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Free contemporary K-12 curriculum design - ThemeSpark

Free contemporary K-12 curriculum design - ThemeSpark

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Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. One account. All of Google. Sign in to continue to Docs Find my account Forgot password? Home of free rubric tools: RCampus Welcome to iRubric iRubric is a comprehensive rubric development, assessment, and sharing tool. Designed from the ground up, iRubric supports a variety of applications in an easy-to-use package. Best of all, iRubric is free to build and share. iRubric Enterprise Edition empowers schools with an easy-to-use system for monitoring student learning outcomes and aligning with standards. Click. Click.

Apps and Websites for Making Flash Cards and Quizzes Jump to navigation Print list TinyTap, Create & Play Educational Games Book-and-game builder empowers creativity, boasts vast content library Bottom line: With some patience and planning, this game maker can be a classroom game changer. Rubrics and Rubric Makers As we all know grading is the most necessary procedures of our career. It might just be me, but grading is the bane of my existence. Do you feel the same way?

The EdTech Eleven: This Month's Must-Know Tools Things move fast in the edtech world, and we hear all the time from teachers how hard it can be to keep up. This is why we've created the EdTech Eleven, our monthly list of noteworthy tools generating buzz in the edtech world. While these aren't recommendations or ratings (you have to check out our Top Picks for that), what you'll find on the EdTech Eleven is a quick and current list of trending tools you might want to check out. April 2018 Updates What left the list? Cozmo, Kahoot!

Doing It or Doing It Well? Using Data for Learning Blog reposted from About five years ago, I decided that it was time to get in shape. An infomercial caught my eye and I found myself ordering a video program, weights, bands, nutritional guide, and pull-up bar while waiting impatiently for my new life to begin. Choose your own adventure with 13 Google for Education tools Plan with efficiency, collaborate & explore, check for understanding 4. Plan with Classroom and Course Kit: In addition to the new Classwork page, Classroom has a refreshed look and feel. More Than Half of All U.S. Colleges and Universities Are Already ACT/SAT Optional for Fall 2022 Applicants for further information, contact: Bob Schaeffer(239) 395-6773 mobile (239) 699-0468 for immediate release Wednesday, February 17, 2021 High school juniors planning to apply to college in fall 2022 can rest a bit easier about the application process.

Top 5 Web Mashups When it comes to information access, the Internet is a double-edged sword. At no time in human history have we had so much information available or in such an easily accessible format (through just a few mouse clicks). But frequently, we're so overloaded with information that we can't make much sense of it. Web mashups are one technique that can make Web-based data more useful.