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30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class

30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class
One day, in front 36 riotous sophomores, I clutched my chest and dropped to my knees like Sergeant Elias at the end of Platoon. Instantly, dead silence and open mouths replaced classroom Armageddon. Standing up like nothing had happened, I said, "Thanks for your attention -- let's talk about love poems." I never used that stunt again. After all, should a real emergency occur, it would be better if students call 911 rather than post my motionless body on YouTube. I've thought this through. Most teachers use silencing methods, such as flicking the lights, ringing a call bell (see Teacher Tipster's charming video on the subject), raising two fingers, saying "Attention, class," or using Harry Wong's Give Me 5 -- a command for students to: Focus their eyes on the speaker Be quiet Be still Empty their hands Listen. There is also the "three fingers" version, which stands for stop, look, and listen. Lesser known techniques are described below and categorized by grade bands: Call and Response

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5 Quick Classroom-Management Tips for Novice Teachers I made a good number of blunders my first year teaching that still make me cringe. I learned though. And it's fair to say, when it comes to managing a classroom, most of what we learn as new teachers is trial by fire. It's also smart to heed the advice of those who have walked -- and stumbled -- before you.

5 Common Mistakes that Will Lead to an Out-of-Control Classroom Guest post by Linda Kardamis at Teach 4 the Heart My first year teaching was not very pretty. I thought I knew how to manage a class, but I made some critical errors that left me in the situation every teacher dreads – standing in front of an out-of-control classroom. New Picture Book Biographies It’s been a stellar season for nonfiction, particularly for picture book biographies. These appealing and carefully researched examples of the genre are perfect for introducing a broad range of readers to their subjects and leading students to further inquiry. Barb Rosenstock’s Ben Franklin’s Big Splash: The Mostly True Story of His First Invention (Boyds Mills/Calkins Creek, Sept. 2014; K-Gr 3) focuses on the great man as a rambunctious and curious 11-year-old. While the common wisdom of the day, even among sailors, was that swimming would make you sick, Ben was in his element in the water and took to Boston’s Charles River like an otter.

Meet 4 Teachers Who Took Classroom Design to the Next Level Wow, what can we say! This past summer we decided to start a learning space design challenge on to highlight all of the amazing “cribs” that you have designed for students. Instead of just “aesthetics” we focused this challenge on brain-friendly learning spaces that promoted deep learning and engagement through design. And we were blown away by the response! How Teachers Can Motivate Students of Any Age iStock By Linda Flanagan Barry Schwartz laughs as he describes the little girl next door who suddenly dove into reading after a substitute teacher took over her elementary school classroom. For every book they read, recalls the Swarthmore College psychology professor, students received a point, which they later cashed in for prizes. The girl then started to read a book an hour. The only catch was that she picked her books based on the number of pages and type size, and “she couldn’t tell you anything about any of them,” he says.

Fall Fun: Great Books About Autumn Brimming with golden leaves, gusty winds, harvest happenings, and winter preparations, these engaging picture books are just right for late-autumn sharing. Awesome Autumn. by Bruce Goldstone. Holt. 2012. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9780805092103. Tips for Creating Wow-Worthy Learning Spaces "Look at your learning space with 21st-century eyes: Does it work for what we know about learning today, or just for what we knew about learning in the past?” -The Third Teacher Does your classroom mirror the rectilinear seating arrangement popular in Sumerian classrooms, circa 2000 BCE? Or is your classroom seating flexible and tricked out with the IDEO designed Node Chair by Steelcase? What classroom design changes can you do on a budget that supports learning?

Privacy Concerns for ClassDojo and Other Tracking Apps for Schoolchildren Photo HUNTER, N.Y. — For better or for worse, the third graders in Greg Fletcher’s class at Hunter Elementary School always know where they stand. One morning in mid-October, Mr. Fletcher walked to the front of the classroom where an interactive white board displayed ClassDojo, a behavior-tracking app that lets teachers award points or subtract them based on a student’s conduct. On the board was a virtual classroom showing each student’s name, a cartoon avatar and the student’s scores so far that week. “I’m going to have to take a point for no math homework,” Mr. Edtech Conferences You Need To Know EdSurge Newsletters Receive weekly emails on edtech products, companies, and events that matter. EDITOR'S NOTE: Wow! We've experienced an overwhelmingly positive response to this conference map--thank you! We've also seen several mentions of minor corrections and conferences that we missed.

What is your classroom management profile What is your classroom management profile? Answer these 12 questions and learn more about your classroom management profile. The steps are simple: * Read each statement carefully. * Write your response, from the scale below, on a sheet of paper. Classroom Management: The Intervention Two-Step All of us have had major classroom disruptions that try our patience and push our limits. These incidents can threaten our sense of control and generate fear of looking weak to other students. We fear that other students might do the same thing if we don't take a strong stance. Couple these feelings with the possibility of taking the disruption personally, and we have a recipe for disaster. It's important that we divide our response into two parts: Immediate stabilization Intervention to resolve these issues

Over 100 Free Audio Books for Early Readers November, 2014Unite for Literacy is a great website I discovered through Mattbgomz. The site features over 100 audio books for early readers. You can use these materials with your kids to help them improve their reading skills. These books can also be played on iPad so you can access them on the go. The audio books offered by Unite for Literacy are all free and you can use them right off the website. There is nothing to download and no registration is required.