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KidsJig The Top 20 Higher Ed EdTech Blogs 2014 | MediaCore Video Platform Naturally, we come across a lot of educational content on the web. Whether written by professional bloggers, industry analysts, technology journalists or real teachers and professors, there’s no shortage of commentary on educational technology online. So, we thought we’d highlight our favourite higher ed blogs that focus on applications of technology in teaching and learning. Enjoy! In addition to blogging on news and topics of interest in EdTech, Edudemic occasionally publish exhaustive ‘Teacher’s guides’; Flipped Classrooms, Twitter, and Keeping Students Safe Online are three of our favourites.

The Top 42 Widgets To Add To Your Blog’s Sidebar Did you know that the fastest and easiest way to add new features to your blog is by adding widgets into the sidebar? Widgets are also a great way to personalize your blog and help it stand out from all of the others. Here is a list of the 42 most popular and most useful widgets used on class blogs, student blogs and personal educator blogs. We’ve set up a Widget Demo blog so you can check out most of these widgets in one handy location to see how they look in action! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more instructions on how to add widgets to your blog. Authors Author widgets are a handy way of displaying information about yourself or providing a link to posts by different authors on a shared blog or individual student blogs. – Pulls your profile information, and a small screenshot of it, into your sidebar.Author widget – Provides a handy link to authors’ posts on a group blog. Clocks and Calendars Helpful for Readers Miscellaneous Multimedia Reading Talking Avatars | © 2010-2014 EdTech Digest. My Daily Create Why I Blog In 2008 I was introduced to this blogging idea. I was in a workshop that my school offered. I was inspired by all of the possibilities that blogging could offer. So my journey began Here I am 6 years later. These have all been amazing opportunities for me to share my voice using an asynchronous tool to be transparent about what I am exploring and discovering in regards to learning and how technology can really enhance learning experiences for myself and my students. If you are thinking of blogging, do it! Take a risk at sharing your voice with others. I began by creating a classroom blog. Opportunities for conversations As a kindergarten teacher I want to make sure that I have plenty of opportunities for my students to engage in rich, meaningful conversations in regards to what they exploring. Then by adding a map widget on your blog you begin to help your students develop the idea of audience and perspective. Get parents involved A new way to share student learning Model and share our ideas

If Only The Best Birds Sang … » If Only The Best Birds Sang… …How Silent The Woods Would Be! Hello and Welcome to our blog ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’. Let us tell you a little about it: We hope our blog can: 1. enable family and friends to see the work that the children do, reflecting the variety of their interests, and that which is important to a group of primary school students, using a variety of media and blogging tools. 2. give opportunities for the children to access educational websites and activities, relevant to their learning, many of which they have already used in school. 3. help the children learn about digital language and literacy, their digital footprint and online safety, copyright and etiquette. 3. provide information about aspects of the primary school curriculum and the work we are doing in class for parents and other interested visitors. 4. communicate beyond our classroom and school, to include family members abroad and a wider school blogging community. Click here to meet some of our ‘Blogging Buddies’. Since September 2012 In this way blogging is

- Inquiry How has the way we live changed over time? How can we work together? Extended Comments for Students | My 6 word autobiography: Seeking ways to make a difference. This blog provides more information packed comments than possible in blog comments. I'm not an expert in any field but interested in many. Content is open to corr Enhancing Education: Additional Strategies Civil Discourse | Complex Instruction | Dilemmas | Essential Questions Graphic Organizers | Hypothetical Situations & Analogies | Integrated Curriculum | Learning by Doing | Mock Trial | Presentation & Examples Primary Sources | Role-Playing & Simulations | Teaching a Multi-Age Class | Technology as a Learning Tool | Testing Predictions Civil Discourse Controversial issues provide opportunities to promote and practice civil discourse in the classroom. Everyone should participate and offer ideas. Complex Instruction Complex instruction is a teaching method in which students work together in small groups to enhance their learning experience and to ensure full participation by every member of the group. Dilemmas Problem-based learning uses dilemmas and scenarios, either real or fictional. Essential Questions Essential questions are an instructional strategy teachers use to engage students and encourage in-depth study. Essential questions have the following characteristics: Graphic Organizers

Prep B | Discovering, learning and growing togetheR Middle Matters-moving to Senior Primary.