk guitars! [via WebUrbanist] Wow, this steampunk iPhone case looks seriously awesome.

How to draw Steampunk Machines There are a variety of different types of steam engines. They basically are just pistons in which steam pushes, and in a variety of ways via linkages, all end up with an axle spinning in a circular motion. Some steam engines can be reversed. There are three ways that this can work: 1) Engine can be reserved by linkages to change how the steam is piped in by a Stephenson's linkage, which usually looks like some sort of lever, complex looking linkages, with an arc piece that guides the lever. 2) For double cylinders, a valve can reverse the direction of the steam flow, and therefore the engine runs backwards. 3) clutch driven, the engines only runs in one direction, but with the use of gears, the drive shaft can be reversed. Flywheel This is usually a large heavy wheel, and it does have a purpose. Oiler/ displacement lubricator These things are just what it sounds like, they lubricate. Governor Cool looking device.... usually 2 spinning balls powered by the main shaft of the engine. Gauges

Aliette de Bodard » Blog Archive » Aztec steampunk So, I’ve recently noticed I started writing Aztec steampunk (“Memories in Bronze, Feathers and Blood”, up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, “Age of Miracles, Age of Wonders” forthcoming in Interzone, and “Prayers of Forges and Furnaces”, which I haven’t sold yet). I’ve had several people mentioning how it’s a bit odd to be mixing Aztecs with the steampunk aesthetic, and that set me wondering about where I was coming from when I was writing that kind of stuff. Insofar as I can express it, it goes like this. Those steampunk stories I’ve read (and I’ll say right here and now that I haven’t read that many of them and don’t consider myself a steampunk expert, not by a large margin) derive a strong appeal as sensaofwunda stories with a retro feel: you have goggles and all sort of tech from dirigibles to odd-shaped machines involving steam and brass; there are explorers and archaelogists, wealthy spinsters and anarchists, mechanical men and proto-computers. I’m not criticising.

Steampunk Rocketeer costume, plus BF's Rorschach. More pics soon. - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS This year, my first idea for a costume was to be a post-apocalyptic survivor, but I decided this would be too obscure for people to understand, plus I picked up some items on a shopping trip that make me change my mind to... a steampunk rocketeer! First off, the jetpack. I assembled and painted most of it the day of Hallowe'en (very late for me) out of four two-litre Coke bottles, some scrap cardboard, bottle caps, a dismantled computer joystick and shower head, and some gears from vintage traveling alarm clocks. I put it all together with a little papier mache and lot of masking tape, hot glue, and spray paint. I was pretty much inhaling those fumes for about 12 hours. BTW, that is my boyfriend as Rorschach, and my friend as Little Dead Riding Hood. Anyways. Thanks so much for looking and please tell me what you think! ~ Schnoogles *EDIT* More photos The bare bones: The pants. Headgear. Whole shebang: Jetpack closeup. And on my back, before adjusting the straps:

Brass Goggles Posted by proteus on December 23rd,2013 Two things I love in one photo: [via Brian Kesinger’s Tea Girls] Posted by proteus on October 17th,2013 A Steampunk Badminton tournament sounds like a fantastic idea. Posted by proteus on October 11th,2013 Our Forum User “Bolt Face” brings this lovely coverage of a Steampunk Coffee House from The Chive: Image from The Chive Many more images in the original article, and a discussion here on our forums. This clock may not be exactly “steampunk”, but it certainly tickles the dials-and-knobs delight! [Via Boing Boing] Posted by proteus on October 8th,2013 Described as inspired by Steampunk and Warhammer-like games, Diesel Tactics looks like an interesting project that’s still in development. Posted by proteus on February 28th,2013 Hand made from savaged Arbutus, Western Red Cedar, and Black Walnut, these articulated Steamy Icarus wings are a beautiful handmade addition to any dirigible captain’s safety gear: And they’re not just static decoration, either: (more…)

Alrededor del Mundo “Steampunk” Le Steampunk : Fantasy à vapeur... ou néologisme de fantaisie ? Un mot pour une expérience. Le terme « Steampunk » puise son origine dans une lettre envoyée par K. W. Jeter au magazine Locus. Les fantaisies victoriennes. Dès 1979, K. Pour l’anecdote, signalons aussi que Tim Powers a écrit un épisode de cette série qui a abouti à son roman The drawing of the dark, paru en France sous le titre (curieux) de Les chevaliers de la brune. Londres devient le cadre des aventures de gentlemen confrontés à des événements extravagants et/ou surnaturels et qui, à l’occasion affrontent des méchants truculents voire grotesques. D’un jeu entre trois auteurs et d’un mot forgé par dérision fait-on pour autant un genre ? Des prédécesseurs et des continuateurs. Parcourons quelques ouvrages théoriques sur le sujet. Cependant, cette démarche de théorisation est loin d’épuiser le sujet. Parmi les heureux élus, propulsés désormais au rang de pionniers, voire de Grands anciens figurent Le proto Steampunk est né ! Le Steampunk : Utopie à rebours ? Roland C.

Steam Garden: Tokyo, Japan steampunk party at Christon Cafe Shinjuku. Japanese cosplay fashion event. | LA CARMINA. Japanese Street Fashion The concept of Steampunk is only beginning to gain recognition in Japan, even though there have been many works that incorporate the aesthetic, such as Katsuhiro Otomo’s anime film Steamboy. My Tokyo-based friends Kenny Creation and Luke Chaos have been passionate about Steampunk for some time, and last year, they founded the event Steam Garden. (Photo above by Aki Saito) On March 10th, I went to their fourth event, themed “Celtic Fantasy.” Each event has a different theme, revolving around a past era. This time, the code word was Celtic Fantasy. Kenny Creation DJ-ed possibly the most original set I’ve ever heard… it was exclusively bagpipe music! In between sets, there were mesmerizing performances by motion capture and stunt performer Kaori Kawabuchi (Final Fantasy 13), live music on a variety of period instruments from medieval group Homonculus… … steamcore music and tribal fire dance from Chaos Royale VS Lyon. With the dapper “philosopher” of Steam Garden, Luke. And Japanese Lolitas.

Steampunk Vampire Hunter So last night was the Vampire Ball in PDX, I agreed to help Noxenlux in her vending booth. But we needed outfits. So about 3 months ago we agreed to do a steampunk theme. is handmade to match the rest of the outfit. My Boyfriend made me a steampunk vampire detector, of course he made is special to fit my arm. We also customized a Nerf Maverick to match the vampire detector. Here is the holster to match the rest of the The costume went over very well even though i was down in the dealers room all night. More pictures including the vampire killer ammo are available here: xoxoGothfox Designs

Kinetic Steam Works

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