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Provides a theme-independent administration interface (aka. navigation, back-end). It's a helper for novice users coming from other CMS, a time-saver for site administrators, and useful for developers and site builders. Administrative links are displayed in a CSS/JS-based menu at the top on all pages of your site. It not only contains regular menu items — tasks and actions are also included, enabling fast access to any administrative resource your Drupal site provides. Showcase and Quality Assurance Test-drive in various themes on the demonstration site or watch a short demo reel or a installation tutorial video. Behaviour and Integration Works in all themes and all browsers.Exposes all administration links including all tabs/tasks and actions to provide direct access to any page.Extensible with add-on features by other modules. Related modules Installation Documentation Credits Current maintainers: This project has been sponsored by: unleashed mind Drupal consulting and development. Related:  Drupal 7 : Essential Modules

Token Tokens are small bits of text that can be placed into larger documents via simple placeholders, like %site-name or [user]. The Token module provides a central API for modules to use these tokens, and expose their own token values. Note that Token module doesn't provide any visible functions to the user on its own, it just provides token handling services for other modules. For Drupal 6, the Token module provides a "Token Actions" module which can be enabled separately. Modules that use the Token module and provide tokens via the API include Organic Groups, Pathauto, Comment Notify, and Commerce. Pledges #D7CX: The basic token API is now a part of Drupal 7! #D7AX - I pledge to make this module as accessible as it can be.

Panels Extra Layouts Extra Layouts for the Panels Module Panels is one of the most, if not the most, powerful modules for laying out a page in Drupal. Panels builds on CTools which is a swiss army knife for doing all sorts of elaborated things in Drupal without having to hack the drupal core. The Bottom Line This module provides a set of fixed and adaptive layouts for Panels. Fixed layouts are those that have a fixed geometry. Adaptive layouts are layouts that adapt to the content. Note that adaptive layouts differ from the the flexible layouts created via the Panels UI. This module provides 5 two column layouts, 4 three column layouts and 2 adaptive layouts. Installation Download and install the module as usual.Now when defining a new variant or redefining the layout of an existing one you should see the new layouts in the dropdown, under the Columns: 2, Columns: 3 and a new item Adaptive.Select one of the above layouts.Proceed to add content to your liking.Done. Adaptive layouts Fixed layouts Two columns

Pathauto The Pathauto module automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. This allows you to have URL aliases like /category/my-node-title instead of /node/123 . The aliases are based upon a "pattern" system that uses tokens which the administrator can change. Requirements Versions The 7.x-1.x and 6.x-2.x branches are currently accepting new feature requests and are kept in sync as much as possible. Known issues Multilingual URL alias support is still a little unstable and should be tested before used in production. Recommended modules Redirect (D7) / Path Redirect (D6) when installed Pathauto will provide a new "Update Action" in case your URLs change. Co-Maintainers Pathauto was originally written by mikeryan and maintained by Greg Knaddison (greggles) . Pledges #D8CX : I pledge that Pathauto will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released. Downloads

Hover Preview for ImageCache This module provides a new series of ImageCache formatters. The overall goal is to enable the ability to provide a hover state of an image when a mouse rolls over it. This is similar to functionality you would find on many shopping websites. The implementation of this module goes a bit further than just a javascript hover. It allows for hovering from any defined ImageCache preset to any other ImageCache preset. The easiest way to see it in action is to click on the demonstration link. D6 original module development by Thinkleft, maintained by Go Chic or Go Home. Entity API This module extends the entity API of Drupal core in order to provide a unified way to deal with entities and their properties. Additionally, it provides an entity CRUD controller, which helps simplifying the creation of new entity types. Requirements Drupal 7.2 or later; suggested Drupal >= 7.15 Documentation You can find documentation in the handbooks. Overview For site-builders This is an API module, so it doesn't provide any end-user features. A Views display plugin and field to render or link to any entity (by view-mode)A CTools content plugin to render any entity (by view-mode)It ships with the Entity tokens module which makes sure there are tokens for most entity properties and fields, i.e. it provides token replacements for all entity properties (or fields) that have no tokens and are known to the entity module (read about the entity property info API below). For developers Changes Credits The project has been sponsored by Maintainer Wolfgang Ziegler (fago)

Embedded Media Field Maintainers: aaron (Aaron Winborn) and Alex UA (Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg) This extensible module will create fields for content types that can be used to display video, image, and audio files from various third party providers. When entering the content, the user will simply paste the URL or embed code from the third party, and the module will automatically determine which content provider is being used. When displaying the content, the proper embedding format will be used. The module is only an engine, and requires a supported module to function. Please note: As of emfield 2.x, provider files for these modules are no longer included with the main emfield module, and must be downloaded separately- please see the list of projects providing provider files below. Modules extending Embedded Media Field The following modules work in conjunction with this project, largely to expose media providers (you'll need at least one of these to make the module useful): Included Modules

Rules The Rules module allows site administrators to define conditionally executed actions based on occurring events (known as reactive or ECA rules). It's a replacement with more features for the trigger module in core and the successor of the Drupal 5 workflow-ng module. Example use cases Build flexible content publishing workflows changesSend customized mails to notify your users about importantCreate custom redirections, system messages, breadcrumbs, ...Build an eCommerce store using Drupal Commerce And many more... Features Obviously, you may use reaction rules to react upon any event with custom conditions and actions.Allows functionality to be re-used via components (Drupal 6: Rule sets only).Flexible scheduling system that allows scheduling any component / action.Users can share their customizations by using the built-in import/export feature. Integrations Modules may use the Rules module's API to provide new events, conditions, actions or default rules, which can be customized by users.

Panels Tabs Description This module provides a configurable "tabs" Panel style that can be used by any Panels module. The module supports the following tab modes: Normal tabs (horizontal filling disabled).Horizontally filling, equal width tabs: sets the width property, forcing each tab to be equally wide. Pager links inside panels (e.g. views with pagers) will automatically be updated to ensure that the same tab is opened when the page is loaded. Drupal 7 Version Development has started on the 7.x-2.x version with new features and fixes. Panels Tabs requires Panels 7.x-3.1 +. Dependencies for Drupal 6 Version jQuery / jQuery UI / Tabs Issues The tabs module can be quite picky about which version of jQuery & jQuery UI you use. Drupal 5 Version Development has frozen on the Drupal 5 version and is no longer actively maintained Dependencies:

Context Context Context allows you to manage contextual conditions and reactions for different portions of your site. You can think of each context as representing a "section" of your site. Think of conditions as a set of rules that are checked during page load to see what context is active. Other included modules Context UI provides an administrative interface for managing and editing Contexts. The inline editor for 7.x The inline editor has been redone for 7.x and is activated via a "Configure Layout" contextual link on blocks that appear on the page. Dependencies Required Chaos Tools 1.7 or higher Recommended for 6.x jQuery UI in order to use the Context inline editorAdmin 2.x in order to use the Context inline editor Upgrading from Context 2.x for Drupal 6.x Download latest Context 3.x and latest CTools release and place in modules directory. Drupal 6 Documentation Screencasts Video tutorial of Context 2.x by MustardSeed Media Older posts and presentations Thanks

Field group Fieldgroup will, as the name implies, group fields together. All fieldable entities will have the possibility to add groups to wrap their fields together. Fieldgroup comes with default HTML wrappers like vertical tabs, horizontal tabs, accordions, fieldsets or div wrappers. The field group project is a follow-up on the field group module in CCK. Available group types FieldsetsHorizontal tabsVertical tabsAccordionsDivsMultipage steps: Note: This is only client side.HTML5 elementsHtml elements Notes This project will NOT include the multigroup feature as it existed for drupal6. Modules that depend on fieldgroup Contact me if you know a module that can get in this list! Related modules Display suite: DS will define a layout resulting in a Fields UI with regions and groups.Renderable elements: In combination with rel, field_group will take over the fieldsets defined by core or other modules, such as additional_settings on node multiple fields by there items Maintenance