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Mathster: Free Maths Worksheets - free worksheets for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and A level Maths

Mathster: Free Maths Worksheets - free worksheets for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and A level Maths
Download our free maths worksheets individually below or combined together as a zip or rar file. All the free maths worksheets were generated in seconds by Mathster! You can create your own maths worksheets very easily - take a free months trial subscription and see how easy Mathster makes it! Want something else besides free maths worksheets? How about a desktop scientific calculator? Go on then - we are generous! index.html KS3 & KS4 Free Maths Worksheets A Level Free Maths Worksheets Exponentials and Logarithms.pdfEquations and Inequalites.pdfGeometric Sequences and Series.pdfIntegration.pdfSketching Curves.pdfCoordinate Geometry.pdfThe Binomial Expansion.pdfTrigonometrical Identities and Equations.pdfQuadratic Functions.pdfDifferentiation.pdfDifferentiation 2.pdfGraphs of Trigonometric functions.pdfAlgebra and Functions.pdfRadian measure arcs sectors and segments.pdfIntegration 2.pdfSequences and Series.pdfSine and Cosine Rules.pdfAlgebra and Functions 2.pdf index.html index.html

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lhmaths This page contains a selection of my resources for use in Mathematics classrooms. Enjoy! Starter Activities All of the following are short activities designed for use either with students whiteboards or traffic light cards (multi-choice questions). Number:

GCSE © Brain-Cells E.Resources Ltd All Rights Reserved 01/01/2010 Number Algebra Geometry Measure Graphing primer In this module we'll talk about how to graph data, and particularly how to set up the graph (I know you're good at putting dots on a graph once the axes are labelled and all the little tickmarks are drawn in!) Believe it or not, every TA gets a handful of reports each semester where the graph has axes that are switched, or the graph is all squashed into one tiny corner of the paper, or nothing is labelled. Well, those reports don't have to come from you! Below you will find an easy checklist to making the perfect graph. On the following pages, we'll practice some of the skills you will need... Checklist: Choose your x and y variables carefully.

Animations for A level Last week I presented on A level resources at Stuart Price's 'Maths in the Sticks' event. I spoke briefly about how we can use animations to support our explanations of mathematical concepts. Many teachers already make use of programmes such as Geogebra, Autograph and Desmos, but here I'm talking specifically about animated gifs that teachers can simply paste into a PowerPoint. Gifs run on a loop so students can watch them for a while, providing 'thinking time' in the lesson and allowing new ideas to click into place. I use gifs alongside physical demonstrations where possible, for example when I teach Volume of Revolution I show animations and use paper props too (see Gems 45). So where can you get animated maths gifs?

Nuffield Foundation This site provides resources for teaching the use of mathematics and statistics. The resources are self-contained and can be used for any lessons where the context or skills are relevant. Nuffield Mathematics resources are divided into three levels and can be used to support a wide variety of qualifications, including Free-Standing Mathematics Qualifications (FSMQs), A/AS Use of Mathematics and the new Core Maths qualifications. We provide schemes of work for using the resources to support Use of Mathematics and FSMQs. We have also outlined which resources are relevant to each of the six new Core Maths qualifications.

gcse_gce_worksheets Years 7-13 (Ages 11-19): Work Sheets/Autograph Investigations/Illustrations 2a. Sketching Cubics and Reciprocal functions (GCE Core Unit, C1) 2b. Answers to Sketching Cubics and Reciprocal Functions Click here for pdf version Algebra Readiness Initiative Curriculum Companion Your browser does not support JavaScript! This site uses JavaScript but is fully functional without it. Algebra Readiness Initiative Introduction The Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion is a compilation of lessons for use by tutors in the Algebra Readiness Initiative (ARI). Solve My Maths Revision pack (number) including QR codes to video tutorials. Answers on the back. Number_Pack Data_Pack with QR codes linking to video tutorials, answers provided. Algebra_Pack with QR codes linking to video tutorials.

Math 7 Worksheets (pdf) My Resources » Math 7 Worksheets (pdf) Math 7 Worksheets (pdf) 4-1 Rational Numbers (pdf file - 91 KB) Revision Students Foundation Tier Exam Papers and Mark Schemes [Grades G to C] Spot the Mistakes These brilliant short videos were designed and written by Steve Blades to test your understanding of the concepts involved in GCSE topics. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Year 8 The year is divided into 2 parts - 8A and 8B. For each part there is a Pupils' Practice Book. Book 8A covers Units 1 to 11. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Year 9 The year is divided into 2 parts - 9A and 9B. For each part there is a Pupils' Practice Book. Book 9A covers Units 1 to 8. Book 9B covers Units 9 to 18. Each Unit will have its own set of interactive tutorials - one for each section within that unit.