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BizBash — Event Planning News, Ideas & Resources
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MIT Technology Review готовка | Уже много лет мероприятия, связанные с приготовлением еды значительно улучшают взаимоотношения между людьми. На этом принципе и построен наш тимбилдинг. Данное мероприятие позволяет участникам узнать друг друга и насладиться временем, проведенным вместе. Что мы вкладываем в понятие « командная игра»? Team Cooking DHL from Team Working on Vimeo. Готовить в группе, изучая интернациональную культуру еды. Приготовление еды в команде — это самый необычный способ, чтобы лучше узнать друг друга или укрепить отношения с Вашими коллегами или партнерами по работе. Приготовление еды в командах – это для всех! Основные плюсы кулинарного тимбилдинга: развитие коммуникативных навыков;повышение работоспособности сотрудников и успешное достижение ими поставленных задач;развитие способности работать в стрессовых ситуациях;укрепление дружеского отношения в коллективе и адаптация новых сотрудников вашей компанииповышение креативности. Займитесь приготовлением вашего успеха!

5 Ways an Event Can Impress the Most Tech Savvy Guests We’ve all seen them: those people at an event with the newest phone, tablet, or other high-tech gadget. We constantly hear people say, “hey, that’s cool!” or “wow, how does that work?” so how can event organizers impress this savvy crew of event goers? With today’s technology, there are a lot of different options that can get you brownie points at your next event. Here are a few tech tips that will impress any guest: 1. Imagine if when your guests approach the door right before an event, their ticket would show up automatically on their phone? 2. Get those savvy guests through the door quicker, and encourage them to save paper by using their phone as a ticket. 3. Create a custom event hashtag that your guests can use to tweet, instagram, or post on Facebook. On that social media note, you can also utilize your hashtag as a marketing tool prior to your event. 4. There are companies who will even create a customized app for your event! 5. About Uniiverse

10 Community Event Ideas - HowStuffWorks Getting all your neighbors together for an afternoon or evening has some nice advantages: You'll be able to develop more than a nodding acquaintance with the folks you're sharing air with, and you can begin to cultivate a little of the small town atmosphere missing in many subdivisions across the country. This has the potential for making life more pleasant for everyone. Knowing that someone you like and respect is watching to make sure your home isn't vandalized while you're away for the weekend can be a big stress reducer. The more neighbors you know, the more likely you are to find a few you wouldn't mind inviting over for lunch or poker night, too. If you can get a couple of neighbors interested, planning a block party doesn't have to be that big an undertaking for any one of you. If your teenage son has a garage band, you've already lined up the entertainment. Late spring is a great time for a block party.

untitled Танец с волками «Отношения в стае волков очень похожи на человеческие, нам есть чему у них поучиться», — с уверенностью говорит доктор Джанет Нейджел, профессиональный зоолог и психолог. Еще пять лет назад, наблюдая за своей собакой, Джанет Нейджел поняла, что собаки и их предки — волки — многому могут научить людей, и запустила бизнес-тренинг по развитию лидерских качеств в природном заповеднике Шорфхайде (северо-восточная Германия). Еще в 1960-е годы психоаналитик и преподаватель Венского университета Рауль Шнайдер выяснил, что система человеческих отношений похожа на ту, что можно наблюдать в среде волков. Впрочем, обучение — это громко сказано. Стоимость однодневного тренинга — €1500. Занятия проходят 2–3 раза в месяц. Контакты: школа тренингов Teamventure в Берлине Телефон: +49 30 55 15 13 59 Скачки Вместо профессионального коуча — скакуны и кобылы учат участников тренинга, как развивать лидерские качества и добиваться поставленных целей с помощью аллюра и галопа.

untitled BRACE - Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies events blog - wonderland events With the Queen's jubilee in just a few weeks' time and the Olympics beginning in three months, the Best of British trend has never been so popular. And what a great trend for events. Every key area of an event can take advantage of the trend, from event catering to styling, furniture to entertainment, lighting to the venue itself... Catering is a good place to start, as British food has never been so popular or of such high quality. Event styling is where we can really let loose on the Best of British trend - eccentric papier mache animal heads on the walls (why stick with a stag? Best of British entertainment abounds, from a classic Beatles band to cutting edge DJs, parlour maids and butlers or Queen Elizabeth herself (well, a very good likeness!). Here's hoping the Best of British event trend continues past 2012, our year of celebrations, as there are so many fun and impressive ways to make the trend come alive.

7 Key LinkedIn Stats: When to Post, What to Post & How to Improve A quick glance at a chart of the Internet’s fastest-growing social networks reveals what you likely already knew (Instagram is growing like mad) and what might be a surprise: LinkedIn is the third-fastest-growing social network. We at the Buffer blog can vouch for LinkedIn’s growth as our blog has experienced a swell in LinkedIn referral traffic over the past year, up 4,000 percent from last year at this time. Part of that has to do with our emphasis on updates and sharing at LinkedIn, another part has to do with the popularity of LinkedIn contributing a larger audience and more eyes to our content. Together, these factors have made LinkedIn a great source of visitors for our blog, and I’d imagine you might see a similar impact on your own site. So the question becomes: How best to take advantage of this expanding interest in LinkedIn? 1. Econsultancy reported this gap based on a two-year research study involving 2 million monthly visits to 60 corporate websites. What this means: 2. 3.

Event Planners Association - Event and Meeting Planners, Rental Inflatables, Inflatable Association, Event Management Association, Professional Meeting Planners Blogs Additional Information Latest jobs Event Organiser - Children's CharityRegan & Dean Negotiable, London (Central), London (Greater)Senior Products Brand Manager - Paristfconnect global recruitment Negotiable depending on experience, AsiaMarketing Manager - Conferences & ExhibitionsReal Recruitment Ltd £26000 - 28000 per annum, London (Central), London (Greater)Conference Business Development Executive - FinanceRegan & Dean £20000 - 22000 per annum, London (Central), London (Greater)Operations ManagerESP Recruitment £30k, London (Central), London (Greater)

Top 5 Snapchat Campaigns by Innovative Brands - Keyhole Blog Gone are the days when Snapchats were only flirty, semi-nude pics. Snapchat, the black sheep of the social media family, is now being picked up and experimented by brands all over the world. Snapchat has over 100 million daily users that send 400 million snaps every day – it’s not a surprise that companies are desperate to tap into Snapchat’s user-base. According to Sumpto’s study, 77% of college students use Snapchat daily! If your brand’s target audience is the younger audience, Snapchat is a platform worth considering. Here is a compilation of the best Snapchat campaigns by top brands. 1. World Wildlife Fund Snapchat campaign stirred the flames of animal lovers everywhere. According to Tuba Ugur, Communications Officer for WWF, “The urgency to act and Snapchat’s dynamic were the perfect match to disseminate our message for species. Results: In three days, they reached their donation target for the entire month. 2. 3. You snap? 4. 5.