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Email Templates for Work Settings

Email Templates for Work Settings
Communication is hard work. A 2012 survey by McKinsey found that highly skilled desk workers spent an average of 28% of their work weeks dealing with email—a number that is surely rising. And that doesn’t even take into account the stress involved in figuring out how to convey a potentially difficult message, like asking for help, saying no, or admitting you messed up. To help make the most of your time and energy, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite scripts and templates for making email (and a few other things, like that pesky LinkedIn recommendation you need to write) much easier and less time consuming. Whether you’re job searching, networking, dealing with day-to-day work communications, or trying to be a better manager, find your situation below, tweak the template to your liking, and send it off! Job Search 1. See the Script 2. You’ve applied to a job at your dream company—and then noticed a friend is connected to someone there. See the Script 3. See the Script 4. See the Script 5.

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LifeClever ;-)Give your résumé a face lift After avoiding the 7 deadly sins of résumé design, you may be asking, “If I can’t use crazy colors, clip art, and other types of decoration, how do I make my résumé stand out from the crowd?” Like many things, the answer lies in the details. Even if you can’t hire a fancy designer and are stuck with Microsoft Word, a few tweaks can turn your blasé résumé into an elegant and functional showpiece. Best Apps for 2015 - Career Apps December is a great time to reflect on how your previous year went and what you can improve upon in the future. And as we near the beginning of 2015, you might be wondering what you can do to make your professional life a lot easier. One thing that can help? Apps. But the hardest thing about finding applications you actually want to use is that there are thousands of them to choose from. How do you know you’re getting the best stuff out there?

200 Companies Offering Legitimate Work at Home Jobs There are plenty of companies offering part time or full time positions in various categories that you can look into. A part time position would be ideal for a college student, stay at home mom or even a young teen. Those looking for full time positions will also find that they have flexible hours allowing them to log in whenever they are ready. This massive list of 200 companies has been thoroughly researched. Each one has been found to be a legitimate work from home opportunity. Some of them may not be actively hiring right now but nothing stops you from putting in your application for when they are ready to start hiring again.

Suppressed Inventions, free electricity, suppressed technologies, suppressed, inventions By LeRoy Pea Updated Jan. 18, 2005) Government involvement in suppressed inventions. Chronology Copyright April, 1989 by Pea Research Each incident of "Suppressed Inventions" is presented in the following format and separated by a horizontal line: Date of incident Reference Description of incident Note: US Patent drawings require a TIFF viewer obtainable at: Unable to Date: B1-B,3 CARBURETION, MOORE The most productive in the field of carburetion was George Arlington Moore.

6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck This article is part of a series called How to Write a Resume. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. I’ve used a few bad words in my life. S$it, you probably have too. BEATING A SPEEDING TICKET The best way to beat one is NOT to get one, so we'll deal with that first. 1. Don't act like a dick. If you act like a belligerent idiot, you will end up with a lot more than just a speeding ticket. More likely you will end up in jail with your car impounded! 2. The Networking Email Template That Gets Answers I’ve had the best time reading my email lately. Trust me, I know that’s a pretty rare thing to say—it’s just that I’ve been asking tons of awesome people to go on informational interviews with me, and they’ve almost all said yes. Wondering how to score some sweet informational interviews of your own? I know, asking can be hard—after all, you’re proposing that busy and important strangers take time out of their schedules to meet with you.

Learn How to Crochet – The Basics (with Video!) Ever wanted to learn a new craft? I’m starting to post more and more crafty things like knit and crocheted items and soon will be posting patterns I’ve written. While a lot of my readers may already know how to knit and crochet, I’m sure a fair amount of you haven’t tried it yet, so I’m here to help. I use crochet to relax. In the beginning, when you are first picking up a hook and some yarn, it might not seem so serene and calming, but after a bit of practice, it can be quite the soothing craft.

10 Things that Define a Killer Resume This article is part of a series called How to Write a Resume. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. Most of us, at some point in our careers, have applied to some job with some piece of flimsy paper called a resume. Sure, you may have poured your heart into it. You may have really wanted the job. But how do you know your resume got read?