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Learn Japanese

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Breaking into Japanese Literature As many of you know by now, being an intermediate student of Japanese can be really miserable. You know a chunk of basic grammar, you can understand everything in your textbooks, but the moment you step into the real world of reading Japanese, everything feels foreign again. If you are one of those people who wants to transition into reading Japanese literature in its original state, sometimes it feels like there is no way you will ever get there. Genki – Self-study Room Self-study Room offers a variety of online materials to support your learning with Genki textbooks. *external links (Notice)If your computer is experiencing difficulties reading the scripts on this site, change the text code to “Japanese (Shift_JIS)” or “Automatic”. Culture Note Video Clips for Culture Note Video clips related to “Culture Note” columns in the Dialogue & Grammar section of Genki.

10 Recommended Resources for Learning Japanese Whether you want to learn Japanese without enrolling in a language school, or you want to supplement your Japanese lessons, there’s no shortage of learning resources for you, and here are some of them. Keep in mind, though, that since some of these resources work best as supplementary review material, it’s best to use a combination of materials for those planning to study Japanese on their own. Of course, there’s no one surefire way to learn Japanese (different strokes for different folks, after all), but we’ve also got some tips on how to improve your Japanese. Good luck, and happy learning! TextFugu Online Japanese Textbook Teaching reading IS rocket science - Louisa Moats Before you start reading, and before you start writing, you’re going to learn how to pronounce nearly all the “sounds” of the Japanese language. If you can’t pronounce anything, you won’t be able to read or write anything either. If you learn how to pronounce something while you’re learning to read and write it, you’ll run into overload.

The Expat's Guide to Japan Once you get used to the overcrowding, get to know which lines intersect at which stations, and which lines are operated by which companies, Tokyo’s rail network is not so difficult to navigate. Still, there are a few tips and tricks that even veterans can make use off to save time, money and stress on the world’s busiest public transport system. 1. Board the right car for your destination Exits are marked in yellow while Metro symbols show line transfers Links for Studying Japanese Online There are so many resources on the Internet for studying Japanese! These are the best ones I've found so far, and I hope you find something helpful in this list. Some quick notes first: Everything listed here is free to use unless otherwise noted. Links in bold are are highly recommended. This page has grown a bit out of control, so please pardon the clutter until I find a better way to organize it.

100 top resources to learn Japanese 741 Flares6250116×741 Flares We find ourselves often giving recommendations of products to learn Japanese with, and we thought it’d be useful to compile a list for your reference. We have included a number of our own products, only where we are convinced that they are deserving of their place in the list, and we have included paid and free study resources without discrimination.

Common Kanji Vocabulary Lists · Tangorin Japanese Dictionary The Jōyō Kanji 常用漢字表 The jōyō kanji is the guide to kanji characters announced officially by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Current jōyō kanji are those on a list of 1,945 characters issued on October 10, 1981. It is a slightly modified version of the tōyō kanji, which was the initial list of secondary school-level kanji standardized after World War II. (source: Wikipedia) Kanji lists ordered by JLPT-level, Grade or Frequency of use - Skip to main content. 漢字 Navigation: Home | Learning the Kanji | Downloads | Kanji Lists Language What kind of language is Japanese? In this section you can take Japanese lessons and try speaking the language. You can also learn the characters used to write Japanese.

Genki – Home Go to Genki-Online [3rd Edition] Check out this new collection of video skits presenting sentence patterns studied in GENKI! The skits cover one pattern each and last just a minute or two, making them a handy tool for introducing, practicing, and reviewing key patterns. What’s more, the humor-filled skits make GENKI even more fun to use, while aiding understanding of the material. -> Special site GENKI is a highly acclaimed series of integrated resources for learning elementary Japanese through a well-balanced approach to all four language skill areas—speaking, listening, reading, and writing.