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Live Earthquake Mashup

Live Earthquake Mashup

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UFO Sightings Report - A new approach to the question of UFOs. Welcome to UFO Sightings Report We provide new tools for looking at and interacting with reports of UFO sightings and open up communication between website members and witnesses. We want to let the community decide which reports are the most interesting. Report If you've seen a UFO - something in the sky that could not reasonably be identified - you can report a UFO here . You can use our tools to see if anyone else reported the same event or something similar. timemap - Project Hosting on Google Code Timemap.js is a Javascript library to help use online maps, including Google, OpenLayers, and Bing, with a SIMILE timeline. The library allows you to load one or more datasets in JSON, KML, or GeoRSS onto both a map and a timeline simultaneously. By default, only items in the visible range of the timeline are displayed on the map. Version 2.0.1 Now Up! Version 2.0.1 is primarily a maintenance release, fixing a number of small bugs and cleaning up a few things that weren't quite right in v.2.0. Anyone using v.2.0 should probably upgrade to v.2.0.1, as it is more stable and includes very few changes other than bug fixes and new unit tests.

National Earthquake Information Center - NEIC Earthquake Hazards Program National Earthquake Information Center - NEIC The mission of the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) is to determine rapidly the location and size of all destructive earthquakes worldwide and to immediately disseminate this information to concerned national and international agencies, scientists, and the general public.

New Madrid Zone sismique - cartes de l'activité séisme passé Earthquake lights Earthquake lights have been seen since ancient times. 1811-12 New Madrid quake eyewitnesses saw them possibly from as far away as Savannah GA. They were first photographed in 1968 in Japan. USGS admits their existence. Records of earthquakes that were accompanied by sky lights can be found in 373 BC in ancient Greek writings, that "immense columns of flame" foretold the earthquake that destroyed the cities of Helike and Bura.

NASA AND PLANET X Researcher, Cristian Negureanu, sent this explanation for the interest in Planet X or Nibiru. The real cause of climate changes, volcanoes activity, intensification of the seismic activity etc., is the planet Eris’s getting closer to our solar system, intermediary named 2003 – UB – 313, and known in Antiquity under various names as: Nibiru, Marduk, Nemesis, Hercolubus, the Gods Planet, the Planet of the Empire, the Planet of the Cross or the Red Planet. Below is a short record of the first (recent) contacts with Eris: First observed on October 21, 2003 using the 1.22 Oschin telescope, at Mount Palomar Observatory ( California ). Discovered by Michael E.

Open Source Computing and GIS in the UK » Python for GIS (some links for beginners) So, I’m late to the game and only just learning about the coolness that is python. To be honest, for years the need to keep the indents in the code neat and tidy put me off, but I figured I’d better have a proper look at some point. I spent some time over Christmas going over some tutorials (more below) and more recently I’ve chosen a python-based approach to problems where previously I would have used a different method. So far so good though no doubt my efforts will make grown coders weep… These are just a few links that I have found really useful- the first is a very good tutorial for new python users who are particularly interested in Geoprocessing, whilst the others deal with more specific problems. The Global Earthquake Explorer General Info GEE is an education and outreach tool for seismology that aims to make it easy for non-seismologists to retrieve, display and analyze seismic data. It is intended for use in a classroom setting as a supplement to textbook material, which often lacks real world connections.

Volcano Livecams - Volcano Livecam If you add a link, please add it in the form: "volcano name livecam of source" and also add it to the related volcano category. Please register on the left side near the bottom for this. Thank you for your contribution! See on the bottom of the page for a map which is showing all the registered livecams. Klick on this link to get a list of all volcanoes covered in this directory. Thanks to Fred Rostorfer, Jamie Trouskie, Kevin Rogers, J. Edgar Cayce 2012 Future End, Predictions Prophecies & Pole Polar Shift Changes Edgar Cayce 2012 Future End Predictions, Prophecies & Pole Shift Edgar Cayce 2012 Future End, Predictions Prophecies & Pole Polar Shift Changes Back to 2012 Resources Page Edgar Cayce is a very famous psychic who had predictions and prophecies about 2012, the pole shift (polar shift) and many other pieces of information about the Earth Changes that are coming with the date of December 21, 2012. He did not speak specifically about 2012, but rather his predictions were supposedly going to happen by the year 1998. His predictions were off and he had the timeline incorrect. That is the trouble with predictions, it is hard to nail down the time at which they will happen specifically. That is the hardest part about prophecy: nailing down the timeline.

Star Wars location spotting in Tunisia When you say Star Wars, most people think of galaxies far far away. But all these exotic planets from the movies were filmed on earth. Four of the Star Wars movies were partially filmed in southern Tunisia (the planet Tatooine in the movies) and the good thing is that many of the locations are still in relative good state. Waveforms from the HVO Seismic Network What's New The latest version of Volcweb was launched December 20, 2013. Based on feedback from our users (you), we have made the following adjustments: Auto-refresh: The webpage now automatically refreshes when the page has been inactive for 10 minutes. If you move your mouse on the webpage, the timer restarts. Earthquake list: The earthquake list has been moved to a tab behind the control panel on the left.

Terrestrial Volcanoes Terrestrial Volcanoes By turns hot embers from her entrails fly, And flakes of mountain flame that arch the sky.-Virgil's Aeneid Volcanoes destroy and volcanoes create.