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320 applications mobiles muséales, patrimoniales et culturelles en France (au 2 décembre 2014)

320 applications mobiles muséales, patrimoniales et culturelles en France (au 2 décembre 2014)

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The New Met App Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO Posted: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 «I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Met app created by the Museum's Digital Media Department. Organisation internationale pour les migrations The Where We're From interactive app tracks migrants around the world. This application is now being hosted by Its endlessly fascinating to explore where we're from. The underlying data for the map was published by the World Bank in 2010. The Best 8 iPad Video Creation Apps for Teachers in 2014 November 21, 2014 We have reviewed and shared over 200 educational apps during this year. Based on your interactions with these posts together with the popularity of these apps among teachers and educators from around the world, we decided to compile a series of lists featuring the best iPad apps to use for doing a variety of digital tasks with students. We will start with the video apps category and share with what we think are the top 10 iPad apps that you can use to create educational videos and instructional tutorials for your class.

Is Responsive Web Design right for your museum's mobile content strategy? - plein air interactive For awhile now all the cool kids on the Web have been chatting about Responsive Web Design as an efficient approach for designing website layouts across a myriad of device types. In fact, about 10 million web pages mention it. So why all the hubbub? Responsive web design can make it easier for you to maintain the code base of your site for the multitude of devices - think mobile phones and tablets in particular - that are exploding onto the market these days. With a responsive approach, you maintain a single set of templates for your web pages, then use media queries, a flexible HTML grid and "flexible images" to adjust the template layout depending on the type of device requesting your page.

30 essential iPad Apps for the paperless classroom (infographic) iPad Published on May 25th, 2015 | by Mark Anderson I make no apologies for making this an iPad focused post. Dear museums: the time is right to embrace mobile Dear museums, we love you. You inspire, engage and educate. We visit you to have an experience, to learn something new, or for a day out with family and friends. We love you because you actively bring change and development to our communities. You just make us feel good.