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MCQ of Computer Networking with answer set-2 | InfoTechSite 1. A network that needs human beings to manually route signals is called.... A) Fiber Optic Network B) Bus Network C) T-switched network D) Ring network 2. A) Application B) Presentation C) Session D) Transport 3. C) FTP D) Nvt 4. C) NFS D) Telnet 5. A) Message B) Segment C) Datagram D) Frame 6. A) Station address B) IP address C) Port address D) Checksum 7. C) Session D) All of the above 8. A) File Server B) Utility Server C) Printer Server D) Gateway 9. A) Concentration B) Modifier C) Multiplexer D) Full duplex file 10. A) Network B) Application C) Data link D) Session 11. B) SMTP D) Rpe 12. A) Physical B) Data link C) Network D) A and B 13. A) The primary ring B) The Secondary ring C) Both rings D) Neither ring 14. C) Transport D) Presentation 15. A) Mesh B) Star C) Bus D) Ring 16. A) Gopher B) Newsgroups C) Browser D) CERN 17. A) TCP/IP B) Protocol C) Open system D) Internet work processor 18. i) In bus topology, heavy Network traffic slows down the bus speed. ii) It is multi-point configuration. 19. 20. Answers:

13 Disturbing Documentaries You Should Never Watch If You Get Creeped Out Easily Jesus Camp – a documentary about Christian summer camp in which children are inspired to realise the prophet within them and to take America back for Jesus resulted in Christian summer camps being banned by the local administration #12 Aokighara:The Suicide Forest In Japan Aokighara-Aokighara in japan has the notorious repute of being the hot spot of suicides and a documentary on it would definitely make it to the list of disturbing documentaries. #11 The Bridge The Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco, is also an infamous suicide point, and the documentary on named The Bridge is quite disturbing #10 Children of Rage Children of Rage – shows the disturbing story of Beth and her desire to torment and kill her foster family. #9 The Nightmare The nightmare- truly justifies it title and deals with the subject of Sleep paralysis #8 The Act of Killing The Act of Killing describes the once active death squad of Indonesia #7 The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes #6 The Earthlings #5 Night and Fog #3 Zoo

Mi ropui Pu Chawngkhupa chanchin kimchang Pu Chawngkhupa chanchin ziakna lehkhabu hi ka dap ru reng thin a, hetiang mi ropui chanchin hi kimchang taka internet-a chhiar theih tura chhawp chhuah ve reng reng hi ka duh thin a. Vanneihthlak takin Padma Shree RK Lalhluna nen kan intawngfuh hlauh mai a, keiin Pu Chawngkhupa chanchin ziakna a neih leh neih loh ka lo zawt var a, ani chuan a bu-a alo siam tawh thu leh a copy hlui a la neih thu min hrilhin min lo photocopy (xerox) sak hlauh mai a, he lehkhabu behchhan hian Pu Chawngkhupa chanchin hi kan ziak thei dawn a ni. A bu ami hi a tam tham deuh avangin kan kaitawi ang a, a pawimawh leh ngaihnawm chin lakchhuah kan tum anga, a tul angin kan belh bawk ang. Hun hmasa lam: Pu Chawngkhupa hi Pu Kawldingpuia leh Pi Challianthangi te fa pangana a ni a, April 9, 1909 khan a lo piang a, amah hi Ralte Kawlni (Helhlah) hnam a ni. Piantharna: Pu Thangbawnga’n a tlawh kum vek hian Chawngkhupa chu Kristianah inpein a hming chu Pu Khuangzika’n a la a. Engtiknge Isua hmaa an kun ang, Mumang a mang:

18 Images Show How Travel Expectations Are Ruined By Realities You will expect a peaceful evening at The great wall of China, but the the reality is something else. #17 Reality Of The Great Wall Of China The reality is you need not to walk by your own, instead you will be pushed forward by the crowd. #16 Expectations About Leaning Tower Of Pisa In Italy You must be planning to take a picture while pushing the leaning tower of Pisa, but before that just check out the reality. #15 Reality Of Leaning Tower Of Pisa In Italy As everyone wants to click a picture with the tower, so just forget about clicking it alone. #14 Expectations About Mona Lisa In Louvre Museum You must be waiting to see the painting of Mona Lisa In the Louvre Museum, if you are planning a trip to Paris. #13 Reality Of Mona Lisa In Louvre Museum This is what is going to happen in the Louvre Museum, and you will just get the images of other people's camera in your picture. #12 Expectations About Beaches Of Maldives #11 Reality Of Beaches Of Maldives #10 Expectations About Rio De Janeiro

35+ Best T-Shirt Mockup Templates - Free PSD Download | PSDTemplatesBlog 35+ Best T-Shirt Mockup Templates – Free PSD Download 4.79 (95.76%) 33 votes Download Free and Best T-Shirt Mockup PSD Templates. All the below listed T-Shirt Mockups have well organized PSD files for easy customization. This post brings you some of the best and free T-Shirt Mockup PSD Templates. That’s where these below listed T-Shirt mockups are so helpful, you can just place your design on all or some of them to see how would it look like on a real T-Shirt. I would suggest you to spend some time and have a good look on the below listed T-Shirt mockup Templates. This post has two different sections; first section lists all free T-Shirt mockups and the second section lists all premium T-Shirt mockups. You can also see: 40+ Free Business Card Mockup PSD Download12+ Free Brochure Mockup PSD Download24 Magazine Mockup Designs – Free PSD Download28+ Free PSD Poster Mockup Designs for Designers26 Free Handpicked Web Browser PSD AI Mockups Free T-Shirt Mockup Templates PSD Download Download

9 Most Scary And Creepiest Experiments Conducted In Name Of Science That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You Scientific development has been mankind's greatest achievement. We have gone to the moon, cured disease, made cars, harnessed energy and created means of communication that overcome distance. Science has helped the human body and mind too with its incredible developments.The progress of science is crucial to civilization, it has made us what we are as a species and given us knowledge of things far greater than us. That said, science as a tool has been in the hands of man, its master. #9 Demon Core The Demon Core was the code name for a small spherical mass of the highly unstable compound Plutonium. In August of 1945, the core turned critical and emitted a burst of neutron radiation. #8 21 Gram Soul Theory American physician Dr. The first patient was measured before and after his death. #7 MK Ultra MK Ultra was the code name for a series of classified CIA experiments conducted on humans. #6 Dead Dog Experiments #5 THN1412 Drug Trial #4 Stanford Prison Experiment #3 Nazi Experiments #2 Unit 731

Complete Program Transcript . Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple . WGBH American Experience On-screen text: On November 18th, 1978, in Jonestown, Guyana, 909 members of Peoples Temple died in what has been called the largest mass suicide in modern history. Deborah Layton, Peoples Temple Member, Author, Seductive Poison: Nobody joins a cult. Nobody joins something they think is going to hurt them. You join a religious organization, you join a political movement, and you join with people that you really like. Jim Jones Jr., Peoples Temple Member: I think in everything that I tell you about Jim Jones, there is going to be a paradox. Jim Jones (archival): Some people see a great deal of God in my body. Hue Fortson Jr., Peoples Temple Member: He said, “If you see me as your friend, I’ll be your friend. Kristine Kravitz, Peoples Temple Member: Jim Jones talked about going to the Promised Land and then, pretty soon, we were seeing film footage of Jonestown. Jim Jones (archival): Rice, black-eyed peas, Kool-Aid. Kristine Kravitz, Peoples Temple Member: We all wanted to go. John R. Rev.

Ubuntu - WineHQ Wiki Translations of this page: 简体中文 Installing WineHQ packages The WineHQ repository key was changed on 2018-12-19. Beginning with Wine 4.5, the wine-devel packages for Ubuntu 18.04, 18.10, and 19.04 require libfaudio0 as a dependency. If you have previously installed a Wine package from another repository, please remove it and any packages that depend on it (e.g., wine-mono, wine-gecko, winetricks) before attempting to install the WineHQ packages, as they may cause dependency conflicts. If your system is 64 bit, enable 32 bit architecture (if you haven't already): sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 Download and add the repository key: wget -nc sudo apt-key add winehq.key Add the repository: Update packages: sudo apt update Then install one of the following packages: If apt complains about missing dependencies, install them, then repeat the last two steps (update and install). Installing without Internet cd /media/usb-drive/deb-pkgs sudo dpkg -i *.deb See Also

anoxmous » YIFY Movies Login Do not remember me Forgot password? Sort Movies by: Date | IMDb Rating | Most Votes | Comments | Alphabet Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next The White Ribbon (2009) AnoXmous 7.8 ( 54826 Votes ) Drama / Mystery Brief Encounter (1945) AnoXmouS 8.1 ( 26971 Votes ) Drama / Romance Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) 8.1 ( 18417 Votes ) Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical The NeverEnding Story (1984) 7.4 ( 103351 Votes ) Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy Saturday Night Fever (1977) 6.8 ( 55040 Votes ) Drama / Music The Lives of Others (2006) 8.5 ( 268869 Votes ) Drama / Thriller Elite Squad (2007) 8.1 ( 83674 Votes ) Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller Get Shorty (1995) 6.9 ( 64028 Votes ) Comedy / Crime / Thriller Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) 6 ( 40074 Votes ) Drama / War The Doors (1991) 7.2 ( 69949 Votes ) Biography / Drama / Music / Musical The Searchers (1956) 8 ( 64024 Votes ) Adventure / Drama / Western Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005) 7.5 ( 85268 Votes ) Biography / Drama / History Drama

Flipkart SockShare 17 Little-Known Secrets From The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast. Richard Madden (Robb Stark) was not having any idea that his character in the series is going to die. He accidentally found it out while he was googling the character. He also didn't noticed it while reading the books. He must have been shocked when he discovered that. Comments : What’s Popular Now : >> Facing 10 Cold Hard Truths Of The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Of America >> It's been there for millions of years, and we never even noticed it.OMG! Bollywood, Hollywood, Dubbed Hollywood high quality movies for mobiles, iphone, ipads, tabs, notes in 3gp and mp4 format. Also stream movies on your mobile New Welcome to FzMovies The Best destination for Mobile/Tablet Movies Like us on Facebook to get Updates about FzMovies MobileTVshows - TV shows / cartoons for mobiles in avi and mp4.... Movie Request - Downloading Help - Subtitles - Quality Types - F.A.Q. Hollywood Movies Movies By: Will Smith - Morgan Freeman - Bruce Willi - Johnny Depp - Ben Stiller - Tom Hanks - Adam Sandler - Leonardo DiCaprio Movies By Genre: Action - Adventure - Animation - Biography - Comedy - Crime - Documentary - Drama - Family - Fantasy - Film-Noir - History - Horror - Music - Musical - Mystery - Romance - Sci-Fi - Sport - Thriller - War - Western

16 Photos That Have A Horrific Story Behind Them These images are highly disturbing, if you are weak willed look away and stop scrolling. If wacky and disturbing is what you're looking for and this wasn't enough here are 15 Body alterations to disturb you even more. This picture shows Regina Kay Walters. He was later arrested in the back of his 18 wheeler next to a nude woman, handcuffed and screaming. #15 James Bulger The toddler in this photo, James Bulger, is being led away from his mother by one of the two ten-year-old boys that would eventually murder him. They took him on a 2.5 mile walk to a railway line, where they threw blue modelling paint in Bulger's eye, kicked and stomped on him and pelted him with bricks and stones. The boys laid him on the train tracks where he was later hit, in an attempt to make the death appear to be an accident. #14 A Killer Party This photo was taken later in the night, after he'd told his friend Max (on the left) about the murders. #13 The Heaven's Gate Cult. #12 Into The Wild. #9 The Pulitzer Picture