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8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids
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Balloon Rockets Kids love balloons. Balloons are fun and frugal entertainment. There is certainly no denying that. I always keep a stash of balloons around to pull out on days when my boys are in need of some unexpected fun. They love to play the classic “don’t let the balloon touch the floor” game. Balloons can also be a great science tool. Recently, we’ve experimented with building our own model rockets and we’ve launched water rockets at our local science museum. Fortunately, they can also be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. What you need: Piece of yarn - cut to about 6 feet Balloon2 ChairsDrinking strawTape Scissors Start by tying one end of the string to the back of a chair… Thread a drinking straw onto the other end of the string, and then tie the string to the second chair… Attach 2 pieces of tape (about 2 inches in length) to the center of the straw… Next, inflate a balloon (Don’t tie the end!) Observe what happens. In this case, the balloon is full of air. Looking for more science fun?

palindromy 'Frozen' Erupting Snow We are loving the ‘Frozen’ movie at the moment and I have been busy coming up with Frozen Activities for the kids. This ‘Frozen’ Erupting Snow was a definite hit! We have also made Frozen Silly Putty, Frozen Snow Paint and even this pretty Frozen Snowflake Necklace. BUT to make your own ‘Frozen’ Erupting Snow you will need: 1 x 500g bag of bicarbonate soda 1 x can of shaving cream/foam blue glitter vinegar Step 1 Pour your bicarbonate soda into a large mixing bowl Step 2 Add the can of shaving cream (we found we only needed about 3/4 of a can to get the thick ‘snow like’ consistency that we were after). Step 3 Add as much glitter as you like – we added about 2 tablespoons – we LOVE glitter! Your mixture will look like this. Now to get the ‘erupting’ part of this activity happening, you just need to pour the vinegar over your snow and watch the magic happen… The kids love to watch their ‘magic snow’ erupt! We hope we you enjoyed this tutorial! This may also interest you

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Sudoku liczbowe do wydrukowania Unit study: Life on the farm - Gift of Curiosity Life on the farm is a quintessential topic of study for preschoolers. Many kids, of course, grow up on farms. These kids have everyday opportunities to learn about life on the farm. But even city- and suburb-dwelling kids like my own should learn about farms because it gives them a connection to their current food supply. Fortunately, there are tons of resources for doing a life on the farm unit study with your kids. When I plan a unit study for my kids, I usually have several learning objectives in mind. Kids will develop an appreciation for farm life and the importance of farms in our societyKids will be able to recognize and identify common farm animalsKids will know the mother, father, and baby names for common farm animal families (e.g, hen, rooster, and chick are all part of the chicken family)Kids will know the sounds made by common farm animalsKids will know what products we get from farm animals and highly recommend them. . Farm activities Farm printables

Sudoku słowne do wydrukowania Arctic animal videos - Gift of Curiosity If I had all the time and money in the world, I would take my kids to the Arctic to see the animals up close. But since that isn’t going to happen anytime soon :-), I’ve been showing them brief videos of Arctic animals in action instead. Indeed, I’ve found a number of high quality YouTube videos that have been wonderful resources for teaching my kids about the animals of the Arctic. Below are links to a number of online video resources you may wish to use with your children. I’ve included information about video length along with a brief description so you can select the videos you think your children will most benefit from. I hope your children enjoy using videos to learn about these amazing polar animals! Short video clips about Arctic animals Arctic Animals and their Amazing Hair (1 min 11 sec): A short, narrated YouTube video from Earth Rangers focused on the adaptations that help Arctic animals (and plants!) Musk oxen vs. Longer videos about Arctic animals

Rysunki na siatce do wydrukowania Free Virtual Pet Games For Kids Virtual Neopets Games has tons of pet games, whether you're looking to dive into a world of adventure or just relax with some quick entertainment. You'll meet new Neopets in our games, along with their companions, Petpets, and of course the faeries of Neopia also make an appearance. There are plenty of action games for when you want to run around and test your arcade skills. Leap for doughnutfruits with adorable Petpets in Hasee Bounce or travel to outer space in Freaky Factory and control vats of goo to make plastic toys... but watch out for the thief, because he'll run off with your products! In Meerca Chase II, you win by gathering tasty Negg fruits that make your tail grow, but in Ice Cream Machine, it's best to dodge the ice cream flying toward you. On the other hand, try one of our puzzle games if you want more thinking and less crazy clicking. Acara Eyrie Gelert JubJub Kacheek Kougra Lupe Shoyru Uni Xweetok Popular Neopets Games