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Roger Linn on LinnStrument and new Expressive Controllers (Moogfest 2014)Roger Linn introduced his last version of the LinnStrument at Moogfest and talks about the importance of expressive controllers, this is the full recording of his lecture. I gave a short demo of the Eigenharp as one of the examples. I've started help…- , 30 Apr 14, 12:12am - Suck The Balls! - Installation at Goethe-Institut KrakauThis interactive kinetic installation combines a vacuum cleaner powered pneumatic tube transport with a small sized ball pit. You can read more it on my website: made this installation for "SPIE…- , 20 Mar 14, 3:33pm - The Technology Behind Unnumbered Sparkswww.unnumberedsparks.comLearn about the technology behind Unnumbered Sparks, a monumental interactive sculpture in Vancouver, Canada created by artists Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin for TED's 30th anniversary. Critical Exploits - Julian Oliver & Danja Vasiliev - , 28 Jan 14, 1:49pm - - , 31 Dec 13, 5:06pm -

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Calls WatchLab Call for Artists, Architects and Designers: “Five Senses” Design Hotel! Deadline: October 10, 2012 Luca Curci Architects asks artists, architects and designers from all over the world, to join a new project: styling the interior design of an exclusive five-room hotel, based on the five senses’ theme. The Design Hotel stands at the first floor of an high-class building of the end of the 19th century, in the centre of Bari, nearby the historical Petruzzelli Theatre.

Artshow Dictionnaire critique des arts numériques. AADN. AADN, une structure associative et coopérative mettant les arts numériques entre les mains de tous les volontaires. Ici à Lyon en 2012. The development of this page in French has stopped on 6/1/2012. Please consult the English version, whih is now regularly updated and enhanced. AADN. Développement des arts et cultures numériques. Daily Watch #Call for Participants: Global Cultural Leadership Programme – Deadline 01.08.2016 // European Union #Call for Participants: Global Cultural Leadership Programme – Deadline 01.08.2016 // European Union Call for participants to the first Global Cultural Leadership Programme Malta from 16 to 21 October. Deadline to apply is 1 August 2016. Are you … Smart Agora A.R.T.S MAG - Arts Research Technology Science - flipboard Photo: Inside JODI Home/Go Home Rafaël Rozendaal browsing JODI JODI Home/Go Home

Netart - flipboard #Netart #Webart #Internetart | Media Arts WatchLab | by Jacques Urbanska Inside Scroll Through the Art Tumblr “Cloaque” on an IRL Scroll SoundArt(s) Mag Photo: Inside Lisa Autogena Audio Graffiti no. 2 tumblr See on - Digital MediaArts Numériques Ever since its inception, people have used the technology of the Internet to represent themselves to the world. Sometimes this representation is a construction based on who they are outside the network, such as with a personal webpage or blog.