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5000 Películas de Dominio Público Para su Descarga Gratuita

5000 Películas de Dominio Público Para su Descarga Gratuita

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10 Dark and Disturbing Animated Films That Are Worth Your Time In many Western circles, animated film is fundamentally affiliated with child-friendly films spawned by the likes of Disney and Pixar. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Toy Story, the capability of animation to portray imaginative worlds in imaginative ways has enriched childhoods for several generations. Of course, animation has not been limited to Disney nor to children, and many of the greatest stories told through cinematic drawing have arisen in the East as well. The likes of Hayao Miyazaki and Katsuhiro Otomo have created absorbing dramas and adventures that breathe through animated images, telling tales for both children and adults alike. Yet, this article does not go on to catalogue some of the high-status animated world features, but rather the cornered-off, darkly-drawn exceptions.

15 Great LGBT Coming-of-Age Movies That Are Worth Watching Being a member of the LGBT community is a life altering experience. This experience starts with the first discovery of true identity and it can vary greatly depending on the person. This realization may come at four, fourteen or one hundred, but there is a moment of profound revelation . In cinema, these moments of realization happen often in coming of age films. Coming of age films most often touch on heterosexual stories of the loss of virginity, the first kiss, or just growing up facing challenges together with friends. Coming of age films that feature prominent LGBT characters focus on identity in different ways.

Watch Over 50 Architecture Documentaries Via This YouTube Channel Watch Over 50 Architecture Documentaries Via This YouTube Channel Over the past 20 years, many of the most renowned European cultural institutions - including ARTE France, Les Films d’Ici, the Louvre, the Ministry of Culture and Communication Department of Architecture and Heritage, Centre Pompidou, City of Architecture and Heritage, Musée d'Orsay and the Fundació Mies van der Rohe - have come together to produce more than 50 architecture documentaries devoted to the most significant achievements of architecture, its beginnings, and the latest creations of the great architects of today. Now, these videos are accessible to the public via the YouTube Channel ACB (Art and Culture Bureau). Each documentary is approximately 26 minutes long, and focuses on the genesis and impact of a single building that has played a role in the evolution of architecture.

Amanda Charchian's erotic photography Amanda Charchian is an L.A.-based fine artist. Her portfolio includes photography, sculpture and film. I will focus on her photography in this feature. Amanda has an incredible skill to make a surreal impact on your senses. To achieve that she puts emphasis on location scouting, image compositions and light effects. Cora Connection: Discover The Mandinka Kora The Mandinka kora is a unique instrument with a harp-like appearance and a notched bridge similar to that of a lute or guitar. It sounds somewhat like a harp, but its intricate playing style can be closer to flamenco guitar. The first known reference to the kora comes from Mungo Park in his 1799 book, Travels in Interior Districts of Africa. He describes it as "a large harp with 18 strings." The kora's body is made from a calabash gourd cut in half and partially covered with cow skin.

The 20 Best Movies about Art and Artists “Films about art and artists” covers a variety of things, from biopics about artists dead or imagined, to documentaries on living ones. However, the best of them are the ones that are able to teach us something about the medium they depict, or about the people who create it. These films portray artists as compelled to create from an inner need, whether for therapeutic, spiritual, or philosophical reasons. They celebrate the unique worldviews such individuals often possess, while outlining their limitations, from their heightened emotionality to their predisposition to mental illness. At the same time, they explore the relationship between art and the viewer, as well as art’s somewhat unsettling contiguity to wealth and power. 20.

The 20 Greatest Documentary Filmmakers of All Time Documentary filmmakers come in a variety of shapes and forms. By their nature they are working outside of a system built for ascension, career and profit. There are no apprenticeships and you’re lucky if you are getting paid. Garbage Pail Kids: Where are they now? " alt="title" /> Garbage Pail Kids are evergreen. Invented by cartoon legends Art Spiegelman and Mark Newgarden, the Cabbage Patch Kid parodies developed a cult following as juvenile gross-out art in the 80s. The trading cards are now revered by collectors, the depth and grotesqueness of each “kid” a treasure to enthusiasts. Garbage Pail Kids don’t really need an update, but art director Jake Houvenagle and photographer Brandon Voges collaborated on a modern take that really captures the spirit of the originals. Vosges explained how the project came about:

The Art of Designing Art Stage with WY-TO Anyone, art collector or not, who was at Art Stage 2013 cannot deny that the artworks displayed were brilliant and beautiful. However, we are shifting the focus to a different type of art for Art Stage 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention space: The art of designing Art Stage. People tend to forget that what makes a good art exhibition or fair is more than just the works on display, it is also about the hospitality and the audience’s experience of the fair. We had a chance to speak with Yann Follain, founding partner of WY-TO architects, as he jovially explained the genesis of the collaboration, the inspirations behind his design for Art Stage, and a little about architecture as an art form. With the objective of “combining functionality and dream to create spaces for everyday life as well as exception occasions”, WY-TO is an international multi-disciplinary practice that is also proud to be the associate architectural partner of Art Stage Singapore 2013.

The 13 Best Documentaries About True Crimes While the human obsession with true crime might be innate, the nonfiction genre is relatively new to be taken seriously. With the recent success of the HBO series, The Jinx, and the hit podcast, Serial, true crime seems to be on everybody’s minds. Investigating crime might be inherently interesting for anybody with a taste for documentary, but there’s a moral and ethical standard that comes with any story of this kind. Also, taste plays a huge factor in whether these films stray into camp or exploitation. News hours have made their livings off society’s thirst for criminal behavior and it’s a fine line between simply reporting a dramatic occurrence and digging into the mechanics of how those illegal activities take shape.

15 Great Films Without a Soundtrack How important is music to film? The American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences would say important enough to merit an Oscar each year since 1935, not only for an original score, but an original song as well. Most prestigious film festivals give awards to composers and musicians thereby acknowledging their work as a creative and invaluable contribution to film. In fact, many movies we love are to a large extent recognizable due to memorable original scores accompanying them.

The 15 Best Movies Related To The Punk Rock Movement The year is 1977. CBGB. Ramones. Sex Pistols. Mohawks, ragged clothes, crazy hair colors, leather jacket and boots. DIY.