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How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps
So now you need to create a social media marketing plan. No easy task, right? Many of us struggle to iron out exactly what that is, let alone how to build one from scratch. Put simply, every action you take on social networks should be a part of a larger social media marketing strategy. That means every Tweet, reply, like and comment should all be guided by a plan and driving towards pre-determined goals. It might sound complicated, but if you take the time to create a comprehensive social media plan, the rest of your social efforts should follow naturally. Learn what a social media marketing plan should include, and follow our 6-step plan for creating your own: What is a social media marketing plan? A social media marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks. In general, the more specific you can get with your plan, the more effective you’ll be in its implementation. Step 1: Create social media objectives and goals

Host of news websites set to storm the Indian market | The News Minute The News Minute| November 14, 2014| 7.00 pm IST In today’s times, the media has surrounded our daily lives. The internet is growing to become our lifeline and connect with our world. ComScore Media Matrix service in its October 2013 report says that the total unique visitors to Indian news websites grew to 45.9 million in August 2013, from 40 million in August 2012. India is set to see a burst of brand new news websites in the coming months. Here are some news sites that are in the making and are ready to make the grand entry to World Wide Web: Quintillion Media website by Raghav Bahl The founder of Network 18 who walked out ig the group in May this year has set up a new company called the Quintillion Media Pvt Ltd that will soon launch a news website in India. Bahl who walked out of TV 18 with around 700 crore has set up his office in New Delhi. Catch Huffington Post India: The well known American news portal, known for its lifestyle, news and news aggregation, is coming to India soon.

72 Must Follow Facebook Pages for Aspiring Content Marketers One thing I love about working in social media & content marketing is finding new people to Like & follow online. Social media & content marketers give me a lot of great ideas! But there are also tons of artists, writers, musicians, speakers, athletes, journalists, businesses & influencers from various disciplines who motivate me. If you're reading this article, you probably love Facebook. That's why I compiled this list! People like Guy Kawasaki, Randi Zucerkberg, Tim Ferriss & Robert Scoble are practically household names. Folks like: Chelsea KrostRyan HolidayLewis HowesDanny DoverHope Lansing I hope following them, Liking their pages or adding them to your Facebook lists adds value, entertainment & inspiration to your life. So here are 72 must follow Facebook pages for you, the aspiring content marketer! 72 Must Follow Facebook Pages for Aspiring Content Marketers 1. Amy is a master of Facebook marketing, email marketing & list building. >> Click to Tweet 2. >> Click to Tweet 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Government of India and UNDP Media Fellowships on Decentralized Planning - 2015 (Deadline Extended to January 10, 2015) — OWSA The last date for submission of applications is extended to January 10, 2015. The fellowship aims to strengthen public awareness and engagement on issues of decentralized planning. As articulated in the 2006 Report of the Expert Group on Planning at the Grassroots Level, decentralized planning is a process wherein various social groups, communities, Panchayats and municipal bodies and relevant government departments identify development priorities in their area (Panchayat, Block or District) and participate in the planning process aimed at addressing these priorities. Since 2004, UNDP has partnered with the Government of India on different interventions on decentralized planning and related issues. The fellowship is open to mainstream media journalists (including freelance) from print, electronic and radio media (including community radio) and news agencies/wires. Deliverables Timeline of Deliverables Application Process Compensation Download the application form: English | Hindi

99 Best Facebook Pages to Follow for Aspiring Social Media PROS 6.2K Shares6.2K Shares × I recently compiled a list of Facebook pages for aspiring content marketers. That article was such a hit that I decided to drill down and create another list amazing Facebook pages & profiles to follow. This time the list is geared more toward social media. The occasional musician, journalist & motivational speaker found a place among these 99 influencers — but most of these people & brands made their names on social media. The list includes heavyweights like: Chalene JohnsonSue B. Please enjoy the article & get ready to Like & follow a few new pages & profiles. Note: the people on this list were selected in no particular order. 99 Best Facebook Pages to Follow for Aspiring Social Media Pros 1. Michael is an author, speaker, blogger & podcaster. >> Click to Tweet 2. Convince & Convert is a social media & content strategy firm. >> Click to Tweet 3. Chalene is a motivational speaker & author. >> Click to Tweet 4. Ted is a social media strategist & speaker. >> Click to Tweet 5.

Raghav Bahl's The Quint is now live Media entrepreneur, Raghav Bahl’s Quintillion Media’s mobile-focused digital venture The Quint has gone live. Earlier in January, The Quint had started publishing stories on Facebook as a preview to the new service. The new website, so far, has published news and analysis across various categories like politics, technology, entertainment, business and sports. The Quint’s About Us page features Bahl and journalist Ritu Kapur who have been named co-founders of the new venture. Taking on WordPress What’s interesting about the new website is that it is The Quint is powered by a new digital publishing platform called The Quintype and is looking to beat WordPress at its own game. Who’s in the team? The Quint’s news team seems to consist mostly of ex-Network 18 staffers and former Web18 VP Roshan Tamang has been roped in as digital media consultant for Bahl-controlled RB Investments Ltd. Update: Toral Varia informs us that she is no longer with the venture.

Introducing the Content Marketing Team Matrix A few months ago I created the Periodic Table of Content Marketing, to provide a handy – and hopefully helpful - cut-out-and-keep guide for content professionals. The table was both practical and tactical, which resulted in more than tens of thousands of shares, and hundreds of thousands of views. I remain humbled by its popularity, and the feedback I’ve had since I published it. Since then I’ve been asked many questions, of which two stand out: Why does ‘content strategy’ only have one element dedicated to it? To answer the first question, it’s simply that content strategy is such a big subject that it merits a table of its own, or something similar. The second question is one close to my heart. Since 2006 I’ve had the pleasure of assembling a marvellous team here at Econsultancy. But what would a content team look like if I were to assemble one from scratch today? Here’s what I think (the royal) we need: More visual design chops. With that in mind, here it is. Some explanatory notes:

India | Latest India News | Get Free Email | Live Cricket and Entertainment News at India.Com Ram Shenoy CTO, ConocoPhillips Panelist HOUSTON – The TiE Houston leadership is ready for the launch of its new initiative – Energy Special Interest Group (SIG) on March 15th 2015 to strengthen entrepreneurship in the energy sector. Mario Ruscev CTO, Baker Hughes Panelist The March 5th marquee event on “Innovating in the Oil and Gas Industry: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs” will be held at the Hess club from 6-8.30 pm. The panelists include Mario Rusev (CTO, Baker Hughes), Ram Shenoy (CTO, Conocophillips), Jim Sledzik (president, energy ventures, Houston) and Vikram Rao (ex CTO Halliburton) who will serve as the moderator. Jim Sledzik Energy Ventures, Senior Partner & President, Houston. Entrepreneurship has always creatively destroyed the status quo and delivered innovative breakthroughs when times are tough, such as the current oil price environment. Vikram Rao Exec. For more information visit

25 Tips on How To Start Using Pinterest For Business There are 53 million unique monthly Pinterest users in the United States, and Forbes reports that is about 22% of all Americans, ahead of Twitter at 19% and about equal to LinkedIn. When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, many businesses are stuck and don’t know where to start. Here are a few quick tips that can get you started on using Pinterest for business and take the intimidation out of Pinterest marketing, for almost any business. Cover Image Choose a cohesive cover image for all your boards, with the board title on the image. Pins You can pin gifs and videos, as well as regular images. Titles Be really specific with your boards and include clear titles. Categories Make sure all your board and pin categories are correct so they can be found easily when users are browsing. Hashtags You can use hashtags on Pinterest. Analytics Take advantage of the free Pinterest analytics once you’ve verified your website: Verification Collaboration

Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP) There are two ways to take the CIMP Certification. Attend Official Training If a candidate attends an official instructor-led training (ILT), computer-based training (CBT), online live training, or academic learning, candidate is eligible to attempt the relevant EC-Council exam. Attempt Exam without Official Training In order to be considered for the EC-Council certification exam without attending official training, candidate must: Have at least two years of digital marketing related experience or educational background that reflects specialization in digital marketing (bachelor degree or above). Remit a non-refundable eligibility application fee of USD 100.00 Submit a completed Exam Eligibility Application Form. Purchase an official exam voucher DIRECTLY from EC-Council through Applicant will need to go to to fill in an online request for the Eligibility Application Form. Important Note: Warning:

11 of the best Instagram videos from July 2014 It's the final day of July, which means it's time to look back at some of the best Instagram videos we've seen in the past four weeks or so. This time around we've got submissions from Samsung, Nike Skateboarding, KFC, National Geographic, American Apparel, Southampton FC and the NBA. And for more of the same, check out our roundup of some of the best social media campaigns from July. Enjoy! Samsung Mobile One of the Galaxy S5's selling points is that it's water resistant. That means you can leave it on the side of the sink while you shave and slosh water all over it, as this product video demonstrates. Oreo Oreo's social team must have a fun job. Mini Short but sweet, this Instavid from Mini crams humour and surprise into fewer than five seconds. Read Christopher Ratcliff's post for a broader look at Mini's excellent social strategy. American Apparel My favourite video from July, this short Instavid from American Apparel is as silly and frivolous as it looks. National Geographic Southampton FC

Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection Preview The Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection will be the 4th and 5th new ships in the Solstice class of Celebrity Cruises. The new ships will launch in July 2011 and fall 2012, respectively. On a December 8 conference call with media and travel partners, Dan Hanrahan, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, announced several new changes for these new ships. CELEBRITY SILHOUETTEThe Celebrity Silhouette will be identical in size (122,000 tons) to the three previous ships in the Solstice Class, the Celebrity Solstice (2008), Celebrity Equinox (2009), and Celebrity Eclipse (2010). However, she will have 17 additional staterooms--8 concierge class, 8 oceanview, and 2 inside cabins. Lawn ClubIn addition to the few new staterooms, the Celebrity Silhouette will have several new venues and modifications to existing space. CELEBRITY REFLECTIONThe Celebrity Reflection will have all of the same venue and dining changes as the Celebrity Silhouette. Adding a new deck is not easy.

Fewer Than 10% of Mentions Are From Power Users (and Other Social Media Facts) [INFOGRAPHIC] In order to maintain an energetic social media presence and an ambition content posting schedule, sometimes we really need to think that every person who sees and engages with our social posts is a power user; those all-important industry influencers who have the power to make your content go viral. And while that fantasy can certainly help keep you motivated, it’s important to be aware – even if only in the very back of your mind – that it’s not really the case. Do I say this to dishearten you or rain on your parade? Consider the infographic below from the digital marketing agency mainstreethost. So what should a social media market do? Another tool to try is a brand advocacy tool. And when you do get mentioned on social media, make sure you make the most of it! (Click infographic to view larger)

Understanding Twitter Analytics: What You Need to Know! One of the key components for marketers to look at while deciding on the performance of any of their social networks is measurement. While Facebook always had Facebook Insights to give out the details of your owned presence details along with the post level activity, we always had to rely on third party estimated data for Twitter. Now with Twitter going public and aiming to generate more money via advertising, they have certainly stepped up their game with the introduction of Twitter Analytics for different components on Twitter. Logging in to the Twitter Ads or Twitter Analytics platform, the default dashboard is presented to the account with three components to look at: Impressions are IN: The new dashboard has new functionality & metrics which makes it easier for you to decipher the performance of your account on a tweet level basis. Benchmark Yourself: Some of the key metrics detailed on the Dashboard are: Download and See the Fun! Know Your Followers: #TwitterTip: Twitter Card Analytics:

5 Things You Shouldn’t Tweet More than 278,000 tweets are sent every minute of every day out into Twitterland. That is a lot of bird chirping, and if birds aren’t your thing, your News Feed could become quite annoying. With the growth of Twitter quickly mounting, the doors to unwelcomed tweets about the gym and Foursquare check ins are wide open. The popularity of Twitter is growing with every tweet, and hopefully so is your number of followers. 1. New Years Day has come and gone, and like most Americans, my resolution for 2014 about working out is already nonexistent. Plus, are you really working out that hard if you have time to tweet about it? 2. Did you read that with a Valley girl tone of voice? This kind of tweet is an example of the confusingly popular phenomenon that has been coined as humble brag tweeting. Arrogantly bragging about an achievement laced with an “oh my gosh how did that happen,” will not get you any new genuine followers or retweets. 3. 4. The dreaded foursquare tweet. 5. Okay, I lied. 6. 7.