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Fun & Free Business English Courses

Fun & Free Business English Courses

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Business Rules for Meeting and Greeting Very definite rules apply to the various aspects of meeting and greeting people in the corporate culture. Your mother was right when she gave you that advice about first impressions. Standing Mind Your P's and Q's A Handy Little Guide to International Business Etiquette Success in business comes down to building strong relationships with our associates. As our jobs become more and more globalized, many of us find ourselves traveling and building relationships with people across international borders, where manners and expectations might be different than we're used to. The ins and outs of international business etiquette can get confusing. For example, punctuality is of utmost importance in England, but in France, you're considered to be "on time" if you arrive 10 minutes late. The intricacies unique to each country's business practices can be difficult to keep track of, but they can make or break your international business relationships.

Are Teachers of Tomorrow Prepared to Use Innovative Tech? Getty Images With a new generation of teachers coming into the work force, there’s a discrepancy between what principals expect of teachers-in-training and what they’re actually learning in school. A new Project Tomorrow report surveying principals concluded that they want to hire new teachers with creative ideas about how technology can be leveraged to create authentic and differentiated learning experiences. Free Interactive English Sample - Homer-like blob of glue on eBay Basic Vocabulary: Vocabulary from the news story News story: Homer-like blob of glue on eBay Intermediate Vocabulary: Buying and selling News story: Homer-like blob of glue on eBay Advanced Vocabulary: Expressions with fun News story: Homer-like blob of glue on eBay Video discussion

com Excerpt: Face-to-face meetings are the best way to reach a decision that requires discussion. Great meetings don't happen by accident. They are a result of advance planning that considers the desired outcome of the meeting and the needs of meeting participants. Here are some planning steps you can take to make your next meeting truly terrific. How to Teach Business English Like a Pro What's inside? All the ideas you need to plan lessons for business students that want to learn targeted ESL for business situations. Hmmm... Four Activities to Jump-Start Teamwork Among Teachers and School Leaders Luca Nisalli By Gayle Allen Teachers and school leaders face very different challenges today from even a decade ago. The pace of change is faster; there’s more accountability. And the amount of content is overwhelming. To thrive, teachers see opportunities where others see only challenges.

Mooc Tracker Massive open online courses – or Moocs – are web-based classes that offer students self-paced learning in their subject of choice. Recently-listed free courses, on aspects of business, in our interactive directory include: Although Moocs are non-degree programmes, the content of many of these courses is often similar to that of a university-level programme. Some Mooc platforms, including Coursera and edX, partner with top universities to offer courses. Read instructions on how to use this directory. 5 Simple Tips for Reducing Workplace Stress If work isn’t a source of stress for you, you’re part of a very small, very lucky minority. In fact, according to a recent survey by Harris Interactive, 83% of Americans say their jobs stress them out. Many people will tell you that “thinking positively” or “trying to relax” are good ways to combat stress, but these are vague solutions. Luckily, there are a few specific actions you can take to hopefully alleviate the stress inherent in the office.

Business Case Studies - Teaching business studies by example Business studies learning resources Learn business studies theory online with our extensive revision pages, download free case studies from real world companies and associated lesson materials and worksheets for teachers and students. The Times 100 Business Case Studies is a long-established and trusted brand, providing a unique, powerful and immediate resource for teachers and students of business studies. Each of The Times 100 Business Case Studies is constructed around a key element of the business studies curriculum. By using real information and issues from the sponsoring companies, the case studies bring to life the complexities of business and help students engage and learn by giving them relevant context.

Google Tips and Tricks Every Student/Teacher Should Know - Whether you’re a student in college (or earlier) or a lifelong learner, Google is an essential tool for learning. Here are a few tips for using Google search and other apps more effectively to further your education. Many of these tips you’ve no doubt learned before from our previous Google coverage, but every worthwhile subject is worth reviewing now and again, and today we’re looking specifically at the best Google tricks for students. So here we go! Quickly Find Exactly the Information You Need