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Free Creation Science Videos

Free Creation Science Videos
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The Complete Creation video series Please note: All of the "Complete Creation" DVD's (including "God's Little Creation") have open captions for the hearing impaired! Shot before a live audience at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The first night was for the kids, and so "God's little creation" is actually the first hour of this ~12 hour exhaustive look at the Creation/Evolution debate. March 4, 2009: VIDEOS ARE DONE!!!! An exhaustive, 12 DVD set on the creation/evolution debate, including a 1 hour children's presentation. "BUY 3, GET ONE FREE" (Only applies to "Complete Creation" series) Here's how it works: There are "Add to cart" links at each of the videos down below, which enables you to buy one DVD at a time.

Gihon Spring The Gihon Spring (Sept. 2003) The exit to the spring in the Kidron Valley was blocked in early times to prevent Jerusalems's enemies from gaining access to it. The water was channeled into a limestone tunnel more than 1700 feet long to the Pool of Siloam. One of the factors determining that a city was built in this mountainous location was the fact that a year round water source existed. Parable of the Mustard Seed A Mustard Field Along Highway 87-North Shore of Galilee Mustard Seeds in the Palm of a Hand A Branching Mustard Plant Near the Jordan River/Bethsaida Mustard Field March 1999 Mustard Flowers Chukar PartridgesUpper Most Seats of the SynagogueThe Fig Tree Mt of Olives Fig Tree April 12-13, 2005 Fig and Pomegranate trees below Siloam in Jerusalem Israel Photos II fig tree page Sycomore Fig TreeThe Good ShepherdThe Parable of the Sheep and the Goats Goat HerderCamelsRitual CleansingShechem The Olive Harvest of Samaria Mt. Home Page

Biblical Numerics W.E. Filmer has written a wonderful little booklet called "God Counts". I thought it would be nice to get a little different view of Bible numerics from that of Ivan Panin. There's also a Number Table below listing many numbers and their Biblical meanings. For now, I want to introduce you to Filmer and God. "Let us take an example from the Old Testament and make a concentrated study of the first verse of Genesis which reads, 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' "The numbers written above the letters are their numeric values. "The first thing to notice about this sentence is that it covers a complete act of creation, and that the universe, fresh from the hand of the Almighty was perfect. 1. "Even more remarkable are the numerics which fix the individual letters so that they cannot be changed. 10. I told you Filmer was wonderful. Numbers And Their Meanings What follows is that incomplete table of numbers and their Biblical meanings. E. I love mail. Come Home

Creation Science Landover Baptist Subject Archives Update: Landover Baptist is proud to announce that Jesus ordered us to rename our 100-year old facility, The Landover Baptist Center for Creation Studies, to The Sarah Palin Center for the Advancement of Creation Science Research. "Mrs. Palin shares our belief that the world was created by Jesus' Daddy, Poppa-God, in six days but has been here for 6,000 years. That alone is enough to ensure she has the vote of every single member of this church and no doubt the vote of every True Christian™ American," said Pastor Deacon Fred. Per Mrs. The following articles will help you understand how your tax dollars will be spent as Sarah Palin guides us to effect that what the Lord most desires for His Country (America) over the next four years: The Talking Snake Theory: Time to Replace Those Silly Books About Biology and Evolution With the Truth! Science Doesn't Make a Lick of Cotton Pickin' Sense! Evolution is NOT Natural! The Bible Doesn't Mention Any "Ice Age," So Shut Up About It!

About the Sabbath | Why Go To Church | Which Day Is the Sabbath What is the Sabbath? Host Hal Holbrook takes you on an eye-opening journey through history to explore the seventh-day Sabbath. Discover how Sunday observance eventually trumped Saturday Sabbath-keeping in the early church, why this controversy is barely known, and the amazing unknown history behind this divine day! Presented and produced by LLT Productions, this enlightening series is available in a 5-DVD set. Click here to support LLT Productions and their continuing efforts to produce more exciting videos. Hallel Fellowship Topical Bible: Browse ( In the Beginning Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood - index.html About This Site The 8th Edition of In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood by Dr. Walt Brown is available to order here. The 8th Edition was published in December 2008. NEW DVDs: (Each DVD can be ordered here.) Grand Canyon: The Puzzle on the Plateau Mike Snavely’s explanation of the Grand Canyon is an excellent visual summary of the 8th edition’s Grand Canyon chapter. Earthquakes Pastor Kevin Lea looks at what the Bible says about earthquakes. About the Author Walt Brown received a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was a National Science Foundation Fellow. For those who wish to know more about Walt Brown, a new book (Christian Men of Science: Eleven Men Who Changed the World by George Mulfinger and Julia Mulfinger Orozco) devotes a chapter to Brown. Written Debate The issue is: Does the scientific evidence favor creation or evolution? Oral and Written Refereed Exchange

Michael Behe corresponds w/ Science Journals concerning ''Peer-Review'' Review of “Obstacles to gene duplication as an explanation for complex biochemical systems” by Michael Behe. In the section "Meaning of explanation," the author harps on the extreme difficulty of elucidating complicated cellular interaction systems and of tracing the evolution of biological complexity. It is ironic that he should voice his concerns just as technical as well as conceptual progress has opened the door to investigating on a much larger scale than heretofore the mechanisms of development, and the increase in gene interaction complexity along certain lines of descent. Michael Behe is depicting a hopeless situation for the biological sciences, or at least for their evolutionary aspects, just as biology is proceeding through a glorious age. It is interesting to show—Behe examines this claim—that by knocking two genes out of this cascade, the resulting organisms are less abnormal than those that have lost only one of two genes. Is that too bold a prediction?