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Code Avengers: JavaScript Intro.1.1 var table = new app.Table(3, 4); table.setSize(50); table.hideAll();; //alert('Color is: ' + table.getColor(4) + '\nIs it visible: ' + table.isVisible(4));; table.setColor(app.randomColor(), 6); var score = new Game.Score('Score', [170, 100]); function onMouseDown() { score.add(); } var score = new Game.Score('Score', [170, 100]); function onMouseDown(event) { if (event.event.button == 0) { score.add(); } else { score.set(0); } } var score = new Game.Score('Score', [170, 100]); function onMouseDown(event) { if (event.event.detail == 1) { score.add(); } else { score.add(2); } if (score.get() > 9) { score.reset(); } } var message = new PointText(50, 50); message.content = 'Hello there'; message.fontSize = 15; var m = new PointText(50, 50); m.fontSize = 20; var n = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]; m.content = ''+n[0]+n[1]+n[2]+n[3]+n[4]+n[5]; function onMouseDown() { n = Game.shuffle(n); m.content = ''+n[0]+n[1]+n[2]+n[3]+n[4]+n[5]; } Game.setBackgroundColor('dodgerBlue'); <! <!

Trinket helps you teach with code opinsys/ohjelmointi-opetuksessa Jeux sérieux gratuits 2 À l'assaut : Selon le principe des livres dont vous êtes le héros, vous tenez le rôle d'un soldat dans les tranchées lors de la Première guerre mondiale. Vos choix influeront alors sur votre vie ou votre mort. Une reconstitution cathartique en dessins animés qui touchera les plus jeunes. suiteLe bélier d'Antaka : Par le biais de jeux questionnaires et d'animations, vous irez à la recherche d'un petit jouet créé il y a 22 siècles. De plus, vous en apprendrez davantage sur l'archéologie et les civilisations anciennes. suiteLe code perdu : Ce jeu d'enquête se situe dans 3 lieux historiques du Québec.

From Game Design Elements to Gamefulness: Defining Gamification The proceedings of the 2011 MindTrek conference are finally online in the ACM Digital Library, and with it, the paper I co-wrote with Rilla Khaled, Dan Dixon, and Lennart E. Nacke on “defining the damn thing” – that thing being “gamification,” of course. Here’s the abstract: Recent years have seen a rapid proliferation of mass-market consumer software that takes inspiration from video games. Here’s the link to the ACM digital library download: Here’s a download. And here’s the presentation: From Game Design Elements to Gamefulness: Defining “Gamification” It’s been a while since we wrote this paper (almost a year, actually), and my own thinking has changed a bit since – if anything, I have become even more sceptical of what on earth a “game design element” could be, let alone how to determine whether X “is” or “isn’t” one. Reference Sebastian Deterding, Dan Dixon, Rilla Khaled, and Lennart Nacke. 2011.

Drawing Flags with JavaScript var table = new app.Table(4, 3); table.setSize(80); table.setColor(app.randomColor(), 3); table.setColor('blue', 2, 2); console.log(table.getColor(1, 3)); console.log(table.getColor(6)); var table = new app.Table(4, 3); table.setSize(80, 100); var table = new app.Table(5, 3); table.setSize(80); console.log(table.getColumnCount()); console.log(table.getRowCount()); var table = new app.Table(4, 4); table.setSize(80); table.hide(3); console.log(table.isVisible(1, 3)); console.log(table.isVisible(6)); var table = new app.Table(4, 4); table.setSize(80); table.hideAll(); table.hideLabels();; var table = new app.Table(3, 3); table.setColor('red', 1); table.setColor('red', 2); table.setColor('red', 3); table.setColor('red', 4); table.setColor('red', 5); table.setColor('blue', 6); table.setColor('blue', 7); table.setColor('blue', 8); table.setColor('blue', 9); table.shuffleColors(); var score = new Game.Score('Score', [170, 100]); function onMouseDown() { score.add(); } alert(8 ! <! <!

Utiliser CMake pour compiler un projet CMake is a tool open source and free to manage the compilation of a project. If we take the classical compilation model, we have: The source files can be files in C, C++, JAVA or any other language. These will be handled by the build script that will call the compiler (or any other tool) to create theexecutable final. The build script can have multiple forms depending on the project and the used Editor: a Makefile; a Code::Blocks project file; one file of Microsoft Visual Studio project; an Eclipse project file; … However, this model has some limitations. This is why CMake was created. This time, CMake, thanks the CMakeLists.txtfile, will produce the build script creating the executable. Of course, to resolve this problem, there are different programs similar to CMake: autotools, scons, Jam... CMake settled simply: by the package manager for Linux distributions, by an installer for Windows, or a file dmg for MAC OS X downloadable directly on the official site. I-D-1. cmake generator g I D-2.

Turtle Roy mission B2i - B2i en autonomie Moviesandbox » an open-source machinima toolset

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