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How to make gloves

How to make gloves
Sewing > Gloves Have you thought you can sew gloves of cloth? It's rather easy. Why not try? Materials Cloth, 30cm length. Patterns and cutting Print the pattern out on the A4 paper. Sewing Sew the gussets to the back of fingers. b'-c-d' and d''-e-f' and f''-g-h'. Sew the wrist to the top of the forefinger continuously. a-b-b'-c-d'-d-d''-e-f'-f-f''-g-h'-h-h''. Fold the wrist and stitch around. The patterns are rough a little. Finished with trimming. Other examples Made of two-way stretch, with chains. Thick furry cloth. Sewing Baby cape / Baby dress / Baby bonnet / Baby shoes / Baby mittens / BibPolo shirt / Sweatshirt / SundressKid's cap / Reversible hat / Tulip hat / Flat cap / Knit cap Cloth glovesPanda apron / Slippers / Indoor boots / Socks / Night vestShopping bag / Pouch / Felt cake Links Hanty / Cute Underwear / Nuno Life / Boy Dolls / Cloth Doll Making / ソーイング Related:  Sewing projects

How to Make Gloves In this instructable, I will show you how to draft your own glove pattern and make a pair of gloves. You can use this with any fabric, leather, vinyl, or similar material, stretchy or not. Hands are complicated 3D shapes with many degrees of freedom of movement. Gloves need to accommodate this and are as such more complicated than 2 pieces of hand-shaped fabric sewn together. SUPPLIES: For drafting: -duct tape (or something similarly flexible) -paper (preferably tracing paper or something similar) -a disposable glove (latex, nitrile, whatever you have on hand [HURHUR]) -a pencil -a permanent marker -sharp scissors For construction: -fabric -thread -pins -Fray-Check (optional, but nice to have) -a sewing machine and/or a needle and lots of patience

Make them into tags Once your ribbon is dry, grab some good fabric scissors and cut into lengths. These tags are folded over and the cut end is sewn into a seam. Make sure you cut enough room to fold your label in half! Grab an iron and make that fold nice and crisp, and tada! You've got a whole pile of hand-made, custom colored tags! Time to sew! If you are serging a seam, stick the tag into your fabric with the cut ends on the garbage-side of your blade. Happy tagging!

Full Demonstration of all LilyPad components The LilyPad Electronic Platform is an electronic platform designed to be easily sewn into fabric using conductive thread, which provides designers freedom from the traditional construction method of soldering. The LilyPad consists of 3 sensors (temperature, light, and acceleration), a button board, and 4 kinds of output devices: a tri-colored LED, a white LED, a sound board, and a buzzer board. This Instructable shows you how to construct a full demonstration of the LilyPad's functions. When discussing soft circuit components, especially when talking to those unfamiliar with electronics, it's extremely useful to be able to point to a physical device demonstrating how components connect to another and their possible functionality. The video below demonstrates all the functionality of all components.

Decorate a suitcase? [Archive] Has anyone had luck with decorating a fabric suitcase? Stickers don't stick and the suitcase for my grandson needs a little "magic". Will a transfer melt the fabric? Any ideas will be appreciated. DH here.... (no, I'm not a mom as the user name would suggest :lmao:) Anyway - we purchased a decent set of luggage this year to accompany us on our annual trip to Disney (and wherever else our trips may take us). We just took our first trip with the luggage and it held up well (the patches and luggage). Put a block of wood in the luggage pocket under where the patch will go. Set the patch on and decide where you want it (then remove the patch and set aside until you heat the fabric in the next step). Put a small towel over the case and heat the towel (and the case under it) with an iron. Remove the towel and place the patch where you want it. Put the towel back (over the case and patch) and iron the towel again (hold the iron in place is fine) for about 30 seconds. My Carry on Bag. Michael

Somewhat Stretchy : Make Your Own Catsuit Sewing Pattern Catsuit, unitard, bodysuit, surfsuit, skinsuit - all terms that relate to a form-fitting one-piece garment that reaches from shoulder to leg, usually extending to ankles and wrists. For the full experience, Zentai suits have gloves, socks, and a hood too, to cover everything! There are practical and aesthetic reasons for wearing bodysuits - from the protection against UV light afforded by surfsuits to the ease of movement and beauty of a dancer in a unitard - but for myself, I find hoodless gloveless catsuits entertaining and occasionally pleasant for lounging and pyjamas. Video sequence of making a zipless catsuit Here are a set of instructions with photos covering construction of a catsuit from measurements to sewing. Follow links marked with to step through the simplest and most popular suit: a catsuit with a zipped seam at the front or back. Just remember: everyone makes mistakes - that's how we learn. This page is designed to work with level 2 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2).

How-To: Shimmering LED Skirt Becky’s latest wearables project, over at adafruit, combines three components from their FLORA sewable electronics ecosystem—the microcontroller, the accelerometer/compass module, and the RGB LED “pixels”—to create a no-solder sewable circuit that sparkles when you sashay! Twinkles when you tiptoe! Glimmers when you galavant! Hmmm. Beautiful work from Becky, as usual, in both design and documentation. And if none of those verbs suits your personal branding, the project could easily be adapted to make, say, a raincoat that radiates when you ramble, a duster that dazzles when you decamp, a serape that scintillates when you saunter… (Repeat and fade.) Overview | Sparkle Skirt | Adafruit Learning System Related Making a Skinsuit / Catsuit / Unitard Here you will find instructions on how to build a single piece form fitting suit out of stretch fabrics. The most basic pattern, one without mask or full gloves, can be made with three large pattern pieces and 6 seams plus hems (edges). Keep in mind you're going to have to build a pattern from the ground up. I can't give you something that you can just print out and scale to size. There's also a strong "Your mileage may vary" warning. There might be some problems with the pattern so I'd suggest using moderately priced fabric for your first attempt. Any questions or comments can be directed here. Instructions: -Back to "The Rest of It"- Searchfuel: catsuit, skinsuit, leotard, unitard, bodysuit, catsuits, skinsuits, leotards, unitards, bodysuits, spandex, lycra, full body, zentai, spandex costume, lycra costume spandex suit, lycra suit, superhero costume, comic book costume, cats costume.

Wholesale Fold Over Elastic - Printed Glitter Print Your search for wholesale fold over elastic by the yard is over! We have a wide variety of both elastic and fold over elastic. Varieties include lace in both a 1 inch width and 2 inch width, printed elastic such as animal prints, stripes, polka dot and damask, fold over elastic in numerous colors, glitter elastic in 3/8th and 5/8th inch, velvet in 3/8th and 5/8th inch, and the very popular chevron. Mix and match our wholesale elastic with our wide assortment of flowers, feather and buttons. The options and combinations of our elastic colors are endless as we currently have a variety of over 65 colors in stock in our 5/8th inch elastic with many of those same colors in our 1/8th inch elastic, our 3/8th inch elastic, and glitter elastic. Our wholesale prices allow you to buy just what you need because we sell our elastic by the yard and our lace in 5 yard increments.

DIY Clothes Tutorial: Making an Elastic Harness [DIY Fashion]Monoxious | Monoxious Hello peeps, It’s been long since we had a post on DIY Fashion. We apologise on that part, the past month has been pretty crazy with the holiday season and setting up resolutions and priorities as the year drew to an end. We have load of exciting things lined up for Monoxious this year. Do watch out for them. Today we present something which we have been procrastinating for quite a while (which is not good since fashion waits for no one.) and raved about it back here. These are what you will need. Elastics (approx 5yards)Trimmings with hook and eyePinsBlack threadDress form (not pictured)Optional: Black Sock cat (for entertainment) Start pinning your elastics to the dress form. Just keep doing it until you’re satisfied or run out of elastics. I marked the lines a little further as you can see as elastics are stretchable and you would want the harness to be slightly snug when wearing. Sew all the straps together~!!!! And here’s the completed piece~!!!

Synesthesia Garden - a weird art + style blog | » neo-victorian Danny van Ryswyk07.23.12 Amsterdam-based artist Danny van Ryswyk creates strange, surreal artwork that evokes a sense of eerie melancholy, Victorian portraiture, and monstrous absurdity, using 3D technology. Related posts:Precious Creatures: The Art of Ray CaesarBeautiful Imaginary Portraits by Travis LouieTags: black-and-white portraits, dark, eerie, hauntingly beautiful, masks, monsteresque, neo-victorian, portraits, realism, twins, victorian Chrystal Chan02.26.12 See more after the cutTags: animals, dark fairy tales, deer, illustrations, innocence/menace, modern fairy tales, neo-victorian, pop surrealism, realism, symbolism Hell House: The Art of Esao Andrews01.23.12 Esao Andrews combines a colorful palette with a Gothic sensibility. Some of his paintings are twists on traditional portraits from earlier epochs akin to the work of Nicola Samorì.

Five Common Sewing Machine Mistakes + How to Fix Them When you first start using a sewing machine, it’s inevitable that you make mistakes. It’s easy to forget – or just not realise – all the little things that can cause your machine to throw a tantrum if you’re not careful. This weekend I taught 240 people to use a sewing machine in a series of 12 workshops at the Handmade Fair. When you’re showing lots of people how to do the same thing again and again, it becomes increasingly clear which are the most common mistakes that we make when starting to use a sewing machine. The good news is that these problems are super easy to solve – hooray! 1) The needle unthreads itself when you start sewing You only just threaded the needle and as soon as you put your foot down on the pedal the thread decides to come out of the needle. 2) The fabric is jiggling around like crazy Lower your presser foot! So those are some of the most common sewing machine mistakes and easy ways to solve them.

How to Make a Hooded Cape / Cloak: Trapezoid cut Measurements shoulder slope + length from shoulder = 1 fabric length<=========> + <=============> = 1 fabric length Determining width of <===> I shall use the figure 22" as the size of finished neckline. Total number of <===> = size of finished neckline 6 <===> = 22” Therefore 1 <===> = 22 ÷ 6 ≈3.5” Make this figure 4". For those skilled with joining narrow pieces, make the total number of <===> as 4 per length of fabric. Joining the trapezoid cut cloak The above diagram is based on 3 lengths of 54"-wide fabric. Measurements: 8 <===> = circumference of final neckline (10 <====> if you prefer to sew narrow pieces). There was no hem allowance because the shoulder slope already provides for it since the neckline starts at the beginning of the shoulder slope. Conclusion: ss

LED Dancing Dress - GREEN ISSUES BY AGY That's what my husband calls my latest upcycle, a dancing dress, and I think it's because I've incorporated the LED lights into it. I wore it to a friend's barbeque and I got a lot of queries along the lines of "Why is your dress glowing?". Many had to do a double take! I was inspired by Becky Stern's Sparkle Skirt (see video below). Her skirt had laser-cut motifs and underneath she had programmed some LEDs to sparkle away depending on how you moved. Personally, I felt the sparkle was too much for me, and I wanted to mute it with the fabric of a dress that I had. I didn't use Adafruit, but LilyPad Arduino together with the accelerometer and rows of LEDs. It took me one evening and night to design, sew and programme it. Here it is worn under a colourful dress that I have.