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17 Beautiful Sites with Amazing Free Stock Photos

17 Beautiful Sites with Amazing Free Stock Photos
Amanda Sandlin If you’re looking for beautiful stock photos, dealing with licenses is just a headache and is often ignored. We’ve combed through an amazing list of free stock photo sites to find the best ones possible. We’ve clearly noted which licenses are required for each site if any. The biggest question I’ve always wondered is – what the hell is commercial use? Here are the sites, broken down into two sections. Part 1: Worry-Free Do What You Want Photos This is the ultimate freedom. 1. 10 new photos every 10 days. Subscription Option: Yes License: Creative Commons Zero (Unsplash) 2. This is a small collection of photos, but excellent. License: Creative Commons Zero 3. Gratisography is a unique collection of pictures that are like hipster versions of stock photos. Subscription Option: No License: Free of copyright restrictions. 4. License: No copyright restrictions 5. Little Visuals gives you “7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox every 7 days.” 6. 7. License: Free for commercial use. 8. Related:  INFOS

Tissue Texture per Web Designer | iWebDesigner Uno degli elementi di design più ricercato nel web sono le texture gratuite. Graphic e Web Designer sono costantemente alla scoperta di nuove e originali texture da utilizzare nella costruzione del loro design o da collezionare nei loro archivi, come freebies che possono venire sempre utili per dare profondità ed un tocco di realismo ai propri progetti grafici. Qui di seguito, proprio per l’importanza che per me hanno le texture, ho raccolto una serie di tissue texture Photoshop che potrete scaricare liberamente ed utilizzare nella costruzione e sviluppo delle vostre pagine web o artworks digitali. Tissue Texture Tissue Paper Texture Gold Tissue Texture Striped Tissue Texture Paper Texture Tissue Paper Texture Tissue Paper Tissue Texture Blue Tissue Paper Texture Tessuto Macchiato Tissue Texture Photoshop Brown Tissue Texture Photoshop Orange Tissue Texture Paper Tissue Texture Tissue Texture Photoshop White Tissue Free Texture Grunge Tissue Tissue Paper Free Texture Free Texture Designer Textures

30 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Boggle Your Mind. I Can't Trust My Eyes Anymore... Our brains have developed incredible tactics and coping mechanisms to help us make sense of the complex world around us. But some parts of our highly adaptive minds aren't perfect and can be exposed through carefully crafted illusions. In this list, you had the luxury of knowing the images and gifs are actually illusions. But can you imagine how many ways your brain is deceiving you every day without your knowledge? Format de papier A1 - Le format de papier des affiches Il existe de nombreux formats de papier des feuilles. Le format du papier A1 a évolué au cours du temps et des régions où il était en vigueur, jusqu'à nos jours où le format du papier A1 est définis par la norme ISO 216 dominent, suivi par les formats régionaux. Format papier A1 : 594 x 841 mm Format papier A1 : 59,4 x 84,1 cm le format de papier A1 par rapport aux autres formats : Le format du papier A1 correspond à 1/2 feuille au format A0 Le format du papier A1 correspond à 2 feuilles au format A2 Le format du papier A1 correspond à 4 feuilles au format A3 Le format du papier A1 correspond à 8 feuilles au format A4 Le format du papier A1 correspond à 16 feuilles au format A5

Incredibili Pennelli Photoshop Crack Brushes Passo molto tempo alla ricerca di strumenti utili e freebies da adottare nella vita quotidiana e che possono essere utili a velocizzare il mio lavoro. Oggi, in questo articolo, voglio condividere con voi una splendida raccolta di Photoshop Crack Brushes gratuiti ed in alta definizione, con cui potete rendere unico, originale e molto attraente il vostro progetto grafico o di web design. I pennelli Photoshop, come detto piu’ volte, per me rappresentano uno strumento unico per rendere un progetto qualsiasi un vero e proprio capolavoro di arte moderna. Con il pennello giusto un web designer o graphic designer riesce a dare un tocco personale e coinvolgente al proprio lavoro dall’aspetto piu’ cool e accattivante. Incredibili Pennelli Photoshop Crack Brushes Pennelli Crepe Gratuiti Free Crack Brushes Pennelli Photoshop Crepe Photoshop Crack Brush Pennelli Photoshop Crack Free Photoshop Brush Pennelli Photoshop Free Download Free Crack Brush Pennelli Crepe Photoshop Pennelli Photoshop Download

Every Week, 2 Anonymous Students Sneak Into A Classroom And Proceed To Blow Everyone's Mind At the Columbus College of Art and Design, two rogue college students are creating quite a stir… but not by any normal means. They aren't cheating or stealing, they are causing a creative riot. The anonymous duo, who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom each week and create a masterpiece out of nothing but chalk. The pair are both seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design, and they are probably busy with a larger than life course-load, but they still remain passionate about their weekly chalk art. On Sunday or Monday nights, the magic happens. The pair selects a vacant classroom. Then, they get to work. They complete each masterpiece in one fell swoop. It can take up to 11 HOURS to finish one of their designs. “They choose a quote from a list compiled from Google searches and suggestions from friends, draw up a rough sketch, and then get to work using regular chalk.” The artists have chosen quotes from various people. Even Dr. These boards aren't your average act of random art.

top 12 des banques d'images gratuites et libres de droits Cette année, on vous dit tout ! Voici l’un de nos petits secrets. La liste des banques d’image libre de droit que nous utilisons régulièrement chez Orson (et dans bien d’autres Startups) pour réaliser nos créations et illustrations. La liste comprend maintenant, 12 banques d’images gratuites et libres de droits. Beaucoup de sites internet utilisent des images trouvées sur Internet sans vérifier les droits liés à cette image. Nous avons sélectionné pour vous les meilleurs sites d’images gratuites et libres de droits. Qu’est-ce que les droits d’images ? Les droits d’images sont différents selon l’utilisation que vous souhaitez faire de l’image. En revanche, si vous souhaitez modifier la photo, vendre un produit ou un service contenant cette photo, il faudra alors utiliser une image ayant la licence Creative Commons BY et citer l’auteur de la photo. Comment trouver l’image libre de droits de ses rêves ? La sélection 2015: Banques d’images libres de droits 12. 11. 10. 9.

19 Inspiring Examples of Text Over Images in Web Design In web design there are a lot of combinations that deliver a beautiful page, including the image + text duo. Combining beautiful images and nice/readable text can result in a eye candy touch that will get your user’s attention. To show you that, today we gathered some inspiring examples of the image – text duo in action. From big images and text to small headers and delicate type, there are different approaches here, enjoy. Let us know if you are interested in an article showing more techniques and tips on text over images in web design. Mount Chapel Frank Digital The Jacky Winter Group Hofstede sketchin Playground Inc. Hangar productOps Joe’s Garage Ada Blackjack Shop Idiom DesignWorks The Space InBetween Smog Bicyclettes Makers Quarter Kiliwatch Sweez Harry’s About the Author

35 Most Amazing Restaurants With A View. #25 Is INSANE. There’s nothing like eating a delicious meal with a magnificent view. Here are 35 of the most beautiful places in the world to dine. #1. Asiate in New York, New York #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada #10. #11. #12. #13. #14. #15. #16. #17. #18. #19. #20. #21. #22. #23. #24. #25. #26. kupubarongubud #27. #28. #29. #30. #31. #32.Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant in San Pablo City, Philippines #33. #34. #35. Credit: Book A Table

images libres de droit, creative commons: tout sur les licences Les banques d’images sont nombreuses sur internet, on en trouve 2 sortes : 1. Les banques d’images gratuites Avec des sites comme : Stock.xchng, Google Image, Flickr ou Wikimedia. Retrouvez la liste sur notre article Top 5 des banques d’images gratuites et libres de droits ainsi que quelques techniques pour trouver la bonne photo. 2. Avec des sites comme Getty Images ou Fotolia. Chaque image disponible sur internet qu'elle soit gratuite ou payante est soumise à une licence et toutes ne sont pas libres de droit. Pour vous y retrouver facilement voici un tableau synthétisant ce que vous pouvez faire ou ne pas faire licence par licence. Plus de détails sur chacune de ces licences à la suite de ce tableau. Les licences d'image Libre de droits Une fois les droits payés, l’utilisation de l’image est libre et illimitée : l’image est à vous et vous en faites ce que vous voulez. Vous ne pourrez évidemment pas la vendre ou transmettre vos droits à une tierce personne. Droits gérés Usage éditorial Elie

600+ Photoshop Gradients For Creating Backgrounds In Photoshop, the gradient tool is one of the most useful especially when creating background, icons, buttons for the web and many other things. Today, let us have a simple step by step tutorial on how to maximize the use of this Photoshop tool. At the end of this post, you well find plenty of resources that you can download and use for free in your designs. The gradient tool is grouped with the Pain Bucket Tool in the Tools palette usually located on the left side of the screen. Once the gradient tool is selected, an option bar will appear, which then offer you with options to make a new gradient, customize an existing gradient preset or upload more gradient presets to Photoshop. I will not deal so much about how to customize or create a gradient. HOW TO INSTALL GRADIENTS in PHOTOSHOP? Put your gradients file (.grd) in the ‘Presets’ directory of your main Photoshop program folder, under the subdirectory ‘Gradients’. You are now ready to use your gradients. 8.)

A Retired Traveler's Breathtaking Photos of International Landscapes Bangkok-based Thai photographer Weerapong Chaipuck discovered his passion for photography after an early retirement from the medical profession. Now, Chaipuck travels the world, snapping shots of all the beautiful landscapes he comes across. His breathtaking images offer eye-catching perspectives that are rich with color and texture, not to mention content. Whether he's atop Mount Hua in Xi'an, China peering down at a cloudy abyss or overlooking the expanse of the Ratchaprapa Dam located at Khao Sok national park in Thailand, Chaipuck captures the magnificence of each scenic view. His growing collection of images evoke a variety of emotions that promote both the beauty of nature and inspire others to travel and see it all for themselves. Chaipuck says, "As a new task of travel photographer, I experienced a lot of memorable moments from kind-hearted people during my trip. Weerapong Chaipuck on 500px via [thisisnthappiness]

Insérer un GIF animé - Zbooing : Astuces pour Google Sites Qu'est ce qu'un GIF animé Le GIF, pour Graphics Interchange Format (littéralement « format d'échange d'images »), est un format d'image numérique couramment utilisé sur la internet. Il permet notamment de diffuser de petites animations composées d'une succession d'images. Un exemple : Le problème avec Google Sites Si vous tentez d'insérer un GIF animé sur votre Google Sites en l'hébergeant en tant que pièce jointe, vous obtiendrez une image figée : En effet ce format n'est actuellement pas soutenu par Google Sites qui n'interprète donc pas l'animation. L'astuce Il est néanmoins possible d'insérer un GIF animé en l'hébergeant à l'extérieur du site. Comment insérer un GIF animé sur un Google Sites depuis un site externe Pour insérer une image provenant d'un de ses sites : Sur la banque d'images : Copiez l'url de votre image en effectuant un clic droit > copier l'adresse du lien. Sur Google Sites : Comment héberger son propre GIF animé pour l'insérer sur un Google Sites. Voir aussi

Free Downloads: A Collection of Rusted Textures Resources June 15, 2010 Rust often signifies age and dirt that others may not want to have in their work. With designers, however, rust is viewed in a different aspect. Most especially if the rustiness can be used or applied as material for design projects, depending on its style and the projects’ goals. A Collection of Rusted Textures is compiled in this next post as a cool resource for designers of all ages. Metal Rust Texture 22 Download Source Nether Flesh Download Source Wall Texture Download Source Merlin Download Source Metal Rust Texture 05 Download Source Textureville Download Source Rusty – texture Download Source Rust texture pack Download Source Fired wall Download Source Rust Texture Pack 01 Download Source Rust textures Download Source Coloured Rust VI Download Source Rust texture 6 Download Source 6 Rusted Stone Textures Download Source Metal Rust Texture 20 Download Source Rust Download Source Download Source Monster Monster Download Source Rust Row Download Source Rusty metal gate Download Source burned Skip 2

The San Francisco Times Andres Amador is no ordinary artist. He neither draws or paints. He doesn't sculpt. Instead of a white canvas, he uses nature, namely the beach. Andres reminds us that what is important as an artist: the journey rather than the destination. He uses his rake and wet sand to create contrast. His designs can be elaborate and intricate in nature. Sometimes, they are more geometric. Other times, more organic. Andres also helps people propose. Most importantly, he reminds us that art and beauty exist everywhere around us. All we need to do is believe. Don't forget to check out his work here. Most importantly, share his work by clicking on the buttons below.