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U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Department of the Interior

Stop the #Keystone Pipeline #PDX PROTEST DATE/TIME: Nov. 6th, 2PM The Alberta Tar Sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline: “Game Over for the Planet” (Dr. James Hansen, top U.S. climatologist). The Keystone XL would take the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet from northern Alberta 1,700 miles to the Texas Gulf Coast, for export to China and worldwide. Key Facts: (see - Energy Security: Tar Sands will not Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil - Gas prices: Keystone XL will increase gas prices for Americans—Especially Farmers - Jobs: TransCanada’s jobs projections are vastly inflated. - Safety: A rupture in the Keystone XL pipeline could cause a BP style oil spill in America’s heartland, over the source of fresh drinking water for 2 million people. - Climate Change: Keystone XL is the fuse to North America’s biggest carbon bomb. ————————————– A description by Lowell Greenberg, arrested August 31 at the Tar Sands Action civil disobedience at the White House: Dr. Mission

Department of Justice April 17th, 2014 April 16th, 2014 March 14th, 2014 March 11th, 2014 Monday, April 21, 2014 Press Release Thursday, April 17, 2014 Speech Dept. of Justice Overview Tues., September 29 Attorney General Eric Holder, Deputy Attorney General David W. BSEE Homepage | BSEE Is Ecocide a Crime? From TIME contributor Joe Jackson: As oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig in May 2010, and then CEO Tony Hayward made his infamous statement that he wanted his life back, he likely had little fear of it being taken in a court of law. But that reality could be changing as a movement to make business executives and political leaders legally accountable for environmental destruction gains global momentum. Campaigners are calling for the introduction of a new internationalized law of ecocide – the mass destruction of ecosystems – that would be on a par with genocide and similar crimes against humanity. In late September the Hamilton Group – an NGO promoting sustainable development – staged a mock trial at the U.K.’s Supreme Court. “We took it very seriously,” says jury foreman Huw Spanner, a 51-year-old writer and editor. More from TIME: How to Clean Up the Mess “It wasn’t clear exactly where the borderlines of ecocide were,” explains Spanner.

Department of Commerce Bureau of Reclamation Homepage UK activists surround miniature White House as pipeline protests go global | No Tar Sands Rise Up from Nancy Boulicault on Vimeo. Sunday 6th November – For immediate release Activists outside the US Embassy in London surrounded a model of the White House to protest against the proposed US Keystone XL pipeline. Holding banners that read “Obama NO!” “The Keystone XL pipeline would entrench our reliance on a particularly dirty fossil fuel which is devastating communities,” said UK Tar Sands Network campaigner Suzanne Dhaliwal. The Keystone XL pipeline has faced a raft of opposition in the US from a variety of fronts, with climate activists, farmers, First Nations and even the government of Nebraska, all coming together to persuade Obama to reject the pipeline. [3] In August and September, a series of protests outside the White House resulted in 1,253 arrests and has seen the issue flooding the media. [4] The likely environmental impacts of the pipeline have been vastly downplayed. The US pipeline decision comes at a time when the EU is also considering the future of tar sands. is the federal government’s open data site, and aims to make government more open and accountable. Opening government data increases citizen participation in government, creates opportunities for economic development, and informs decision making in both the private and public sectors. implements the Executive Order on making government data open and machine readable as well as the federal Open Data Policy. Open Source was built with open source software, CKAN, and WordPress. Open Data in the United States Numerous states, cities and counties have launched open data sites. By collaborating with these non-federal data sources, is able to include this data in the catalog. U.S. International Countries International Regions Download the full list of open data sites: [CSV] | [EXCEL] List Views: [U.S. Map representation of Open Data Sites