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Free CSS Layouts And Templates - Smashing Magazine

Free CSS Layouts And Templates - Smashing Magazine
Advertisement As a web-developer you don’t have to re-invent the wheel all the time. If it just has to work, and has to be valid, and has to have a nice, visually appealing design hierarchy, you just can use css-techniques developed in the web-dev-community over the last few years. You can start from there, learning and exploring the possibilities of CSS and modifying templates for your exquisite taste. Usually developers require a link to the site where the template was downloaded from. (X)HTML- and CSS-Templates Open Source Templates1 15 impressive templatesOSWD2 Hundreds of templates and layouts of all possible kinds.OSWT3 A huge collections with search- and sort-functions. Ex-Designz15 98 (X)HTML-based CSS-templatesCode-Sucks16 6 templates and various layouts with 2-4 columns.Jimmy Lin17 8 simple templatesLayout Gala18 40 professional Layouts for fresh and serious online-presentations.Little Boxes19 16 Layouts, classic.Solucija20 19 Templates Footnotes Related:  CSS

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50 Extremely Useful And Powerful CSS Tools - Smashing Magazine Advertisement We love useful stuff. For months, we have been bookmarking interesting, useful and creative CSS tools and related resources. We have been contacting developers, encouraging them to improve their tools and release their handy little apps to the public. Below, we present 50 extremely useful CSS tools, generators, templates and resources. We strongly encourage you to develop these tools further, build on the ideas presented here, release new tools for the public and let us know about them. Please take a look at the following related posts: CSS and Typography Hyphenator8Hyphenator.js brings client-side hyphenation of HTML documents to every browser by inserting soft hyphens using hyphenation patterns and Frank M. 20typeface.js21Instead of just creating images or using Flash to show your website’s graphic text in the font you want, you can use typeface.js and write in plain HTML and CSS, just as if your visitors had the font installed locally. CSS Online Tools

Learning Cascading Style Sheet in simple and easy steps with examples. A complete reference manual for CSS2 and CSS3 properties, html, CSS, CSS Useful tips Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps: position static relative absolute float 1. position:static The default positioning for all elements is position:static, which means the element is not positioned and occurs where it normally would in the document. Normally you wouldn't specify this unless you needed to override a positioning that had been previously set. 2. position:relative If you specify position:relative, then you can use top or bottom, and left or right to move the element relative to where it would normally occur in the document. Let's move div-1 down 20 pixels, and to the left 40 pixels: Notice the space where div-1 normally would have been if we had not moved it: now it is an empty space. It appears that position:relative is not very useful, but it will perform an important task later in this tutorial. 3. position:absolute When you specify position:absolute, the element is removed from the document and placed exactly where you tell it to go. Let's move div-1a to the top right of the page: What I really want is to position div-1a relative to div-1. Footnotes 10.

21 Amazing CSS Techniques You Should Know (Build 20100401080539) Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) is one of the building blocks of modern web design without which websites would have been ugly just like they were a decade ago. With time, the quality of CSS tutorials out there on the web has increased considerably. Here are 21 amazing CSS Techniques that you might not have thought could be done by CSS. 1. Amazing demonstration of how to create a cross browser image gallery using just CSS. 2. This tutorial demonstrates a crazy way to create an image map using just CSS. 3. Create a lighbox using just CSS with no JavaScript required. 4. Replace the submit buttons with images using CSS, degrades back to submit button if CSS is disabled. 5. Amazing tutorial on how to create an animated navigation menu using just CSS. 6. Create a tree like navigation from nested lists of links. 7. Create eye-catching titles with nice gradient effect using just CSS. 8. 9. Amazing way to create a liquid layout using negative margins 10. 11. Create a nice scalable breadcrumb navigation

CSS Colors There are several CSS properties which specify colors for parts of HTML elements. For instance, color, background-color, border etc. You can also use CSS colors to set the color of SVG elements which are vector graphic elements rendered in the browser. In that case you use CSS to set the stroke and fill colors of the SVG elements. How to use CSS with SVG elements is explained in my tutorial about SVG and CSS. When you specify a color you can do so using the following formats: Preset Color Codes Hexadecimal RGB RGB RGBA HSL Each of these methods will be covered in the sections below. All of these CSS rules set the background color of an HTML element to the color red but they do so using a preset color code, hexadecimal color code, RGB color code, RGBA color code and HSL color code. Predefined Color Codes CSS contains a set of predefined colors like red, green etc. red green blue black white gray magenta purple violet Hexadecimal RGB Here is a hexadecimal color code example: #ff00ff; RGB Colors CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is used inside HTML or SVG to style the content of your HTML page. A modern website or web application consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and possibly SVG. HTML is used to define what content is in the website or web application - its content and composition. CSS is used to define how that content is to be displayed with colors, borders, fonts, backgrounds etc. You need to know HTML reasonably before you learn CSS. This CSS tutorial focuses on using CSS with HTML. CSS Versions At the time of writing there are two major CSS versions in use. Table of Contents The CSS tutorial is divided into many individual pages. A CSS Example Here is a quick CSS example inside an HTML page, so you can see what it looks like: This example shows a minimal HTML page with a style element and a div element. Here is how the above HTML + CSS would look in a browser: Style This!

CSS Minifier HTML Minifier Web Developer (ASP.NET MVC) Lachine - Web Developer (ASP.NET MVC) What you'll doAs an ASP.NET MVC Web Developer working in our headquarters in Lachine, Quebec, you will spearhead the Php developer Chateauguay - Responsibilities Develop and maintain clean, efficient, secure, and well-engineered back-end code ... Design and create web services for front-end Front End developer Montréal - ... techniquesStrong command of web standards, progressive enhancement and cross-browser ... programming skills, ability to produce quality co DevOps Engineer Montreal - ... UX/UI Front-End Developer Montreal - Your skills : - At least 3+ years of UI/UX relevant design experience in web projects - Ability to ... Senior Software Developer Montreal - XML Web Services, SOAP. - Good knowledge of mobile development concepts. - Solid knowledge of ...